5 Best Anal Beads: Pearls for Satisfying Sensations

The great thing about sex toys is that they can allow for exploration and excitement, whether or not you have an intimate partner. If you are new to anal play or curious about a sex toy that can create pleasurable anal stimulation, consider a sex toy that is perfect for anal play, such as anal beads.  

But what should you look for when searching for the best anal beads? Furthermore, how can anal beads provide an easy and body-safe encounter? Let's explore these popular anal toys and the options that can allow for the best anal experience.  

What Are Anal Beads?

Using anal toys, such as with anal beads or a butt plug, can offer satisfying sensations within the anal region. By inserting beads or an anal toy into the anal canal, you can stimulate over 8000 sensitive nerve endings around the base and learn to relax your sphincter muscles, which over time, is a fun way to help make anal penetration during sex easy and more comfortable. 

Anal Beads (or butt beads, as they are sometimes called) are a particular type of sex toy that is explicitly used for the anal area.  Typically, the balls or anal beads come arranged in a row and are attached to a long, thin base, making them easy to insert and pull out of the anal area. The narrow strip's length and size to where the anal beads are attached will depend on your chosen anal toy. As with a butt plug, there are multiple varieties available within these popular sex toys. 

Typically, there is no real difference between anal beads for men and anal beads for women. Beads usually come in body-safe materials such as silicone anal beads; this is particularly important in large anal beads so that insertion is easy and harmless. 

Finding the best anal beads can be tricky, especially if you are new to this type of sex toy. It's essential to do your research and to make sure to tailor your anal beading to your comfort level for an easy and fun way to explore anal play.  

What Are Anal Beads For?

Using anal beads can seem daunting at first. Most people are often intimidated by anal play and the thought of putting anal pearls inside their bodies. But depending on your anal beads' size, these toys can be a lot of fun to try! As mentioned above, anal beads arouse the anal area, making it a favorite sex toy for those who are looking for an easy way to create sexual pleasure. And the best part about these particular toys is that you can use anal pearls by yourself or with another partner(s). In addition, such toys as beads provide sexual enjoyment for people of all genders.

For some people, the end goal is to achieve an anal orgasm. However, using anal beads simply to excite the anal area could suffice, and it's also an easy way to bring more spice and variety to the bedroom. If you find that your sexual intimacy is becoming routine, most toys, in general, can provide couples a way to become more adventurous in the bedroom and beyond!

Anal play has historically been considered taboo sexual activity, but more has been shared and written about anal pleasure's joys in recent years. And while there are different ways to investigate anal adventures, beads come as one of the more common ways to explore anal sex. Pearls are becoming more popular with a variety of brands, shapes, sizes, and vibrating anal options to choose from.

How To Use Anal Beads? 

When you first begin to explore anal beads, make sure that you are using body-safe beads. You want to make sure that both the anal area and the anal beads are clean and non-porous. Proper hygiene is essential before inserting anything into the anal area.

Your pearls should come adequately secured in their packaging. If you discover that the wrapping on your anal beads has been compromised, please return them immediately for a full refund.

To use, insert the beads slowly into your rectum, through the anus. You do not need to push in all of the beads at once; use an insertable length that feels right. However, the pleasure will come from removing them by pulling the beads out in slow motion, when you are close to climaxing

How To Choose the Right Anal Beads?

Choosing great anal toys can be an adventure, but it's a great way to loosen your inhibitions and to learn more about what turns you on. If you prefer a more intense sensation, vibrating anal beads may be a great option. 

Typically, when it comes to anal beads, body-safe silicone anal beads are the preferred choice, as users generally find this type of anal bead more comfortable. But choosing the right beads can be confusing as there are so many options available on the market. Below are some considerations when choosing the right type of beads:


The size of your beads will depend on personal comfort and experience. 

Anal beads come in different sizes, although generally, an anal bead can be between the size of 25 mm in diameter to 125 mm in diameter. An average length of an anal bead is approximately 44mm in diameter. However, if you are feeling more adventurous, you can choose an anal bead that is bigger.

