Alien Dildos

Alien Dildos: 5 Best Xenomorph Sex Toys for Exophilia Fetish

When most people think about unique sex toys such as fantasy dildos, some may consider a shape such as an animal or a dragon. But for those with a fetish for extraterrestrials, alien dildos can satisfy that sexual curiosity.

Below, we will explore these interesting sex toys and why they can be a great addition to adult fun. Whether you fantasize about anal probes or what it would feel like to have an alien inside your hole, discover an extraordinary experience while you cum in peace!

Recommendations of the Best Alien Dildos

We have selected some of the top fantasy dildos so that you can find the most compatible dildo to enjoy a great sexual experience.

1. Alien Breeder Dildo

Alien Breeder Dildo

The Alien Breeder Dildo is great for those who want to try a fantasy dildo that lays silicone eggs in you! We know all about dildos that squirt cum, but this one squirts alien eggs! This hollow dildo comes with three squishy eggs, though you can only use them one at a time.

We love the gradient color, which is a mixture of blue and purple. The texture is more smooth than other fantasy sex toys, but the platinum silicone material feels luxurious and soft.

It comes in one size, and it can be a bit tricky to use at first. The top of the dildo has an open mouth that is similar to the mouth of a dragon!

We recommend pairing this dildo with plenty of water-based lube and only using it for vaginal penetration. Also, there is no suction cup at the base, so you'll need to incorporate some manual dexterity.

Venomous Tongue

This long, slithery black dildo is quite different than dildos that offer a wider size at the top. The shape is reminiscent of a dragon or alien tongue, so if your fantasy is to be licked by a strange creature, you will definitely want to use this dildo.

You will find that this dildo comes in four sizes, with the top tapering off into a very thin shape. And though it doesn't come with a suction base, this dildo is strap-on compatible. Like the other top dildos mentioned, this dildo is also made from silicone.

Enjoy a smooth, reptilian-like texture which you may find enticing and intriguing! This sex toy is good for both anal and vaginal penetration.

Monster Dragon Fantasy Dildo

Bad Dragon isn't the only company known for alien and fantasy dildos. You can find this awesome dragon-shaped dildo on Etsy. You will find plenty of delicious textures with this dildo, and it even features a suction base so that you can incorporate hands-free enjoyment with this toy.

Like most dildos, it features a wide, throbbing head with cascades of bumps and ridges flowing down the shaft, which will provide exciting forms of stimulation. It's also made from silicone and is wonderful for both anal and vaginal play. This dildo can also be used as a butt plug.

Xenomorph Alien Dildo

If you are looking for a unique dildo that is different from the rest, check out this Xenomorph alien dildo. The head of the dildo is pronounced, but unlike other, more traditional human like dildos, the dildo features an interesting tip shaped as though it has a shark mouth, complete with a set of teeth at the top!

This dildo is made by Mythical Toys, which is a company from the United Kingdom, but it can be found on Etsy for easier access. This brand makes many different kinds of alien and fantasy dildos and this product certainly provides fascinating visuals.

Like the dildos we have mentioned above, this item is made from premium silicone material, though the size and circumference are smaller than other dildos, in comparison.

The total length offers 8.6 inches, but you also want to consider that the total length is not the insertable length and, therefore, may not be as long as other dildos. However, this dildo does provide a good amount of girth.

The circumference begins at 5.5 inches and then expands to 6 inches from the peak to the shaft. We also love the amount of texture and detail of this dildo, with bumps and ridges scaling down throughout the entire length.

Alien Anal Probe

We couldn't review a selection of alien dildos without including this captivating Alien Anal Probe! Unlike the products we've mentioned above, due to their shape, this item is exclusively for butt play.

One feature that we love is the fact that it offers a suction cup base. This is a great feature because it allows for hands-free enjoyment. But the suction base is also helpful when it comes to insertion because of the length of this dildo. Be sure to check out some more of the best suction cup dildos.

It's good to keep in mind that this anal probe is super long, although even beginners can penetrate themselves just by inserting a few inches of the tip to start with.

Just how long is this alien probe? The item can range from 11 inches to a whopping 23 inches in length, and most consumers have reported that 15 to 19 inches is an enjoyable fit. And unlike thick and girthy dildos, the shaft is very thin-almost like a creature's tongue; it's easy to penetrate the anal cavity.

Our only wish is that this alien probe was made from silicone, but instead, it's constructed from liquid silica gel. However, the gel substance does create more pliability and flexibility with this dildo.

Sex With Aliens; A Fantasy Fetish

We've talked about using dog dildos for dog fetishes and even big horse dildos for equine fetishes in previous posts. So, why are some people drawn to the fantasy of sex with aliens? Is having an alien fetish a real thing? You bet!

Part of the fun is having sex with a fantasy creature you would never encounter in real life.

For example, it can be exciting to imagine the idea of extraterrestrials penetrating you with their big probes and tentacles (see the most exciting tentacle dildos), feeling the sensation of arousal.

