How to Precum More

How to Precum More (7 Tips & The Ultimate Precum Guide)

There's so much more to precum than just being a delightful precursor to a smooth and satisfying sexual peak. That clear, slimy stuff enhances the sexual experience by lubricating any involved orifices and paving the way for ejaculation.

Although the amount of precum a man will produce depends largely on genetics, science suggests a multitude of methods you can try to increase that pre-seminal leak. And in this guide, we're answering the most asked questions and talking about how to precum more.

What Exactly is Precum?

You probably first met precum during those first few sessions of self-exploration. As you stroked and kneaded, the excitement should have produced a clear, sticky fluid. It's even possible you tried to stretch the stuff between your fingers, examining it to the point of tasting it. Don't worry -- we've all tried it.

This magical pre ejaculate or Cowper's glands fluid flows from the penis during foreplay, masturbation, or simply as you get an erection. The body will produce pre cum when sexually stimulated and releases the lubricating fluid before ejaculation.

So if you've ever asked yourself, the answer is no -- precum isn't semen and a man doesn't need to reach orgasm in order to produce pre cum.

Is Precum Normal? What is It For?

Is Precum Normal

Ever asked yourself what precum even is? For the uninitiated, that first encounter with precum might send your mind reeling with questions. Is this stuff normal? For newbies, precum often gets confused for its big brother, ejaculation.

That's why some men who encounter Cowper's glands fluid the first time might think there's something wrong since precum quantities are often quite limited. The fact of the matter however is that precum is completely normal.

According to experts, precum has two major functions. The first is lubrication. Both the male and female genitalia will produce their own versions of lubricant. For women, it's called vaginal or arousal fluid. This comes from the Bartholin glands and cervix which are located just along the entrance to the vagina.

For men, it's the Cowper's glands that are responsible for releasing precum. As both parties produce lubricant, the sexual organs are prepared for a smooth, satisfying experience.

Aside from acting as a lubricant however, pre cum also works to neutralize acidity in the urethra. Since urine and semen both pass through this structure, cleansing it with pre cum balances the acidity from urine so that sperm cells can survive the conditions as they move through.

What's Precum Made Of?

Some people speculate that women can get pregnant after a man releases pre cum because the pre ejaculate contains the same stuff as semen. And while it is true that pre cum may result to pregnancy, it still doesn't necessarily contain the same stuff as its milky white counterpart.

Composed of proteins, mucus, and enzymes, pre cum is an alkaline fluid that neutralizes acidity in the urethra to keep sperm alive as it passes through. This is also why pre cum might sometimes contain sperm.

As it passes through the urethra, it's possible for precum to find residual sperm from previous ejaculation. It then carries the sperm through the urethra and into the vagina, which may cause pregnancy.

What is a Normal Amount of Precum?

According to experts, men can produce anywhere from a few drops to 4-5mL of pre cum at a time. Researchers have also found that the extent of arousal might play a role in how much pre cum a man releases.

That is, the higher the arousal, the more pre cum is produced. Generally however, the amount of precum released most heavily relies on genetics. Whatever the case, all men will generally produce enough precum regardless of how little it might seem.

But if you think you're not producing quite as much as you would like, you can always ask your doctor for the best course of action, or you can maybe try a few methods for increasing precum production (discussed in detail below.)

Why Would Someone Want to Precum More?

Normal Amount of Precum

All over the web and various men's publications, you'll find interesting, outlandish methods that can allegedly increase precum production. But it pays to ask: why would you want to do that in the first place? Well, there are some pretty solid reasons, including:

Increased chances of pregnancy 

Urine is bad news for sperm. Because it can be acidic, it can kill sperm upon contact, preventing your little soldiers from finding their way home and getting your partner pregnant. That's why a previous partner may have asked you to pee first if you were vying for round two.

And because your pee and your semen pass through the same duct, it's possible that a large number of your swimmers might die as they make the treacherous journey through and out the penis and into the female anatomy.

If you and your partner were trying to get pregnant, the presence of residual urine in your urethra could spell problems. That's why pre ejaculation is so important. By normalizing pH levels in the urethra, pre cum paves the way for safe travel for your sperm.

In effect, an increased pre cum production means you could heighten the chances of your sperm making their way to the goal, if pregnancy was your intention.

Better lubrication 

Sex is fun... when everything's nice and slippery. Sliding inside a dry canal can cause serious discomfort for both parties, easily killing the vibe. By producing more pre cum, you can stimulate all the necessary parts and elicit a satisfying sexual response from your partner.

Increased pre cum production means you can enhance sensations and prevent both discomfort and even injury. According to studies, better lubrication often enters the top of the list of reasons why men want to increase precum production.

Sustained arousal 

The psychology of sex teaches us that when something is wet and shiny, it's sexy. This seemingly arbitrary factor actually has a lot to do with the man's perception of a woman's readiness for sex. That is, when something is wet, it's ready for some action.

Although men typically appreciate wetness when considering the female form, fluid from his own penis may contribute to this arousal response. So when a man perceives lubrication from his own penis, he considers his own readiness for an intimate experience, making him feel more turned on. And the cycle repeats itself.

So the more fluid a man produces, the more aroused he might become. This can help maintain that aroused mentality that often plays a vital role in a satisfying sexual experience.

It's a guy thing 

In many cases, men tend to compare their output. So even if the amount of pre cum you produce has nothing to do with your performance, men still tend to think more highly of themselves when they're capable of producing more. That's just the way the male psyche works.

