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5 Best Suction Cup Dildos for Hands Free Fun [2023]

Are you a fan of dildos to use during sex or for personal pleasure but wish you could use these sex toys in more exciting ways? If you want to enjoy hands-free fun or elevate sex to a whole new level, we invite you to explore the best suction cup dildos.

Selecting a realistic dildo with a suction cup base is a great way to incorporate more versatility, pleasure, and creativity into your sex life. Suction cup sex toys are safe, flexible, and fun to use, with a great variety of dildos to choose from.

Recommendations of the Best Suction Cup Dildos

1. Lifelike Lover Classic Realistic Dildo 6 Inch

Lifelike Lover Classic Realistic Dildo

Inch by inch, this realistic-looking cock delivers a total of 6 inches in length of exciting sensations. The Lifelike Lover measures 5 inches in insertable length with a circumference of the same 5 inches.

The Lifelike Lover is also great for beginners because the measurements are less intimidating than other suction cup dildos. We also love the detailing along the shaft, which also includes realistic balls. The soft plastic is flexible enough to curve towards the G-spot, and the insertable length is quite filling for most users.

The prominent suction cup base allows for both solo and strap-on play. Our only wish would be if the Lifelike Lover were made from silicone. To avoid any toxicity, you can also cover this item with a condom and coat it with plenty of lube.

Ice Gem Realistic Suction Cup Dildo with Balls

This dildo may not be as realistic as the Lifelike Lover, but we love the great look of this item. Enjoy 7 inches of textured, insertable length, which offers 6.5 inches of girth.

That said, all 7 inches of this Realistic Suction Cup Dildo still manage to include some authentic detailing, such as testicles and veins along the shaft.

What makes this item unique is its icy (check out how to make an ice dildo), transparent material, so you can enjoy every inch while admiring the appearance and design. In addition, the suction cups on this dildo are also quite strong, so you can enjoy every inch of vigorous, hands-free play.

If you are new to larger dildos, you may find 7 inches in length or the 6.5-inch circumference too large. You can read our tips on how to use a large dildo for some help. Regardless, slathering a water-based lube up every inch of the PVC material provided a smoother ride.

Lovehoney Air and Water Curved Silicone Suction Cup Dildo

Yay, we love a great silicone toy! The Lovehoney Air and Water Silicone Curved 7-Inch dildo delivers more than just inches of pleasure. The vibrant and colorful silicone design adds a playful touch to your playtime, and the suction cups are harness compatible for both vaginal and anal penetration. To slip this multicolored silicone into a strap-on harness, you will want to choose a 1.5-inch O-ring.

The curved design and the 7-inch length will stimulate all of your delicious spots. And with 4.5 inches of circumference, the measurements are perfect for both beginners and more advanced consumers. The best part is that you can add a bullet vibrator inside the silicone base for extra stimulation.

P-Spot from Tantus

It's important to note that some intimate toys are best created for anal play. The P-Spot Dildo from Tantus is made from premium silicone and delivers inches of incredible back-door pleasure! We are giving this anal dildo a nod for its quality and versatility because it is compatible with a suction cup and harness.

The P-Spot measures 7 inches in insertable length, although the total span of the item measures close to 8 inches. This may seem large for new users, so we recommend going slow and using plenty of lube. Also check out some of our recommended dildos for men.

Goliath Vibrating Kit

We love a comprehensive kit that includes all of the sexy fixings! The Goliath Vibrating Kit features a silicone dildo, a detachable suction cup, and a bullet vibrator all in one. The size of the dildo is a little over the insertable standard of 6 inches, measuring in at 6.8 inches, to be exact. The diameter measures 1.7 inches, making this usable for all experience levels.

The dildo is the main attraction, constructed from medical-grade silicone material that is easy to disinfect. Goliath offers a firm yet flexible ride, with a large, bulbous head and a deliciously textured shaft. We also love the amethyst hue, making this item a stylish addition to your bedroom.

What Are Suction Cup Dildos?

A suction cup dildo is a sex toy with a suction cup attached to the base. Sometimes this will appear as an actual protruding cup, or a dildo will be made to have a flared base that offers suction via the material used. The suction cups can stick to a flat surface that is preferably non-porous, such as glass, marble, or stainless steel.

When using a suction cup sex toy by yourself, you can experiment with different surfaces, such as the shower or tiled floor, to see what works best for solo play. You can also pair a suction cup dildo with a strap-on harness when enjoying sex with a partner.

How Do Suction Cup Dildos Work?

Suction cup dildo

To use a suction cup dildo, all you need is a non-porous, flat surface to stick your suction cup dildo. Suction cups found on the bottom of sex toys like dildos are the same as regular dildos but with an added advantage.

Similar to a realistic dildo, a suction cup sex toy is used for pleasure, to penetrate the vagina or anal cavity. And based on the shape of your dildo, you can enjoy p-spot or g-spot stimulation.