Beginner anal beads are best for those who are new to anal play, whereas the largest anal beads may be best suited for those who have more experience and comfort with anal stimulation.


The cord or the strand that holds the beads can be either stiff or flexible. A more pliable material will allow for deeper anal penetration. For example, Fun Factory makes a beautiful, bendy version of beads that are great for beginners. 


Not all beads are perfect spheres. Some companies have created beads that come in different and creative designs. Also, some beads are more rigid, which will offer a slightly different sensation.

Additional stimulation 

If you are looking for an extra thrill, vibrating anal beads can offer a more intense experience.

For more information, you can also visit the websites of various toy manufacturers. For example, the Fun Factory website offers detailed information about anal products on their website.

What Are The Best Materials For Anal Beads?

While silicone anal beads tend to be most commonbeads also come in other non-porous forms, such as glass or steel. However, not all beads are pore-free. Other options can include rubber, latex, or a jelly substance. If you are looking for an affordable and easy-to-clean option, silicone anal beads are generally your best bet.

Are Anal Beads Easy To Use?

If you are entirely new to anal beads, there are beads on the market that are made specifically for beginners. Again, silicone anal beads (and the strip they are attached to) are definitely your best bet. Also, always use a water-based lube with your anal beads. The anus and rectum do not self-lubricate, like the vagina does, so it is important to ensure that the area is slicked and slippery.

In some beginner kits, the beads start smallest to largest, so you can start by inserting one bead at a time; it's not necessary to insert all of the anal beads at once. Also, it has been noted that anal beads are best used as an enhancement to sex, to feel free to incorporate them into your foreplay!

Are Anal Beads Safe?

Yes! Like any sex toy, you want to be gentle on your body and experiment with what feels right. If the insertion of your beads feels uncomfortable or hurts, don't force them. Again, starting with a smooth shape and material is an excellent way to get used to the feeling.  

Always use a water-based lube with any anal play and always ensure that your anal beads have a flared base or a ring loop so that you can safely remove them; otherwise, you can lose the anal pearls (or any anal toy) up inside your rectum. 

Why Do People Enjoy Anal Beads?

The anus is a sensitive area that is full of delicious nerve endings and many people of all genders enjoy anal stimulation and/or penetration. Typically the pleasure from anal beads come from the removal of them, rather from the insertion. Anal pearls act as a kind of massage that is heightened when they are pulled out during orgasm.

How Do You Clean Anal Beads?

While wiping and sanitizing the surface of your beads is typically easy, if you choose a porous material such as latex, the body won't ever indeed be free of bacteria. If you are selecting beads that you want to use multiple times, it's best to go with silicone, glass, or steel beads as that will offer a more hygienic option.

You can use warm water and soap to soak your toys or if your beads come in a porous material, you can soak them in boiling hot water before use. With vibrating anal beads, it's important to remove any batteries beforehand and never submerge them in water. Please ensure that you properly dry your anal beads before inserting them into your body.

Is It Ok To Insert Vibrating Anal Beads?

Absolutely, although the sensation may not be right for everyone. That said, vibrating anal beads are a great option for those who enjoy more stimulation; in fact, much pleasure can come from vibrating anal play. You can experiment with a variety of vibrations, depending on the design of your toy.

The most crucial point to remember is that with any type of bead, be sure that you always use a product with a flared base. This is also true when it comes to vibrating beads. Never use a vibrator designed for the clitoris; the shape is not suitable for the anus.

As long as your toy is safe and adequately lubed up, experiment with various beads to see which type you "vibe" with!

Recommendations of the Best Anal Beads

With so many options on the market, it can be tough to decide on the best beads for your body. However, below are some recommendations and features to look for when choosing products for sexy ass-play.

