Anal Depth Training

Anal Depth Training: How to Deep Anal Safely & Properly

Suppose you are curious about anal sex or beginning your erotic journey into the world of anal sex toys, fisting, or anal penetration of any kind. In that case, you may already be familiar with anal depth training. However, this term may confuse you if anal penetration is not your interest. Regardless of whether you are curious to explore sex via the rectum, anal training is essential in having a safe experience that will help in discovering pleasure with minimum discomfort.

While this article will primarily address depth training, the term anal training actually encompasses various types of preparation if you want to explore anal sex of any kind. And while some popular ways are fisting or inserting a dildo, one will first need to know how long and far they can receive penetration, before experiencing an act as intense as fisting.

Unlike the vagina, the anus is not as flexible because the sphincter muscle is quite tight. Therefore, it's important to become accustomed to the feeling of toys, such as a dildo or vibrator, fingers, or genitalia going inside the body, before someone can endure long and strong forms of anal depth intimacy.

Training will first help the body know new insertion forms so that it can relax under pressure and feel its best. And while more extreme acts such as fisting may be the goal, you and your lover(s) will first be required to know physical limits, as well what is arousing before fisting can be on the roster.

What exactly is Deep Anal & Anal Depth Training

Anal depth training is the act of inserting objects into the body with the purpose of stretching the anus so that one can learn to play with anal toys or learn new forms of sexual pleasure via anal penetration or even with a dildo.

To have the best experience, training your body to receive objects into the butt without extreme pain is a safe way to play and relax as you learn to enjoy deeper forms of anal play. With anal training, depth play is important because it allows you to understand how deep you can insert objects, such as a dildo, toys, fisting and penises.

One may ask how is anal stretching different from anal depth training? When speaking of anal training, it's helpful to differentiate between depth training and stretching.

Anal depth training focuses on how deep you want to play with penetration, addressing length and measuring how far you want to go in inches instead of width. Exploring depth training involves going deeper inside the colon while relaxing the sphincter as you experience pressure with a new toy, fingers, or even a fist.

Why Do People Do Anal Depth Training & Who Should Start?

How to Deep Anal

The answer is simple! Those who want to explore anal play and learn how to enjoy safe, pleasurable anal penetration, such as fisting, should learn about depth training. The more you know your body and how deep you want insertion, the better sex you will have!

How to Prepare for Anal Depth Training

With anal depth training, the goal is to move past the sigmoid bend, which is located near the rectum. For some, this can be an extreme form of play so remember to go slow and to be safe; depth training should never be rushed.

The first rule is that lube is a must. Whether you are using toys or fingers to start, you should always use lube when depth training anal areas.

In most cases, a water-based lube is a good options when playing with silicone sex toys.

Silicone lube is also great because of it's long lasting consistency. If you are using a (covered) hand inside someone's body or a condom on a penis, make sure that you do not pair lube made with silicone with any kind of latex covering; otherwise it will degrade the material.

Toys can help with depth training and there are many that are designed for deep penetration. A tapered toy, like a dildo, with a long, soft tip is good to use for training but it's crucial to choose one that is made with a flared base. For example, if you decide on a dildo, make sure it's the right one to use for anal depth training.

What Toys Do You Need or Help for Anal Depth Training

Here are some great toys that can assist in your training.

Jelly Rancher Pleasure Anal Training Butt Plug Kit (3 Piece)

Jelly Rancher Pleasure Anal Training Butt Plug Kit

These translucent butt plugs are great for beginners and are offered at an affordable price point. These sex toys are made from soft plastic, making them compatible with various kinds of lube. Each item gets progressively bigger, starting from a 3-inch mini size to a medium size that offers 4.6 inches of insertable length.

They also feature a suction cup base for hands-free training.

Booty Bound Anal Training Silicone Butt Plug Set

We love silicone toys, and this butt-plug set offers comfort and safety from its smooth tapered tips to its flared foundation. Available in small, medium, and large, these anal plugs range from 3 inches to 5.25 inches in circumference for people who want to experience a bit of anal stretching, along with depth training.

In addition, the insertable length varies between 4 and 5 inches so that you can enjoy deep penetration with these toys.

Anal Training and Education Butt Plug Set B-Vibe

The b-Vibe Rechargeable Anal Plug Set is a complete package that is perfect for anal depth training as it contains everything you need for a deeper anal experience. In addition to 3 plugs that become progressively larger in inches, this kit also includes an anal douche and a lubricant applicator.

People who love extra stimulation with an anal toy will love the medium-sized, vibrating plug (see our favorite anal vibrators) for erotic sensations that you will feel deep inside the sigmoid colon. In this training package, you will also find a handy guide on training anal depth that provides all of the information you need to make you feel at ease when exploring anal pleasure.

