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5 Best Tentacle Dildos for a Hentai Octopus Fetish

These days, sex toys and especially dildos, are becoming more inventive and creative. If you are a fan of Hentai or cosplay, you can find toys and dildos that will provide great pleasure while indulging your chosen fantasy. In particular, if you have a fetish for octopus tentacles and want to explore Hentai play, we invite you to explore the world of tentacle toys and learn more about the best tentacle dildos for exciting sexual stimulation.

What is a Tentacle Fetish?

The fantasy of engaging in tentacle sex might be niche, but it's far from uncommon. A tentacle fetish is derived from Japanese porn and ancient erotica drawings that combine conventional sex acts with elements of kinky fantasies, such as an octopus penetrating a woman with its tentacles.

A tentacle fetish or octopus sex is often portrayed in Hentai, which is short for Hentai Seiyoku. Hentai is a Japanese style of porn that depicts what is referred to as 'perverse sexual desires.' Hentai is usually animated and can incorporate elements such as bestiality, octopus-like penetration, and tentacle stimulation.

Hentai porn

For some people, Hentai porn may be too extreme or even too unrealistic, but those who enjoy Hentai may be drawn into the fantasy of animated sex. Some viewers want or need more exaggerated forms of visual stimulation during sex.

Regardless of how one feels about Hentai, an octopus fetish is a real thing that can be satisfied by incorporating a tentacle dildo into sex or kink play. One could even reenact some Hentai tentacle scenes into sex! As long as the sex toys and dildos used are consensual between partners, one should be free to live out their favorite fantasy and include body-safe tentacle dildos for pleasurable stimulation.

What Is A Tentacle Dildo?

A tentacle dildo is a sex toy similar to a regular dildo in that it is used for vaginal or anal penetration. However, unlike more traditional dildos that are shaped to represent a penis (check out the most realistic dildos) or possess more of a phallic form, tentacle dildos can offer all kinds of different shapes and sizes that go beyond the style of male genitalia, such as octopus tentacles or dragons tail.

A textured sex toy

Tentacle dildos possess a more textured design, emulating the suction cups that are dotted along tentacles. These bumps and ridges can provide much pleasure during penetrative sex as the textures can offer increased g spot stimulation.

If you are into cosplay or hentai tentacle porn, you may enjoy using a tentacle dildo. Even if you are looking for a new dildo style or a different type of sex toy, tentacle dildos offer an interesting alternative and unique design.

Purpose of Using A Tentacle Dildo

It should go without saying that the purpose of sex toys, in general, is for pleasure, and the same goes for tentacle dildos. Whether they are for anal or vaginal use, dildos are inserted into the body and are used to penetrate and sometimes stimulate the g-spot or the prostate.

However, in most cases, dildos tend to look the same. They are usually shaped like a penis or come in a phallic shape. Most dildos also have a smooth tapered tip. But if you think that all sex toys or dildos are created equally, they are not! Just look at these animal themed dildos, canine dildos or horse dildos for instance. 

An excellent example of ingenuity and creativity within a sex toy is the tentacle dildo. But you are probably asking yourself, how does a tentacle dildo differ, and why would I use this sex toy as opposed to a more traditional dildo?

Fulfill your tentacle fantasy

To start, tentacle dildos evoke a sense of imagination and are fun to use! If you are exploring the Hentai fantasy of tentacle sex, using one invites play and creativity into the bedroom (and beyond!).

Also, a tentacle dildo illustrates that not all forms of sex or penetration require a penis (or that looks like one), which is great for queer couples. For example, a tentacle dildo may resonate more strongly with lesbian couples or with people who don't identify with the gender binary.

Hit the spot

As mentioned earlier, a tentacle dildo is far more textured than a traditional dildo which means added stimulation while one is using it for play. The bumps and ridges found along a tentacle dildo can easily arouse all of the nerves inside the body.

And while these sex toys come in different sizes, this adult toy's curve design makes it easy to hit the g-spot, delivering some of the best and intense sensations when used during sex.

