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Best Anal Lube (Top 5 Lubes for Anal Play) in 2023

Ever find yourself in the heat of the moment, but in a rather tight spot?

Don't spoil the mood, rather reach on over and lubricate the situation and make sure to give it your all!

Anal sex and the stigma around it has long passed. This is no longer a sexual position for gay men only. Butt sex has come a long way, if you excuse the pun. Going doggy style is not only acceptable, but enjoyable for everyone, if properly lubricated and consensual. Anal lube is not only satisfying, but very necessary, because the anus is not self-lubricating.

This guide will cover much of the details to determine the best anal lube for your personal enjoyment.

Why You Need Lube for Anal Play

Contrary to the closely situated vagina - in the female anatomy, the anus is a naturally dry area. So if you want to penetrate your partner during butt sex, lubricating is the way to go. Lubes can be applied very generously to the area, as well as the penis or dildo to ensure a smooth ride.

Friction can be caused if anal lube is not applied, which may cause discomfort in the anal area or even small tears in the rectal wall. This will put an immediate end to your anal play and possibly put a damper on your partner's performance.

Over and above the anus not being naturally lubricated, it also contains rather strong muscles which contract on impulse. This is just all the more reason to lubricate prior to anal play, to make this form of sex pleasurable for both parties.

Different Types of Anal Lube

lube for anal play

As with most things in the sex industry, there is a color, shape and size for everyone. Lubes for butt hole surfing are no different in that way. Just to touch on a few of the options on the market, there are oil based lubes, silicone based lubes, water based lubes and even natural anal lube.

The description kinda gives it away, so no rocket science required there. What you should however consider are skin allergies and how long you plan for the party to last and what or who will be invited.

1. Oil Based Lubricants

Fun fact, one of the most basic forms of oil based lube is something as simple as petroleum jelly and does not contain any harmful additives or preservatives, which makes it ideal for sensitive skin.

Studies have also shown that coconut oil is safe to be used as skin moisturizer, as well as lube for sexual use. One of the cons however is that oily lubricants can increase the likelihood of affecting latex condoms. The chances of condoms breaking or slipping off increases when over lubricated, as with oil based lubricants.

Safe to say, that if you are in a committed relationship and condoms are not required, you are good to go!

2. Silicone Lubricants

Moving on to silicone based lubes, which are most commonly found in pre-lubricated condoms, due to its compatibility with latex. Silicone lube does not contain any water, which means it will last a lot longer during sex, as it is not absorbed by the skin.

A safety tip for silicone based lube is that it is not recommended for use with most sex toys or any other silicone based items. Silicon lube will have a much softer feel on the skin and promotes smoother penetration during butt sex.

3. Water Lubricants

And this brings us to the most popular or most commonly used anal lubricant - water based lube. Things you should know about watery lubes, is that it has a tendency to absorb into the skin or evaporate. So if your are planning to get your thrust on, make sure that you apply a generous amount or apply the anal lube regularly during anal play.

Water based lube is suitable for most forms of anal play, with or without sex toys.

4. Organic Lubricants

Last but not least, certain manufacturers claim to have a natural or organic based lube, which simply means no harmful chemicals or by-products are used to make this type of lube. The most common ingredient for most of these lubes is Aloe Vera.

As mentioned previously, studies have confirmed that coconut oil is safe for use on the body, which means that this would be a healthy and ideal way to lubricate before anal sex.

Which Lube Matches Your Type of Anal Play

hypoallergenic lubricant

So you might be new to this chapter in the sex handbook. Or you might just be new to anal sex lubes? There are various options available for different stages from foreplay to penetration and that is what we will cover when in search of the best anal lubricant.

1. Massaging/Foreplay

When you start off with butt-hole massaging, as a form of foreplay leading up to anal sex, this can be a sensual and satisfying part as you build up to your orgasm. Water based lube will work nicely to get the senses aroused, as massaging is mostly external and the excess lube will be absorbed into the skin as you progress.

Not covered in this guide, but body-friendly oil base massage lotions are also suitable for anal massaging (always check label for compatibility and health/safety warnings).

2. Fingering

Butt fingering could be the gateway to butt sex or doggy style, but it could also just stay at that - fingering. Due to the mass load of nerve endings in and around the anus, this could be a whole new avenue of sexual satisfaction.

Silicone base lube will be the go-to anal lubricant for this type of anal play, as it lasts much longer on the skin, than water based lube. Should you feel more comfortable with a water based option, just be sure to re-apply before it gets too dry. Coconut oil or a similar oil lubricant could also be used for butt fingering.

3. Anal Sex & Using Condoms

You should avoid oily anal lube when using a condom. A safer option would be a water or even silicone based lube designed for sexual intercourse. As mentioned earlier, condoms have a bigger likelihood of coming off or even breaking during anal sex, if an oil based lube is used.

Water based lubes, can be applied generously and repeatedly during penetration, without causing harm or damage to the anus, the condom or the sex toys at play. Always make sure to read the label of any lube, before applying to the skin.

4. Toys

When using sex toys during anal play, be sure to know or understand your partners limits. Secondly, you have to know what material your sex toy is made of, to ensure you use a compatible lube for your toy.