So if you needed a little ego boost, then trying a method or two to enhance your precum production might help give you that extra confidence you need.

Tips on How to Produce More Precum

Tips on How to Produce More Precum

Whether you and your partner are trying to get pregnant, or if you simply want to join the ranks of generous pre ejaculation fluid producers, then you might want to consider trying one of these methods.

Maintain proper hydration levels

Literally every part of your body relies on hydration to function properly. When there isn't enough water in your system, your body is forced to operate at bare minimum, producing reduced amounts of various fluids -- including pre cum.

But there's more to it than that. According to research, dehydration can reduce blood circulation and may negatively affect your mood. So even though you might feel like you want to enjoy a sexual encounter, dehydration might get in the way of a proper mindset.

Drinking your daily recommended intake of water can help maintain the proper functioning of your entire reproductive system, and puts you in the proper headspace to perform at your peak during sex or sexual stimulation.

Get active

It shouldn't be surprising by now that an active, healthy lifestyle can help improve sexual health and as a result, pre ejaculation fluid production. One study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that men who exercise for 60 minutes a day, at least 3 days a week were more likely to present enhanced sexual performance and capability.

Although it's not entirely clear how or why this happens, experts suggest that the increased blood flow to the various parts of the body (including Cowper's gland) helps improve overall reproductive health and functionality.

Eat healthy

Some studies postulate that eating whole, health, plant-based foods might help improve your sexual performance all around. That's because a plant-based diet provides a rich abundance of micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals necessary to maintain proper functioning at a cellular level.

But that doesn't mean you should totally shift to a vegetarian diet. Certain studies have found that in moderation, eating certain types of meat can help improve performance and stamina in the sack. Better yet, you can consult your doctor or a dietician to get a better understanding of the kind of diet ideal for your specific situation.

Ditch the bad habits

Maybe cigarettes and alcohol make up a usual part of your day to day. If that's the case, then your doctor will likely recommend that you cut back on both or stop entirely. The use of both of these substances introduces loads of toxins that impair bodily functions. Alcohol in particular works as a diuretic, causing serious dehydration even in moderate amounts.

When it comes to smoking, studies have found that habitual cigarette smoking may result to reduced fluid output in men, and may even permanently alter the reproductive system, causing infertility and a resistance to fertility treatments.

Try edging

If you're not familiar with it just yet, edging is the practice of stimulating your penis right up until the point of ejaculation, and then stopping. This experience is one of many tantric sex principles, and is said to stimulate the various organs and glands inside the male anatomy to encourage a healthy sexual response.

Edging might seem frustrating at first, but according to anecdotal reports, the process becomes significantly more enjoyable down the line. As it teaches your body to enjoy the experience rather than just the orgasm, you may find yourself becoming more intuitive of various sexual sensations, allowing greater precum production.

Massage your prostate

Your prostate is a pingpong ball-sized organ that sits right between the bladder and the penis. Unique to male anatomy, the prostate functions to produce the fluid that carries sperm out of the penis and into the vagina. In a way, it's similar to the Cowper's glands, with the exception that they produce fluids at different times and for different reasons.

Although your doctor may recommend a prostate massage to maintain prostate health, the same method could help encourage increased precum production. That's because the Cowper's gland sits just inferior to the prostate. So a doctor-prescribed massage could target both organs in one go.

Don't think too much

For the most part, pre cum is your body's response to arousal. The more arousal you experience, the more precum you produce. If you're in your head and thinking hard about producing more precum, you might find yourself feeling less and less stimulated.

It's important to maintain a clear headspace whenever you're engaged in a sexual encounter. Pressuring yourself to perform or produce more may actual work against your cause.

Whether you're self stimulating or engaged in sex with a partner, just always enjoy the moment. The less you think about fluid secretions and performance, the more you stand to produce.

Can You Get Pregnant from Precum?

Can you get pregnant from precum

Here's a question we often get asked. A lot of people trust and use the pull out method as their birth control method of choice. After all, pulling your penis out right before you orgasm should prevent pregnancy since you don't get any sperm into the vagina. Right?

Well, not exactly.

As you ejaculate, your body pushes semen out through your urethra and into the vagina. If you pee after you cum, then it's possible that whatever residual sperm left in the duct would consequently die as the urine changes the pH levels in the passage.

In some cases however, some sperm may linger in the urethra, especially if you don't feel the need to pee after you ejaculate. If you were to engage in sex during this time, your precum may pick up the residual sperm and carry it into the vagina. Even in small amounts, if sperm successfully makes it to the egg, it can cause pregnancy.

In case you didn't know, information from the World Health Organization tells us there's about a 20% chance of pregnancy from pre cum alone. So if you wanted to avoid getting pregnant, medical advice strongly discourages the pull out method as a method of birth control.

Precum and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

Sexually transmitted infections or STIs are communicated in a variety of ways. So even if an infected individual were to use the pull out method right before ejaculation, it still wouldn't be enough to prevent a an infection.

Pre cum, vaginal fluid, open cuts and sores, bodily fluid, and even skin-to-skin contact can all cause sexually transmitted infections. Always practice caution especially if you plan on having contact with someone you know might be suffering from an STI. Better yet, ask the right questions, use protection, and if possible, avoid contact until you've asked your doctor.

The More You Know

Although many people think of pre ejaculation fluid as nothing more than a fun precursor to the big O, it actually serves a very logical purpose. So if you were wondering how to precum more whether for your own personal satisfaction or to titillate your partner to the extreme, consider trying our trusted methods for ramping up your pre ejaculate fluid.