In fact, there is actually a term for those who wish they could have sex with aliens; it's called exophilia.

And while an actual alien sex experience is impossible in real life, the next best thing is to enjoy sex with alien dildos, and boy is there a fun variety of toys to discover!

Whether the appeal is to escape the mundane reality of life or to delight in a unique sexual experience, alien dildos can be fantastic sex toys to enjoy and elevate your intimate adventures.

Different Types of Alien Dildos

There are various alien sex toys to discover. Below, we will explore the different designs of alien dildos, whether you choose to insert them into your vagina or anus.


Ovipositors are fantasy dildos that you can insert into your favorite orifice.

But the unique feature is that this design includes soft, silicone 'eggs' that can be deposited inside your body!

We briefly touched upon the fact that some people have an alien kink.

So what better way to fulfil your alien fantasy than to imagine a strange creature penetrating you and having it insert its eggs inside your vaginal or anal cavity.

Since these sex toys are unique, common inquiries can include what material is used to make these 'eggs' and how big they are. Also, what happens to these objects once they are inside?

The eggs themselves are usually made from jelly or gelatin. Some people make eggs that are compatible with these types of alien dildos.

The benefits of gelatin or jelly eggs are that they offer a soft and squishy texture. After a bit, they dissolve easily inside the orifice due to the body's temperature.


Xenomorph dildos are essentially another phrase for alien dildos.

If you are into the fantasy of being abducted by an alien who wants to have sex with you, or if you enjoy the feeling of being filled with a big, thick toy that offers both size and texture, we recommend that you choose a xenomorph dildo.

First, it's important to note that these toys are big and may not be the best choice for beginners. However, like many dildos, you can probably find a size that fits you best. You can also read our tips for using a large dildo.

That said, the length can range from 7 inches to approximately 15 inches, while the circumference can measure anywhere from 4 inches to over 7 inches, so you will first want to find a compatible fit.

Xenomorph sex toys can be shaped like a dildo, which can be used to penetrate an orifice. Or this toy can offer a hollow design where the penis goes inside the hole to act as a sheath.

The famous Bad Dragon brand creates some examples of xenomorph dildos.

This company is well-known for its fantasy products that can be shaped like an alien or dragon, or even a fictional monster.


A popular alien sex fantasy is having a creature probe you with its thick, unidentifiable member. And if you love anal play or are doing some anal depth training, you might love an anal alien probe dildo.

These products may take a bit of practice so that you can enjoy a safe experience. And anal dildos or butt plugs are best paired with a lot of anal lube, with products made from a body-safe material, such as silicone.

Like xenomorph dildos, probes can come in different shapes and sizes. Some are long and thin, reminiscent of alien tentacles. Or an anal probe can be wider, offering more girth, like a butt plug.

Whichever type you choose, ensure that you select a probe that offers a flared base for safe insertion, especially during solo play.

What to Consider When Buying an Alien Dildo

different types of alien dildo

Let's look at factors that will inform how you can choose the best quality toy to indulge your lust for alien sex.


The material that you select for your alien dildo will make all of the difference in having the best experience.

A dildo that is made with quality substances will be easier to clean, can offer a soft, yet firm feeling and is a more enjoyable item to own.

Our favorite material that is used for dildos is silicone. Silicone is the creme de la creme for dildos for a few reasons.

First, it is non-porous, making it easy to clean and disinfect. Non-porous material can also act as a barrier against bacteria.

Second, silicone is soft and supple, lending a realistic sensation for when you use your dildo-even if the dildo itself is in the shape of an alien! Dildos made with silicone material tend to be firm but not overly rigid, like hard plastic.

However, one aspect of silicone dildos is that they tend to be more expensive, although that is the cost of owning a quality dildo. And since alien designs and fantasy dildos tend to be more of a specialized item, they will generally cost more anyway when compared to more traditional dildos.


When reviewing the measurements of your alien dildo, you will want to look at both the total length and the insertable length.

The total length is measured from the top of the dildo to the base. The insertable length is the amount of the length that can be inserted into an orifice.

Typically, an alien dildo is a bit longer than a standard dildo. This is because these dildos are crafted to be larger in general. The average insertable length of an alien dildo is approximately 6.5 to 7 inches. So they're pretty big dildos.

A long, alien dildo can be inserted in both the vaginal and anal cavities, although it's important to note the vagina is only about 4.5 inches when aroused.

So wherever you decide to put your dildo, remember to go slow and don't force anything.


One of the most exciting and erotic aspects of using an alien toy is exploring the texture. A specialized dildo, such as one shaped like a dragon or monster, comes with textures that will run down the entire length of the dildo.

Texture can include bumps, ridges, nubs, knots, and other displays that are great for stimulating the clitoris, the g-spot, and the prostate.

Conclusion - Top Pick!

Based on our reviews of alien dildos, our top choice goes to the Monster Dragon Fantasy Dildo. This product offers a good amount of length, texture, and girth, and the design is truly out of this world!

Slip this alien dildo in your favorite orifice and cum in peace!