Best large dildos

Best Large Dildos: 7 Huge Dildos for Size Queens (2023)

If you enjoy large sex toys or penetration using a toy that is larger than other dildos, you most likely love huge dildos. For those who prefer dildos with more girth and that delicious filling sensation that comes from a long, insertable length, below is information and recommendations on the best large dildos.

There are many fantastic dildos available on the market that will enhance your sex life. You can choose from various shapes, materials and features in order to find the perfect large dildo for your erotic adventures!

Recommendations of the 7 Best Large Dildos

First, let's jump right into our favorite recommendations of the biggest dildos available to consumers.

1. King Cock Extra Girthy Ultra Realistic Suction Cup Dildo 9.5 Inch

King Cock Extra Girthy Ultra Realistic Suction Cup Dildo

The King Cock Extra Girthy Dildo will satisfy lovers of giant toys.

With a total length of ten and a half inches and an insertable length of just over nine inches, this long and thick dildo will fill you up and hit all of the right spots!

The King Cock is made from PVC material, noting that it is phthalate-free. The King Cock is excellent for vaginal or anal use, as its base is perfect for harnesses and sexy activities such as pegging.

Goliath Super Soft Vibrator Kit

The vibrating Goliath Dildo from Tantus is made from premium silicone and provides incredible penetrative and vibrating sensations.

With an insertable length of almost seven inches, this massive toy will offer hours of erotic pleasure for you and your lover.

The Goliath is also harness-compatible and includes an optional bullet vibe for more intense tingles. You can use this versatile item for vaginal and anal enjoyment.


Hankey's Toys makes both realistic and fantasy-shaped dildos, many of which are often constructed from an actual model. The Axel is an incredible dildo that comes in four different sizes, with each version larger than the last!

The Axel OG starts at a total length of 7 inches with a circumference of almost five inches. However, if you prefer a bigger or broader model, you can choose a larger size as the Axel XXL has a total length of 14 inches and a circumference of 13 inches!

This realistic item comes in various skin tones and offers exciting textures such as veins and folds for extra thrills! We also love that The Axel is made from body-safe silicone material.

Lifelike Lover Ultra Realistic Extra Girthy Dildo 10 Inch

Take pleasure in to your own hands with this big boy! The Lifelike Lover will satisfy every orifice, from vaginal play to those who are more experienced with anal penetration.

This product features an insertable length of 10 inches with a girth of seven inches. While made of PVC material, the Lifelike Lover does note that it is phthalate-free. It is also waterproof and can be paired with a harness so that you can free your hands for other erotic activities.

Stan by Bad Dragon

Known for their giant and fantasy dildos, Stan by Bad Dragon definitely lives up to its hype. Bad Dragon allows you to customize your size and firmness, and the extra-large item will feature a penetrative length of 12 inches with the shaft's circumference of five inches.

Stan is made from medical-grade silicone, and its design is truly unique. If you love the idea of a beastly-looking toy, Stan will not disappoint!

Corn On The Cob Large Silicone Dildo By Selfdelve

SheVibe is a toy manufacturer that focuses on pleasure items, particularly for women. Their dildo collection is quite varied and features realistic and fantasy-shaped products.

If your body is hungry for more than just food, we invite you to try the Corn on The Cob-shaped dildo, as it is more than a mouthful!

While this shape may seem bizarre to most dildo lovers, the shaft features a unique texture where the corn niblets offer an exciting sensation inside the vagina. You can also use this item for anal pleasure, but caution is extremely important as the Corn on the Cob creation does not feature a flared base.

The Corn on the Cob is made from body-safe silicone, and the material will also change color when presented with a different body temperature. SheVibe also makes other vegetable-shaped dildos for those who may be interested in discovering new shapes and produce!

Patrick the Ogre Dildo

If you are looking for the biggest dildo available on the market, Patrick the Orge from Etsy just may quench your lusty desires. This platinum silicone model is not cheap but considering it comes in four massive sizes, you can choose an option that is best for your body.

Patrick features a circumference of thirteen inches and a total length of seventeen inches. The toy also features a nice set of testicles, and users find the material quite soft and comfortable during penetration.

What Are Size Queens?

The term size queen originated in the gay men's community to describe a man who loves to be filled and stretched out during penetration and a male who prefers larger penises and dildos.

Today, size queens can relate to a person of any gender who tends towards big dildos and big toys for either or both vaginal or anal penetration.

A typical size queen will consider the perfect toy an extra thick and long (sometimes curved) dildo for superb p-spot or g-spot stimulation.

But the best huge sex toys are not always the most conventional-looking.

From realistic dildos to toys that are designed to resemble a fantasy creature, big dildos come in all shapes and designs, and these pleasure objects are known for their versatility.

Examples of Large Dildos

Massive dildos

For those who love the appearance and feel of realistic large dildos, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Typically realistic giant dildos offer specific characteristics that add to their appeal.

Realistic dildos

A realistic dildo is designed to look like a real penis.

