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5 Best Anal Douches (for Clean, Hygenic Anal Play) in 2023

You can find plenty of pleasure in the act of having anal sex. But in order to have a clean and comfortable experience, you will want to use the best anal douches.

We invite you to explore the world of anal douching, which is an easy way to avoid making an embarrassing mess so that you can enjoy anal sex to its fullest potential.

What Is An Anal Douche?

An anal douche is a product that allows you to clean out any feces from your rectum by rinsing it out of your butt with water.

While using a douche is not completely necessary for anal sex, douching makes many people feel more comfortable.

Your sphincter muscles are generally strong enough to avoid any unsuspecting leaks.

But with a good douche, you can remove fecal matter for more peace of mind.

Why Use An Anal Douche?

In addition to feeling clean before or after sex, anal douching offers other benefits.

Douching can significantly reduce the number of harmful bacteria found in feces.

Using an anal douche is also a consideration of your partner so as not to pass along any mess.

In general, condoms are recommended when engaging in anal sex or anal depth training. However, for fluid-bonded partners, using a douche can increase intimacy while remaining conscious of hygiene and cleanliness.

As mentioned, using an anal douche is not mandatory during play, but it can make anal sex feel clean and more comfortable for everyone involved.

How Do Anal Douches Work?

how does an anal douche work

Anal douching involves squirting water from the douche nozzle into your bum to clean any feces from the rectum. And typically, anal douches are very easy to use.

It's best to douche using warm water; do not add other cleaning agents. Also, make sure you only use your anal douche up to 2-3 times a week.

Different Types of Anal Douches

Aside from being easy to figure out, the other great aspect of douches is that they tend to be fairly inexpensive. All an anal douche requires is water, a bulb and a nozzle.

However, there are different varieties available, so that you can use the best style to clean your anal cavity.

Bulb syringe

An enema bulb douche is one of the simplest products to use. The bulb is a reusable knob, usually made of rubber material, that is filled with water.

To use an enema bulb, simply fill the knob with warm liquid and insert the nozzle into your anus. Using a bulb douche is an easy way to clean your anal cavity superficially.

Shower kit

If you want to use a more involved product, a shower douche (sometimes called a shower enema) is one that attaches inside your tub.

This is a good option for those who want to douche regularly and prefer the convenience of having everything located in one spot.

A shower kit will give you a more intense clean, but putting the nozzle directly in your anus is not recommended.

Since the hose connects to the shower head, you may encounter uncomfortable pressure or a surprising temperature that could be harmful.

If you decide on a shower kit, make sure you aim the nozzle on your anal cavity and not directly inside.

Enema bag

Enema bags are designed to clean the inside of the rectum and colon thoroughly.

Enemas differ from douche bulbs in that they offer a bag instead of a bulb to hold the water, and enemas also use a longer nozzle.

Enema bags are typically found at a business that sells medical devices, as enemas are used to treat other conditions, such as constipation. And since enemas are not as easy to use, it's crucial that you select a quality product.

However, similar to a more basic douche, it's essential to limit douching to 2-3 times within a week.

How To Choose The Best Anal Douche

Choosing the best anal douche

Selecting the best anal douche comes down to a few considerations.

It's also good to think about how thorough you want to get with cleaning your anal cavity and how much you may use it.


If you travel a lot or prefer to use something more discreet, we recommend a smaller anal douche, like a bulb.

Bulb sizes will vary, but they typically measure around three to four inches in diameter and can hold approximately seven ounces of liquid.

However, if you compare a bulb to the size of a shower nozzle, a shower kit douche is larger, longer and not portable. But if you are looking for more robust product, an enema bag could be considered an medium size, in between a bulb and a shower kit.


When it comes to the shape of an anal douche, the bulb is an excellent choice because it's ergonomic and offers a comfortable, manual fit.

We also love that a bulb shape is generally more discreet.

If you are a visual person, the look and shape of an enema bag may deter you from feeling your sexiest.

With shape, you also want to consider how many parts are involved with your anal douche.

While you may want to clean yourself with a more intricate design, an anal douche that is bulky or complicated may make it more challenging to use in the long run.


When we talk about materials, there are two parts; what your anal douche is made of and what does inside of the douche itself.

A less expensive douche will most likely be made of a cheaper material such as hard plastic or rubber. While these are not ideal materials for intimate products, they are fine as long as they are adequately cleaned.

We prefer silicone material, which can be found in more expensive products. Silicone is the best material because it's non-porous, body-safe, and soft to the touch.

When considering what to put inside your anal douche, make sure you use room temperature, preferably distilled. However, you can also add a small amount of salt, to create a saline solution; just ensure that you only add the proper measurement of salt to water.

Using tap water for frequent douching can cause imbalances in the colon. And you should never add any chemicals or washing agents to your douche or enema bag.


Based on your comfort level, you may prefer a specific type of texture, particularly for the nozzle. Bulbs, enemas, and shower kits all differ slightly in their structure.

