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5 Best Realistic Dildos: Choosing Most Life-Like Dildo

If you are a person with a vulva who enjoys vaginal or even anal penetration, chances are you have used a dildo, but what are the best realistic dildos on the market today?

For those unfamiliar, a dildo is a sex toy that is supposed to emulate the feeling of a penis. Some people like to use dildos because they enjoy the sensation of being penetrated but do not want a realistic penis. Other people may enjoy adding variety to their intimacy with the use of this popular item.


A common misconception is that only lesbians prefer to use dildos. First, not every woman who identifies as a lesbian likes penetrative sex. Second, people of all gender identities or sexual orientations can incorporate a dildo into their intimacy, whether it be vaginal or anal play.

While these sex toys can be fun for everyone, some people prefer a lifelike dildo over a more creative design. The reason is because some adults may feel that a realistic dildo feels more "like the real thing." 

Shape and Design

Dildos are commonly shaped long and firm, similar to an erect cock. Some designs are ambiguous, whereas more realistic-looking dildos are created to look and feel like a cock, offering a 'dual-density' design. These sex toys can be bone straight or offer a natural curve in order to stimulate the G-Spot.

Some realistic dildos will include veins in the shaft or even testicles at the base. Some life like dildos include 'foreskin.' In contrast, others appear 'circumcised.' A cheap realistic dildo may not have the features or qualities of a super realistic dildo. Still, again, the shape, size, and material are a matter of personal preference.

There are real like human dildos, but there are also realistic animal dildos too, if that's your thing. These can be shaped and designed so realistically that you can get tentacle textured dildos, as well as dildos with a dog knot to mimic a dog penis. 

The choice of dildos available today are as versatile and unique as the people who use them! They can come in anywhere between 4 to 8 inches or even larger! However, if you are looking to purchase a realistic dildo and you want it to look and feel like the real thing, let's explore the characteristics of some of the best and most realistic dildos that offer the most comfort and pleasure.

Realistic Dildos versus Regular Dildos

realistic dildo

What makes a sex toy like a dildo the most realistic, and why is that important? Are the most realistic dildos as good as the real thing? Or are they even better? Finally, why opt for a realistic dildo instead of a regular dildo? If you thought that all penetration is basically the same, think again!

Visual Aspect

First of all, the most apparent feature is the visual appeal of the dildos. If you prefer that your sex toy looks like the real thing, then a more realistic dildo may entice you. This could be because your mind is sending signals to your brain and body that a more realistic dildo feels better. Or perhaps you really love the look of actual penises, and you desire that look in your sex toys.  

For example, a real looking dildo will also come in an array of flesh tones, whereas regular or oddly-shaped dildos can come in multiple colors; shades can range from neon colors to solids to a 'tie-dyed' look. Also, some realistic toys may even include a 'pee hole' at the tip, and many of the more realistic models include testicles at the base.

However, that is not to say that you cannot get a life like dildo in other colors. There are multiple products on the market; anything from a pale, flesh-colored dildo to a black realistic dildo.

In comparison, more common dildos or sex toys that are used for penetration do not aim for a realistic look. Instead, they may be pretty bland aside from the basic shape. Again, these may appeal to those who are not looking for a penis substitute but rather an alternative way to simulate penetration. There is no right or wrong answer; the choice comes down to personal preference. 


Another aspect to consider when comparing realistic dildos to regular dildos is the texture between these sex toys. The best, realistic dildos will most likely feature a more uneven, even bumpy surface to emulate the look of a real cock. Examples of this can be the addition of realistic-looking veins, a well-defined penis head, and a more textured shaft.

With more ambiguous-looking dildos, the sky is the limit as far as the surface of this sex toy. These toys can be completely smooth or offer some type of studding. The point is that these options are not trying to look like a realistic cock and so more imagination and creativity can go into how the surface will be designed.

Texture is something to consider when choosing your sex toy. Some people absolutely love the sensation of a pitted exterior inside their vaginal cavity, and an uneven surface may even help stimulate the G-spot with the right technique. However, some adults may find a rougher surface uncomfortable and instead opt for a less realistic dildo.


Let's face it, when it comes to the vaginal and especially G-spot orgasms, it's all in the curve! In order to create G-spot stimulation, this sex toy must be designed in a way that reaches that particular area.

The majority of realistic dildos will have some kind of curve in their shape because even while erect, a penis is never completely straight. However, this bend can differ between more realistic models.

By contrast, a regular toy offers little variation in shape. At best, these models are long, straight, and narrow. However, these products also have their benefits, especially when it comes to penetrative anal sex.

Another variation to the shape can be the option of a suction cup dildo. This is usually less apparent on more vague looking dildos. A suction cup dildo allows the user to mount the toy hands-free, which can offer a more realistic sexual experience. There are less realistic looking dildos that also offer a suction base, but generally, that is something more commonly seen on more realistic dildos. While on the topic of hands-free pleasure, you can also consider using a dildo mount.