  • Anal beads that are easy to clean are your best bet, especially if you are new to this type of play. Choose a design that is seamless and made of a non-porous material. 
  • For beginners, flexible anal beads are usually best. Easily insertable and generally less intimidating in size, flexible beads are generally softer and more comfortable to remove.
  • If you decide on silicone beads, always choose FDA approved, medical-grade silicone (and be sure to use a non-silicone lube to maintain your product's integrity.
  • Waterproof anal beads are a fun option because you can use them in the shower, and you can also submerge them in boiling water for extra cleanliness.
  • As there are many versions of anal beads available, always consider quality with cost. It is possible to purchase a safe and comfortable product that is affordable but don't go too cheap! These beads are going inside one of the most intimate parts of your body. 

Which Brands Offer The Best Anal Beads?

While many companies make anal sex toys, certain brands go above and beyond, specifically when it comes to anal beads. Check out some of these exceptional brands for the best anal beads. 

1. Fun Factory Bendy Beads Silicone

Fun Factory Bendy Beads Silicone Anal Beads

These beads are perfect for both beginners and more experienced users. The awesome feature about this particular design is the flexibility and durability, plus the unique curved hook makes this product easy to remove. This product is also made from soft, medical-grade silicone and offers an exciting sensation from beads with 7-inches of stimulation!

Rocks Off Petite Sensations Pearls 7 Function Vibrating Anal Beads

These beads are best for beginner use and offer an outstanding option for those who are looking for a vibrating alternative. This product is flexible, offers three vibrating speeds, and is made of body-safe material. Since it is only 5.75 inches long, those new to anal beads may find it easy to insert it all of the way. 

12 Function Rechargeable Bendable Vibrating Anal Beads

This product comes with 4 artfully spaced beads and is an excellent choice for beginners. The design is not as intricate as most others on the market but the string is quite firm. Plus, the t-bar handle at the base offers greater comfort upon removal. With 12 vibrating functions and enough flexibility for comfort, these reasonably priced beads 

b-Vibe Triplet Rechargeable Remote Control Vibrating Anal Beads

This beautifully designed toy is made of ultra-soft silicone, making it hypoallergenic, non-porous, and extremely durable. But the coolest feature is that the beads are remote-controlled, which can allow another user to operate them from as far as 30 feet. The incredible and innovative product offers 6 vibrating options and 15 speeds. 

Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Intensified Silicone Anal Beads

The name says it all! These anal beads offer a smooth tapered design that is perfect for both men and women. The beads' gradual shape provides easy insertion, starting from the more narrow tip and the soft silicone material provides a comfortable and pleasurable experience. Best of all, these beads are quite affordable, offering a blend of quality and value. 

Are Anal Beads Expensive?

In choosing your beaded toy, it's essential to consider both cost but features and material. Since these products are inserted into your body, you don't want to compromise on quality for the sake of being cheap. Like any sex toy, anal items are an investment, especially if you're going to continue using them repeatedly.

In general, most products offer a reasonable, mid-range price, and with all intimate purchases, the cost should reflect the quality and the type of experience you want to have with the toy. However, it is possible to find cheap anal pearls (especially when purchasing from an online distributor), just as you can find an expensive model that offers a unique and playful adventure.

If you are a beginner, we recommend that you aim for anal pearls that are reasonably priced but that are made of high-grade material that is easy to clean. However, if you are a more advanced user, we encourage you to explore more deluxe options, such as vibrating pearls and sleeker designs. The whole idea of sex toys is to have fun and to play safe. Explore your options, and if you have the means, go ahead and treat yourself to something sexy, durable, and exciting.


In reviewing the options of anal pearls available, our conclusion on the best anal beads would be the Fifty Shades Of Grey Pleasure Anal BeadsWe love how dynamic this product is, and the price is well-aligned with the value. This product is excellent for both beginners and more experienced users. While the Fun-Factory B-Balls were a close contender, what gave Fifty Shades the edge was the fact that this model is easier to clean. And when it comes to hygiene and safety, Fifty Shades was our top pick! However, if you prefer not to include vibrations, Fun Factor B-Balls are a fantastic runner-up!