How To Use A Tentacle Dildo

Like any penetrative sex toy, you will want to use lube, so have that handy. You will probably want to select a water-based lube, although that depends on the material of your sex toy. For a silicone tentacle dildo (silicone our favorite sex toy material!), water-based lube is exactly the right kind.

Because of the textures that are designed along the length of this sex toy, lube is essential to the tentacle dildo experience. Even if you are someone who lubricates naturally, the bumps and ridges could irritate slightly, especially when first introduced to the vagina.

More than just the tip!

Begin by slowly inserting the tip. A tentacle sex toy usually starts off with a smooth tapered tip and becomes more girthy, so you can experiment with depth of penetration, depending on your body.

As you move it in and out of your vagina or anus, you may notice the suction cup ends, arousing the internal nerves. You can swirl it around and play until you discover the best form of pleasure.

Benefits of Using a Tentacle Dildo

A tentacle dildo can provide the same amount of pleasure as a traditional dildo but with added features that make using this toy particularly great during play. Let's examine some of the benefits of owning a tentacle dildo and why you need to use one on your body.

Suction Cup Stimulation

One of the great features of this toy is the small suction cups that align along the shaft of the dildo tentacle. Depending on the length or style of your toy, these suction cups may be found around the entire circumference of the dildo or only on one side of the shaft.

When the tip is inserted, the suction cups provide extra stimulation inside your body. So unlike a smooth dildo, a tentacle toy is made to provide the best type of penetrative arousal that feels safe, even if you are using it for anal play.

This dildo makes you use your imagination!

Sometimes we need to switch things up in the bedroom (and beyond!), and this toy makes it easy to get creative during intimacy. With a tentacle dildo, you can use your imagination to explore different scenarios or role-play, either with a partner or alone with your own body. This dildo opens up the mind to different erotic possibilities and fantasies that will surely provide pleasure.

A tentacle dildo makes G-spot arousal easier.

Because of the way the dildo tentacle curves, this toy provides the best type of penetrative stimulation and g-spot stimulation. Depending on the size and insertable length of your dildo, one can reach all of the sensitive nooks and crannies.

It not only feels different inside your body than a standard dildo, but the tentacle shape also makes it fun to use. We also love the fact that most tentacle toys are safe to use during anal play.

Popular Styles of Tentacle Dildos

A tentacle dildo can not only look like some kind of fantasy creature. It also comes in different sizes, and you can also choose your favorite material, making this a truly versatile item. With so many options available, you can surely find the best tentacle dildo to suit your body. A tentacle dildo is not only safe, but it also provides pleasure, hitting the spot that you need it to!

Silicone Tentacle Dildo

When it comes to intimate items, our favorite material is silicone. A silicone tentacle is one popular style that is safe for your body; it's also an easy material to clean, and it feels so soft to the touch! One example of a brand that creates tentacle dildos made from silicone material is Bad Dragon.

Bad Dragon dildos (and others that are made from body-safe silicone) are great because the texture of the toys feels both soft and firm, which creates a more realistic sensation. With a soft, silicone adult toy, you will want to pair it with water-based lube, as other lubes can wear down the material.

Glass Tentacle Dildos

A glass dildo is another great material to use on the body. While the idea of inserting a glass dildo may make some people nervous, glass is perfectly safe. Also, like silicone, glass material is easy to clean.

You can use a glass dildo for both anal and vaginal penetration. And one of the best features of a glass tentacle dildo, aside from it being a firm toy, is that a glass tentacle dildo is aesthetically pleasing. Like all toys, a glass dildo can come in any color, but a clear, transparent dildo is exceptionally beautiful.

The Lovehoney Tentacle Dildo is one example of a popular glass tentacle dildo on the market. And like silicone, glass is body-safe and can be easily sterilized to disinfect the toy completely. This is a great item, particularly for anal play, because the tip curves into a hook so that the toy can be pulled out safely.

However, while glass tentacle dildos feature textured suction cups along the length of the shaft, they typically do not offer a suction cup at the base of the dildo (known as suction cup dildos). This means that a glass dildo is best used for manual pleasure, as opposed to a hands-free experience.