His Prostate Training Kit

For a deluxe anal depth training experience, you will love this Prostate Training Kit that contains all the right anal toys. When you are new to prostate stimulation or enjoy deep pressure inside the colon, bring anal depth exploration to a new level!

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Experience deep prostate probing with three different silicone plugs that offer unique shapes with a flared base. The kit also contains an egg-shaped vibrator for a more extreme feeling within the colon. Each plug provides an increase in length, depending on the size of the toy.

As you begin to feel more comfortable with deep anal stimulation, you can explore depth play on a more intense level. Such a kit is great for preparing oneself for a more vigorous sex act, such as fisting.

They-ology Wearable Anal Training Set

Is this your first time exploring anal depth preparation? If you want to start practicing for deep anal exploration with a toy but don't know which one is best to use, you may find this wearable training set is a great place to start.

Within the 5-piece set, each toy is made with body-safe silicone for a smooth and comfortable fit. The plugs start at 2.5-inches long and 1.7 inches in circumference so that you can start with the smallest tip.

As you become versed in using the toy and more relaxed with the feeling of pressure in your colon, you can then find a larger toy, such as the biggest plug within the set that measures 3.5 inches in length and 3.75 inches in girth. Of course, it goes without saying that you will always need plenty of lube to keep your anal depth training safe, especially if you select a larger tip for more extreme depth training.

What are the Dangers of Anal Depth Training and Safety Tips

With any deep anal exploration, it's important to be safe, especially as you learn about depth training. If you don't know what you need for a good experience, you can risk being in pain or causing damage to your sigmoid colon. You also want to choose the best toy for deep training but you need to make sure that you are using a proper item.

For example, many people think that using a dildo to prepare for anal exploration or fisting is a great technique. And while that can be partially true, the problem with using a dildo is that not every dildo toy will have a flared base. So ensure that you find a toy that has a thin tip to insert but that also has a flared foundation.

If you or your lover don't know how to incorporate a proper anal toy or choose the wrong dildo, you can risk tearing the colon walls or even losing the dildo deep inside yourself, if the toy isn't meant for anal penetration.

Another method for safe depth play is to incorporate your hand-or rather a few fingers-as opposed to a dildo. Think of this as an introduction to fisting. Your finger will offer a smaller tip for insertion, but because fingers are only so long, they can only go so far deep.

One reason that fisting can be a popular act is that a persons arm is long enough to experience the entire depth of the colon. If you are going to involve your finger instead of a dildo or a toy, make sure that you cover it with a condom and lube as you guide it far inside.

And if you are going to practice an act such as fisting, you can incorporate latex (or non-latex gloves, if someone has an allergy) for extra protection.

Techniques & Tips for Deep Anal

There are many ways to experience pleasure via anal penetration, such as fisting. Anal depth training is your guide to pleasure so that you know what you love, when it comes to anal intimacy. And it first begins with taking things slow and exploring the area so that you can build up to a deeper sensation such as fisting.

Use the Right Toys

It's been mentioned above that toys, such as anal plugs or a good anal dildo with a flared base is way to begin anal depth training. Choosing a toy that is long but thin to start with, can help you to know and be comfortable with the sensation of insertion.

Hands & Fingers

Aside from using a toy, such as a dildo, you can also explore anal depth training with the fingers on your hand, especially if your fingers are long. Using a hand can also eventually prepare you for the more intense act of fisting.

Of course, when using fingers (or even a dildo, with a flared base) to explore more vigorous anal depth, remember to always include copious amounts of lube. Also, be mindful of the type of lube you incorporate, so that you are pairing the right lubricant with the related material. See our recommended anal lubes.


Another consideration with anal depth practice is including an anal douche. It goes without saying that, when exploring the depth of the anus, the body may expel a bit of a 'mess.' An anal douche is a tool that will help you to clean out the anal cavity before you introduce any depth penetration.

Some of the best anal douches are easy to find and even the most basic sex toy shop will carry them. While some products may be more sophisticated, most anal douches are shaped with a wide body that tapers off to a thin nozzle.

Warm water is added to the inside of the anal douche with the nozzle end inserted into the rectum. Then gently squeeze the tip to release water into the anal cavity, repeating the act until the desired amount of cleanliness has been achieved.

Don't Force It, Enjoy It

With anal depth instruction, it's extremely important not to force anything or to move in a way that is painful (although a tiny amount of discomfort may be expected as you get used to the sensation).

That said, people find anal depth practice to be quite pleasurable. Because the colon can accommodate approximately a foot or more of anal depth exploration, there are plenty of delicious sensations and nerve endings that can be found. In fact, anal depth practice on its own can deliver orgasms, especially when hitting the prostate.


Anal depth training or learning how to deep anal is a great way to explore your experience with anal penetration. Not only will you enjoy your experience much more, you will also understand and expand on the types of sexy activities that can you with pleasure.