When it comes to comparing realistic dildos to regular dildos, one should examine the material from which the dildos are made. The best and most realistic dildos are constructed from products that make for a real feeling dildo.  

A more realistic dildo typically uses more body-safe materials. This lends to dildos that feel real because it's made from matter that imitate the feeling of skin. Examples of materials used in the best realistic dildos are Cyberskin and silicone dildos.  That said, a realistic dildo can also come in materials like jelly. 

Cyberskin is the newest material used in realistic models. It's amazing because it's made to feel like the closest thing to real skin as possible. Silicone is also excellent because it is hypoallergic and tends to warm up quickly to adjust to normal body temperatures. Both of these materials are smooth, flexible, and squishy.  

However, both Cyberskin and silicone toys are quite expensive, although that is one of the considerations if you are deciding to purchase a realistic dildo. 

More regular or vague models can be constructed from a variety of materials. The best commonplace items will still feel a bit soft and squishy, although perhaps not as much. Materials can include rubber, jelly, glass, metal, and acrylic, and the feeling it provides depends on what it's made from. 

The advantage of these models is that they are usually less expensive than a more realistic product. However, regular dildos can still offer pleasure during penetrative sex. There is also the advantage of choosing from a variety of colors, shapes, and materials. The downsides to regular didos versus realistic ones include possible skin allergies, rigidity, and inserting a material that does not warm to the touch. 

Top Advantages Of Realistic Dildos

One of the coolest things about realistic dildos is that these sex toys are all unique in their way, just like a real penis. If you were to compare different models of realistic dildos, you would notice that all of the best brands on the market offer something different. Let's look at the advantages of owning a realistic dildo and some of the best aspects of this type of toy.

The Feel

The best realistic dildo will always feel like real skin. It can be fun for those into real-looking models to test out the flexibility, softness, and even the material's squishiness. Also, how it feels in your hand is a good indicator of how it will feel inside your body.

The most realistic dildo designs may also offer dual-density. But what does that mean? Dual-density is where the outside layer of the toy is softer than the inner core; this helps to resemble to feel of a real penis when erect more closely.


A realistic model will usually come in the shape of a real penis, and this can mean extra stimulation and pleasure in the places that count the most! The disadvantage to a regular dildo is that sometimes it can lack flexibility or too rigid of a shape, making it less comfortable to insert.  


Owning a realistic dildo means that even if you already have a partner with a penis, you can enjoy something different once in a while. It's fun to explore various sensations, and having a few other models to choose from can add to enjoying the best forms of penetration.


A realistic dildo allows for versatile sexual exploration, either with a partner or without! Since many realistic insertables can be used for both vaginal and anal play, you can try activities like 'pegging' (where one partner pairs a dildo with a strap-on and penetrates their bottom anally). You can also explore 'double penetration' by having your partner's penis penetrate you vaginally while a realistic dildo is used anally. However, it's essential to keep in mind that when it comes to anal sex and dildos, use a high-quality model, and ensure that it has a flared base. 

You are never alone!

Aside from sex with a partner, you can use a realistic dildo purely on its own! Treat yourself to sexual satisfaction any time of day or night without needing to rely on a person or worry about erectile dysfunction. That is not to say that realistic models are a replacement for physical intimacy, but they offer a great alternative if or when you find yourself alone in your desires.  

A Word About Suction Cups

One style that we love is the suction cup dildo. These options offer a suction cup at the base, allowing your dildo to be secured to a base. Suction cup based dildos are perfect for hands-free play and can be mounted on a smooth, porous-free surface, like bathroom tiling or a laminate floor. We suggest letting your imagination run wild and try mounting the suction cup to whatever surface works best for you.

How To Choose The Best Realistic Dildo

choosing a realistic looking dildo

So you are ready to invest in a realistic, penetrative sex toy; where do you start? One of the most important considerations is whether you want to use your realistic dildo vaginally or anally (or both). Ideally, the best realistic models will offer the versatility of multiple uses.

But as mentioned above, if you are going to insert your dildo anally, then it must come with a flared base. That said, you can use an anal-specific dildo in the vagina, just not the other way around. And always be sure to clean your dildo properly before switching from anal to vaginal play.

Look-No Hands!

Traditionally, dildos are usually paired with a strap on harness. One person wears the harness, penetrating their partner while still being able to use their hands. But this is only one way to use a dildo.

If you are keen on hands-free play, consider models that offer a suction cup base or a strapless dildo. If you opt for a dildo with a suction cup at the bottom, you can use it completely on your own, without involving your hands. You can incorporate a suction cup dildo with partner play as well. 

If your partner also has a vagina, you can also choose a strapless, strap-on option. With this alternative, one person puts the narrower or smaller end of the dildo inside their vagina and uses their hips to thrust the longer end of the dildo into their lover. 