Most commonly, you will notice that the more super realistic dildos will have a veiny shaft, providing a more textured feel during penetration.

The colors used with real-looking dildos are also designed to imitate natural flesh colors.

A realistic dildo will usually come with a bulbous head, similar to the head of a penis, and generally, the dildo also offers a curved tip to stimulate the G or P-spots.

As for brands, Mr. Hankey's Toys is known for its large realistic sex toys and dildos.

Animal-shaped dildos

There are plenty of big dildos on the market that are shaped like animals. And by that, we mean animal penises.

While this may feel like a bit of a niche sex toy for some people, there are lots of giant dildos designed to imitate the genitalia of animals that many people find incredibly pleasurable.

Dog knot dildos and equine sex toys are two examples of big dildos that offer plenty of super thick girth and usually are designed with a straight shaft for the ultimate insertable length.

An animal dildo makes a great sex toy because, unlike super realistic dildos, an animal shape provides a unique shape that can offer different forms of sensations and stimulation when penetrated internally.

Monster dildos

Monster dildos are big dildos that are shaped like exciting creatures, such as dinosaurs, octopi, dragons, and more.

Unlike more realistic models, these huge dildos do not look like a penis and, therefore, have a different design.

A monster-shaped sex toy makes a great girthy dildo because the construction is just as wide as it can be with inches in length.

For example, a monster dildo may offer a larger or more tapered head, depending on the shape, and instead of a veiny shaft, these massive dildos may feature suckers, bumps, and ridges as a way to provide texture. And many of these big dildos include a suction cup base for hands-free fun.

Fantasy dildos

The popular brand Geeky Sex Toys is well-known for its big dildos designed to look like fantasy creatures or objects.

Some of the best examples of the best huge dildos from Geeky Sex Toys would be items that are constructed to appear as goblins, characters from Sci-Fi and fantasy movies, such as dragons or swords. 

This brand even makes a double-ended dildo, an extra-large dildo that features two tentacle ends made from medical-grade silicone.

If you are looking for thick dildos that offer a unique look that one can use for both vaginal and anal fun, you may want to consider a large dildo from Geeky Toys, or even Bad Dragon.

What To Consider With Large Dildos

Biggest Dildos

When deciding on what type of big dildo to purchase, you will want to research the following points below.

From choosing a giant dildo with a suction cup base for hands-free fun to considering the insertable length in inches, your huge dildo should provide the type of pleasure that is unique to you and your lover.

Inches in length

When speaking about big dildos, inches in length refers to the total length of your large dildo from the head to the suction cup base or the balls.

It's important to note that the insertable length of big dildos is beyond what would actually be inserted into the vagina or anus.

When it comes to selecting a huge dildo, the average size of inches in length is usually between 11 inches to a whopping 15 inches in length.

However, this can also vary, depending on the style and shape of your big dildo.

Insertable length

Unlike inches in length, the insertable length of a huge dildo refers to how much of the dildo you can fit into your chosen orifice.

For lovers of bigger toys and especially for size queens, the preferred insertable length measure between 9 inches in length, and depending on the design of your large dildo, the insertable length can be as long as 15 or more inches!

Girthy Dildos

If you love the feeling of an extra-thick feeling dildo, you will love a thick dildo that offers a lot of girth. Girth refers to the width of your large dildo.

For example, a thick dildo will usually have a girth of approximately 5 inches, all of the way up to 13 inches!

To some, that may seem excessive-even impossible! But for those who love a large dildo that stretches and fills them up, a big dildo that provides plenty of girth can be quite pleasurable.

And remember, vaginas are stretchy enough to pass a baby, so with the right amount of water-based lube and with enough desire, a girthy dildo shouldn't pose an issue of safety.

Anal play

Mainly (but not exclusively) with men, anal toys can provide a lot of delicious sensations. Both women and men can enjoy anal pleasures, although the pronounced p-spot (or prostate gland) gives men an advantage in anal play. Check out some of the best dildos for men here.

This is especially true with a dildo used to penetrate the anus. Unlike some women who love G-spot stimulation, men can find much enjoyment with a dildo that can be used to stimulate the p-spot.

With anal dildos, it's essential to select a dildo that offers a flared base.

You want to choose an anal dildo with a suction cup base or a flared bottom because it will prevent you from losing the dildo up inside of you.

Suction cup base

Choosing a suction cup dildo is a fun and convenient way to enjoy hands-free pleasure.

You can attach your suction cup dildo to many surfaces, such as a shower wall or a tiled or porcelain surface.

A suction cup dildo is best used on surfaces that are non-porous, such as glass, porcelain, marble, plastic, or even finished tiles.

Selecting an extra-large dildo with a suction cup base will also allow you to set your hands free so that you can also please your partner at the same time.

If your massive dildo is a high-quality toy, you should be given the option to remove the suction cup base if you prefer.

Just remember to use your suction cup dildo on either a smooth surface or a flat surface so that the dildo sticks appropriately.