For example, a silicone bulb enema may have a smoother texture than a nozzle using rubber.

On the other hand, the texture of a shower kit nozzle is usually rough and cold because it is made of metal. While this may not be the comfiest texture, the hose is not designed to be inserted into the rectum.

Textures can also include designs such as bumps or knobs on the end of a nozzle, to increase sensations upon insertion.

Top 5 Recommendations for Anal Douching

Below, we have covered five of our favorite anal douches. Discover the features and capabilities that make these products unique and effective.

1. Clean Stream Silicone Comfort Nozzle Attachment

Clean Stream Silicone Comfort Nozzle Attachment

To start, we love that this nozzle douche is constructed from flexible silicone; a body-safe material. The total length is 11 inches, although the insertable length is 10 inches. With a circumferences of 2.5 inches, the Clean Steam can be easily inserted into the rectum for deep cleaning. To use, simply attach the nozzle to your shower hose.

Our only critique is that the product should include some rubber washers to avoid leaks from the shower hose, during use.

Colt Master Cleansing Syringe

This 4-piece cleaning syringe can hold up to 100ml of water for a proper anal cavity cleaning. But we also love how the Colt Master Cleansing Syringe also doubles as an anal lube application, as well as a kinky implement, if you enjoy kinky forms of medical role play.

Unlike enema bulbs, a syringe-style douche is perfect for getting water into hard to reach areas, which provides a deeper, anal cleaning. Consumers have also noted the ease and capacity of the syringe, compared to a bulb.

The Colt Master can be cleaned by dismantling the four-piece unit so that you can thoroughly sanitize. And the versatility of this product, the price point is quite reasonable.

Cloud 9 Premium Shower Kit Deluxe Enema & Douche

If you are looking for a premium anal douche nozzle that uses water straight from your shower, you will love the Cloud 9 Shower Kit. This product can be used as both an anal or vaginal douche, although the same rules apply; only use warm (not hot!) water or water combined with salt to create a gentle saline solution.

The shower kit is easy to use. All you need to do is attach the 1.25-inch adapter to a universal valve and connect the nozzle to the shower hose. From there, let the water flow freely through the flexible, six-foot hose. Or you can elevate your experience using the additional five-inch extension.

The Cloud 9 Shower Kit is constructed from metal for a long-lasting product and it also comes with a one-year warranty. To sanitize the shower kit, use warm water and antibacterial soap. Or you can skip the water and use an antibacterial cleaner instead.

Adam & Eve Smooth and Easy Silicone Douche

The Adam and Eve Anal Douche is excellent for all users, especially for those who enjoy anal sex. This douche uses an enema bulb, and the design is simple to understand, particularly for beginners.

The tapered shape allows for easy insertion, as the product starts at 0.7 inches wide, progressing to one full inch for those who are more familiar with anal douching. And the bumps along the shaft of the nozzle can add delicious thrills when in use.

As the name suggests, this product is made from silicone, a fantastic, body-safe material that offers a comfortable fit.

The Adam and Eve Douche size measure a total of 8.75 inches, with 3.25 inches as the base. And the nozzle features four spouts that face sideways for a thorough anal cleaning.

You can use Adam and Eve like any other product. Fill the bulb with warm water (adding a bit of salt if preferred), add some lube on the tip and insert it into the anus. Squeeze the water out and repeat the process until the water runs clear.

To sanitize, disassemble the nozzle from the base and clean the inside with water and antibacterial soap. It's also essential to properly dry the anal douche before using it again.

Cloud 9 Premium Deluxe

If you want to add some fun to your anal sex adventures and want your cleaning routine to involve more than water, you will need to try the Cloud 9 Premium Deluxe Anal Douche. But more than a douche, the Cloud 9 also comes with a bonus cock ring for extra excitement.

The enema bulb measures 3 inches wide and can hold up to 7.6 ounces of water. The soft, insertable nozzle is constructed from PVC, which is a thermoplastic rubber that is considered non-toxic and free of phthalates. While our favorite, body-safe material is usually silicone, we like to give the nod to PVC as a reasonably safe alternative.

The douche is used in the same manner as the others, although it's excellent to note that the base of the bulb is flat so that it stands up nicely. The cock rings are meant to be used separately as an additional value-added item. But if you can wear a cock ring during an anal cleaning, more power to you!

Considering the quality of this product, the price point is very reasonable. The only consideration to note is that the PVC material is quite porous, so we recommend a thorough cleaning. It's also important to note that the accompanying cock rings are also absorbent.

In addition to proper care, please ensure that your product is completely dry before using it again.


In reviewing all of the best anal douches, our recommendation as the top choice goes to Adam and Eve Smooth & Easy Silicone Anal Douche. This superior product has a reasonable price point, is easy to insert, and is made from premium silicone material. If you are curious about anal douching or are looking for a new item, explore the capabilities of the Adam and Eve Anal Douche.