Double The Pleasure

If you and your partner both have vaginas, you can also invest in a double-ended dildo. This is a fun alternative for when you both desire penetration at the same time. Using a double-ended toy may take a little maneuvering in order to create rhythm and momentum. However, some women prefer this option instead of one person 'strapping it on' or alternating pleasure between one person at a time.

How To Properly Clean Your Realistic Dildo

As with any intimate toy, it's important to care for your item properly. Even the most realistic dildo is still easy to clean so always ensure good hygiene practices.

Most toys can be cleaned with warm soap and water; sometimes, they can even be put in the dishwasher. But first, it's important to understand what it's made of before choosing a proper method.

Cleaning Porous Dildos

For toys that are made of porous materials, such as rubber, Cyberskin or jelly (or any combination of these materials), it's essential only to use a small amount of water. If you use too much water, the moisture can become trapped, leading to bacterial growth.  

 While more porous models are easy to clean, they are not easy to disinfect. To be on the safe side, you can always cover a more porous dildo with a condom.

Cleaning Nonporous Dildos

For dildos made of nonporous material, such as silicone, you can submerge them in boiling water in order to properly disinfect the toy. Using boiling water is the best way to free your toy from unwanted germs and bacteria. However, do not use this method on materials that have pores.

Regardless of whatever cleaning method you choose, always make sure to dry your toy before using it properly. Also, remember to clean your dildo when you first remove it from the packaging. And it goes without saying that you should always wash your toys between various partners.  

Recommendations of Best Life Life Dildos

There are many exciting, realistic dildos on the market today. Brands have gone out of their way to create models that offer an authentic look and feel, as well as a pleasurable experience. Whether you are looking for a toy for solo enjoyment or an item that you can use with your lover to enhance variety in the bedroom, we have listed some of the best, realistic dildo options available.

1. King Cock Ultra Realistic Suction Cup With Balls 8 Inches

king cock ultra realistic dildo

The King Cock model by Lovehoney offers 8 inches of pleasure. Constructed out of PVC, this dildo is waterproof and sturdy, as well as comfortable and flexible. Features include a set of balls at the bottom and raised veins for a textured feel. This baby pairs great with a harness and is easy to clean. The King Cock brand also came in other models, and compared to other products on the market, the King Cock brand is also quite affordable.

2. Realcock2 : Dirk

The folks who created the 'Real Doll' (a realistic and fully customizable sex doll) have now created the Realcock 2. Realcock 2 comes in a variety of shapes and sizes (as well as cool names!). The 'Dirk' model is 8.5 inches long with a 6" circumference. Like all of the Realcock 2 options, Dirk is made from high-quality silicone that is body-safe and feels amazing. This dildo features realistic-looking veins, squeezable testicles, and a flared base. Also, the shaft is made of 'Sil-Slide' material, giving it a feeling of a 'sliding' outer skin.

Another thing we love about the Realcock 2 is that you can customize the skin color of the dildo. However, the downside to the Realcock 2 is that it is quite expensive! This dildo is a serious investment, but it's perfect if you feel that this exclusive, high-grade model is the cock of your dreams.

the boss dildo

Dildo by Fun Factory offers a great alternative to the Realcock (which some may find too expensive) and a brand like King Cock, which may be somewhat limited in design. The Boss Dildo design offers a natural curve to help ensure G-Spot pleasure, and it's made from 100% medical-grade silicone. This particular model is sizeable enough for pronounced penetration, but it's flared base makes it great for anal sex as well. The price is a bit higher than the other models, but considering the quality, we feel it is worth it!


Ah, yes, the vibrating dildo! This wonderful toy from Tantus comes with all of the bells and whistles; a vibrating bullet and a suction cup base that is also harness compatible. Made from premium silicone, it's great for your body and also easy to clean and disinfect, as you can boil it in water or even through it in your dishwasher. It's realistic appeal rates high to include veins, pores, and even skin wrinkles! While it is not as fully customizable as the RealCock 2, this model comes in three different skin colors. Also, the price point is still reasonable, considering the sophistication of this toy.

Lifelike Lover Luxe Realistic Silicone Dildo 6 Inch

This is one of the more affordable dildos on the market while still maintaining it's 'realistic' integrity. We love this item because it's made of body-safe silicone and can be used for both vaginal and anal penetration while still offering a suction cup base for solo, hands-free action. If you are new to dildos and want to try something more introductory, we recommend this toy for 6 inches of excitement.


In reviewing some of the best realistic dildos, our final recommendation goes to The Boss Dildo by Fun Factory. The price point fits well with the quality. The versatility of the design offers a range of intimate play; either by yourself or with a partner. Invest in an item that will offer sexy enjoyment but that is also safe and easy to care for.