Harness compatible

Choosing a harness-compatible huge dildo is perfect for lovers who want to enjoy the fullness of a big dildo while still enjoying the feeling of being penetrated by their partner.

Like with a regular dildo, a massive dildo can be paired with a harness, but you will need to find o-rings that are big enough for your dildo so that it is compatible and fits snugly against your or your partner's body.

Generally, a dildo that features a suction cup base will double as a dildo that you can use with a harness.

A large dildo that can pair with a harness is another way you and your lover can enjoy each other while freeing your hands for other erotic activities!

Vibrating dildo

Dildos vs vibrators are completely different each with their own pros and cons. However there are dildos that vibrate. A vibrating dildo will offer a more intense but highly pleasurable experience if you love extra stimulation.

Most vibrating toys will offer a variety of vibration speeds with different patterns so that you can choose the best form of stimulation for your body.

Dildos that vibrate can be battery-operated, or they can be charged via a USB cable.

The latter style is generally preferred because it's easier to recharge and USB vibrating dildos usually hold their power for longer.

And while a large, vibrating dildo may seem like a luxury item, this style of toy usually comes with a justifiable price.

A word of caution with vibrating dildos; you should never submerge them in water, even if the item is described as water-resistant. Submerging your vibrating item into the water could destroy the toy's integrity, and it could also be dangerous.

Placing your toy away from water is the best way to keep your vibrating dildo safe.

Double-ended huge dildos

Large, double-ended dildos are fantastic for lovers who want to enjoy simultaneous pleasure at the same time.

If you like to enjoy solo play with a big dildo, you can choose a flexible, u-shaped double-ended dildo that you can use to penetrate yourself both vaginally and anally.

However, if you are partnered with a lover who loves to use giant, double-ended dildos, you can choose from various models, such as a u-shape or a harness-free design or even a double dong model, such as the King Cock Double Penetrator or the King Cock Two-Cocks-One-Hole. 

Large, double-ended dildos are fantastic for simultaneous g-spot or even for synchronized pegging or anal sex. See our guide to the best dildos for pegging.

Best Materials for Giant Dildos

huge dildo

It's essential that your large dildo is made from material suitable for you and your partner's body. Some users may be more sensitive than others, so it's important that you do your research.

Below, we have listed three types of materials of the giant dildos that are the safest options for when purchasing your large dildo.

Medical grade silicone

Medical grade silicone is our top choice of body-safe material for intimate products.

A great example of a proper silicone toy would be big dildos from Hankey's Toys. This brand uses platinum cure silicone, which is the best known for its properties and benefits, such as being phthalate and latex-free, odorless, body-safe and hypoallergenic.

While a high-quality material, such as silicone will undoubtedly dictate the cost of your dildo, there are plenty of large silicone dildos available for an affordable price.


If you are a fan of beautiful, artistic aesthetics with your toys, you will probably love big, glass dildos.

While some people may become nervous at the idea of a giant glass dildo, tempered glass (the type used in intimate toys) is exceptionally durable and will not shatter.

Glass material makes for exciting and unique dildo designs that almost appear as sculptures.

And if you enjoy temperature play, glass is the perfect substance because it can be efficiently heated or cooled, depending on your preference. If you like the cool sensation, try making your own ice dildo.


PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, and it is a common material used in any intimate products, including dildos. Another term used for PVC is 'jelly rubber,' which is found in less expensive toys that are usually soft and flexible to the touch.

An example of a large, double dildo that is made from PVC material would be the Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies toy.

While this affordable and accessible line is popular, there are criticisms against PVC material, claiming that its toxic makeup can disrupt the endocrine system.

The issue with PVC is that it is a porous material that can easily trap harmful bacteria.

However, some brands note that their PVC toys are 'state-0f-the art' and do not contain latex or phthalates.

The King Cock line claims that their rubber toys are safer and hypoallergenic. Sometimes, it's best to do your research and discover elements of various materials.

If you are going to choose a dildo made from PVC, make sure that you wash it thoroughly, and as an extra precaution, you can also pair the large PVC dildo with a condom.

Cleaning your big dildo

With any intimate product, taking proper care of your giant dildo is essential to maintaining the quality of the toy and making it safe to use. Depending on the material of your dildo, you may need to take certain steps.

For example, a more porous material, such as PVC, will require thorough cleaning and drying of the item before use, as it is crucial not to trap any moisture inside the toy.

Dildos made from non-porous materials such as silicone or glass are easy to clean and disinfect.

To clean your silicone or glass dildo, simply wash with warm water and soap, or you can use your favorite toy cleaner.

To disinfect, you can submerge your glass or silicone toy in boiling water to sterilize and protect yourself from harmful bacteria and germs.


In reviewing the best large dildos that tick all the boxes, our choice is The Axel by Hankey's ToysThe Axel delivers all of the generous fullness and length within a reasonable price point with additional options to go larger if you wish.

We also love (and always prefer) dildos that are made with body-safe materials, and Hankey's Toys are known for their silicone quality. Pair this high dildo with a water-based lubricant and enjoy hours of pleasure with The Axel!