With a suction cup dildo, you can also enjoy solo play, hands-free, by mounting your dildo to a wall, the floor, an object, or even in the shower. Once the suction cup base is firmly mounted to your chosen surface, you can hop on and enjoy!

Different positions you can try

To receive the most pleasure from your sex toy, you can try ideal positions with your suction cup dildo. The size, shape, length, and material used to make your dildo may also be a factor in your choice of sex positions.

Doggy style

Doggy style is fantastic when playing with your suction cup sex toy. Part of the reason is that there are plenty of walls and vertical surfaces that you can explore with your dildo. To position yourself in doggy, start by securing your suction cup dildo to a surface, noting the proper height for your body when you are kneeling.

Bend Over in the Shower

A suction cup dildo is perfect to use in the shower. Since the tiles on a shower wall can provide a hard, non-porous surface, you can easily stick your dildo on top to pleasure yourself, using the shower wall for resistance.

If you want to play with your suction cup dildo using another hard surface found in the bathroom, we also recommend the bathtub's edge. Similar to the wall, porcelain material is also a flat and safe exterior to stick your suction cup cock.

Ride on the Floor

When it comes to positions aside from a wall, you can enjoy hands-free play on the most obvious but sometimes overlooked surface; the floor! If you enjoy sex on top, you can use this hard exterior to attach the suction cup dildo.

Simply stick the dildo on the ground and straddle over the top. Then, using your knees for balance, thrust your upper body up and down for hands-free penetration.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Suction Cup Dildo?

A suction cup dildo is perfect for hands-free play and solo sex. However, even if you have a partner, using a suction cup sex toy can add versatility to pleasure. If you enjoy the sensation of a lifelike penis, you can use a realistic suction cup dildo for masturbation.

Some people also want to explore double penetration; you can achieve this with a suction cup toy. You can select two dildos to use by yourself, or you can use your partner and a suction cup toy at the same time.

Different Types of Suction Cup Dildos

types of suction cup dildos

You can find different kinds of suction cup dildos, which are made for hands-free pleasure. But not all dildos are made the same. In many cases, a dildo comes with a suction cup base. But you can find variations with this popular sex toy.

If you love to feel pulses and tremors, you may opt for a vibrating dildo. This one comes with a hole or compartment where you can add a vibrator. Or you may find that your dildo already comes with a vibrator included. This is the perfect toy for those who want to add fun sensations to their toy.

You can also find one that offers double-ended suction cups. These are best for toys that don't include a suction cup at the base. That way, you can enjoy the fun of a regular dildo with the additional option of turning your toy into the best suction cup dildo.

If you want a more realistic, hands-free experience and love the fun of riding a cock on top, choosing a dildo mount is a great alternative. This style of dildo comes with a separate attachment where you can mount your toy while straddling the frame. Or you can purchase dildo mounts or pillows separately.

What To Consider When Buying A Suction Cup Dildo

Like other sex toys, dildos are made differently, depending on what suits the consumer best. According to many users, Vixen Creations makes the best suction cup dildo. But it depends on what you desire most in a toy. Whether you prefer more realistic toys or one that offers more specific features, check some great considerations below to choose your perfect suction cup dildo.


When it comes to choosing the best material for dildos, silicone is the perfect body-safe substance. A dildo made from silicone is great because it is soft, flexible, and provides a realistic feel. But it's important to remember to pair a water-based lubricant with your silicone dildo to maintain the integrity of your toy.

While silicone dildos may seem the most realistic, there are other materials your toy can be made from, such as soft jelly, ABS plastic, dual density material, PVC, vinyl, and more.

However, it's important to note that not all materials are body-safe. While they may feel flexible and soft to the touch, just be aware that some sex toy materials can be toxic. In this case, you can always cover your dildo with a condom as a barrier.


Depending on your personal preference, the shape of a dildo can provide sensual pleasure and erotic sensations. The key is to find one with great curves so that you can enjoy prostate or G-spot stimulation.


Size can play a big role in your choice of dildo; no pun intended! That said, there are some great dildos that come in a variety of sizes, lengths, and circumferences. When it comes to your body, select one that you feel fits you best. Many toy companies offer a size chart so that you can review the measurements in inches. It's also important to note the difference between the total length and the insertable length.

The insertable length refers to the measurement in inches that one can penetrate. Generally, this can range between four inches and 6 inches. The total length refers to the entire length of the sex toy.


Texture can refer to how hard or soft the sex toy is, and it can also denote how flexible the cock is, as well. And for those who are searching for a realistic suction cup dildo that feels lifelike, one feature to explore is dildos that offer dual density.

With more realistic dildos, texture can also describe the surface of the toy. For example, a lifelike-looking cock may include veins and ridges that emulate the appearance of a human penis. And some will enjoy the additional stimulation from a textured surface.


In reviewing the best suction cup dildos, our recommendation goes to the Lifelike Lover Classic 6-Inch as the best suction cup dildo. It's a timeless and versatile design, suitable for all users.