Sex must always be consensual and pleasurable, thus when using sex toys, it is recommended you use a water based or oil based lube or even coconut oil. This will ensure smooth insertion or penetration of the anus. You will develop a feel for which lube works best, depending on how rough you like it, or how long you intend to go on for.

5. Rimming

If you feel ready for rimming - please don't run to the garage, this has nothing to do with your car. Rimming is a form of oral stimulation on the anus. Basically anything goes as long as your mouth, tongue or lips are interacting with your anus and the area around it.

So logically you would think that no lube is required, as your mouth will be doing all the work here, but that is where you are mistaken. Lube is used for an even softer or smoother feel of your tongue and lips and flavored lube is in the giver's plus column. Taking all of this into consideration, a water based lubricant is the way to go for rimming.

6. Thick vs Thin Lube

Which would you consider the best lubes for anal?

Thicker is not always better for all things butt-sex, however, when it comes to lubes for anal - then yes, thicker is better.


The rectal walls are much thinner than that of the female counterpart - the vagina. Thus it requires much more lubrication to avoid discomfort, scratching or tearing of the rectal wall.

Fun fact: The anus is actually very moisture absorbent and for this reason a thin lube will either dry up mid-way during anal play or it will become labor intensive to constantly re-apply.

What About Desensitizing Lubes for Anal?

plant oil based anal lubricant

Desensitizing or anal numbing lube is perhaps not for everyone. Everything that leads up to considering anal sex is to feel something you have never felt or experienced before.

The thought might be for the "giver" to apply a numbing lube to his penis in order for sex to last longer, but this is also a temporary sensation. There is also the risk that the numbing lube might be spread to you partners anus, mouth, etc, which would be a major downer.

Most numbing lubes are water based, which makes it safe for use with a condom. A downside to using desensitizing lube is that the body's natural sensors for pain and discomfort will temporarily be "switched off". With this you run the risk of your partner causing damage to the anal wall or surrounding areas.

We say - proceed with caution.

Anal Lube for Women vs for Men

Is there a difference between the male and female anus? Unlike the distinct differences between the sexual organs, the anus was a rather standard issue in both male and female anatomy.

Anal lubricant is vital for both men and women, whether using sex toys, fingers or a penis. Most people generally prefer silicone lube for its durability and longer lasting feel on the skin. Silicone based lube however does not go so well with most toys, because the lube breaks down the silicone of the toys, which could cause damage to your favorite anal beads, dildos, etc.

So moral of the story is, there is no distinct difference between anal lube for men and women. Our recommendation for an all purpose lube would be a thick water based lubricant.

The 5 Best Lubes for Anal

If you are after the very best lube for anal sex, then pick one of our top 5 recommendations below.

1. Lovehoney Discover Water-Based Anal Lubricant

Lovehoney Discover Water-Based Anal Lubricant

This is an everyday, go everywhere type of personal lubricant. Not only limited for back door play. This water based lubricant with moderate consistency is suitable for all types of anal sex or play. This water based lube is compatible with latex (condoms) and all materials of sex toys.

It does not stain sheets and is proven to last longer. It's now available in a bigger bottle with easy to use pump action bottle.

Doc Johnson Rear Entry Desensitising Lube

Even though we have our reservations over the use of desensitizing lubricants, it doesn't mean it's not still popular with such a wide audience. This is a thick silicone based lube for lasting comfort during anal play.

Doc Johnson's product is also ideal to exercise your love muscle during masturbation and teach your body when to hold on to that all impressive orgasm and not be referred to as the 10 second man.

3. ID Jelly Extra Thick Water-Based Lubricant

Now this is definitely not for a "wham-bam-thank-you-mam". Extra thick water based jelly is going to keep that anus wet and ready for gliding and sliding for hours to come. This jelly is safe for all your erotic pleasures and kinky ideas, even safe to use with all your silicone based toys.

Not only is this jelly fragrance free, but the non-sticky formula means no icky stuff on your sheets afterwards.

ID BackSlide Concentrated Silicone Anal Lubricant

This is a very thick anal lubricant which contains natural ingredients, such as clove and spilanthes extracts to assist your muscles in relaxing which in turn increases pleasure. The thicker formula of this hybrid based lubricant (both water and silicone) provides lasting cushioning for a better glide.

And to crown it all, it does not dry out or become sticky.

5. AH! YES Organic Plant Oil-Based Lubricant

Just to touch on the natural or organic options again, if you do not feel too comfortable with coconut oil. Not only will you get hours of pleasure from this lube, but it can also double up as a massage oil. For the health conscious users, this moisturizing, skin-loving product includes ingredients like shea butter, almond oil and organic beeswax.

Just a reminder that latex (condoms) does not react well to oily lubricants.


So the question is still on everyone's lips - What is the best anal sex lube?

Our recommendation is an all purpose water based lubricant as the best lube for anal. You will be able to control how much slippery juice you need and also how long sex will or can last. Your body knows best and will also guide you in terms of the best anal lube for you. Try a few options, heck try them all and then you can decide for yourself what the best lubricant for anal sex is, according to your and your partner's needs.