Octopus Tentacle Dildos

An octopus tentacle dildo-otherwise referred to as a Hentai tentacle dildo- definitely falls into the realm of fantasy, as it is made to resemble this well-known sea creature. Depending on the style or brand, an octopus or Hentai dildo is made so that the tip is more tapered while the shaft expands to become larger in size at the base.

One of the best features of an octopus dildo is, of course, the suction cups that cascade along the length of the shaft, covering the entire circumference. Not only do these textured cups look amazing, but they also offer a great source of pleasure for the user.

Octopus dildos can come in any color, and usually, the color of the toy is quite magnificent! You will often find interesting shades or color combinations that offer something more unique than a standard sex toy.

Octopus dildos can come in any material, offering variations in firmness and texture. That said, we always recommend a body-safe toy that is made from soft silicone or glass.

Anal Tentacle Dildo

Tentacle dildos are great for anal play! As long as the dildo features a flared base, it can be is specifically used for anal insertion. All dildos need to have a flared bottom if you want to use it for anal penetration-otherwise the toy could get lost inside the cavity.

An anal tentacle dildo is made to look like the other styles noted above, including textures along the circumference. And aside from the need to feature a flared base, there is not much difference between a dildo used for vaginal or anal penetration, although anal dildos may offer a shorter insertable length.

The pleasure that comes from using an anal toy is that it can be used to hit the prostate as opposed to the g-spot. Firmness is an important factor because the dildo will need to have more structure. Again, we recommend choosing a silicone dildo because it is safer to use on the body and easier to clean and disinfect.

How to Choose the Perfect Tentacle Dildo

Choosing the best tentacle dildo can be tough because there are so many interesting options available. Below is all of the information you need to consider before purchasing your tentacle dildo.


The firmness of your dildo is important because when it comes to (vaginal or anal) penetration, a firm toy makes insertion easier. Ideally, the best tentacle dildo will have enough firmness so that when you ease it inside of an intimate orifice, it maintains its shape. Firmness is particularly important in a dildo that will be used to penetrate the anus.

That said, the firmness of the toy shouldn't be rock hard. There should still some soft flexibility to the item so that it offers comfort and pleasure. Concerning firmness, the material of the dildo can also dictate how firm your toy will be.


A tentacle dildo can be made from various materials. However, when given the option, we always suggest opting for a silicone dildo because silicone makes a toy both soft and firm. Silicone is also easy to clean and can be easily paired with a water-based lube.

Glass is another favorite material for much of the same reasons that we love silicone dildos. While glass is not exactly soft per se, it does provide a smooth surface which makes penetration easier and comfortable. Glass is also an easy material to clean.

Other materials can include rubber or plastic, although these materials are far less desirable when it comes to choosing an intimate item.

Insertable Length

Like other aspects, the length and size of a tentacle toy can vary. Typically, dildos that are used for the vagina (that do not feature a flared base) may offer a longer size, whereas a dildo that is being inserted into the anus may have a shorter insertable length. The main reason to consider the insertable length is that the size can determine how it will hit the p-spot or g-spot.


One of the features that make a tentacle toy stand out is, of course, its textured suction cups that curve along the circumference of the dildo. These textures are not the easiest to clean, but they are what makes this item so unique and pleasurable.

Another key characteristic of the tentacle dildo is that it doesn't resemble human genitalia. For fans of Hentai or even cosplay, the tentacle-like octopus features offer a major draw towards this toy.


Tentacle toys can have some of the most beautiful color combinations! Unlike a standard black or red or pink dildo, a tentacle dildo can come in either plain or multi-color designs, but they are usually created using more unusual shades, such as green and blue. For many, the vibrant and versatile colors along the circumference are what attracts consumers to this item.

How To Properly Clean A Tentacle Dildo

To clean a tentacle dildo, you will need to be thorough. That is because the textured cups that are spotted along the circumference make this dildo harder to clean.

Depending on the material of the dildo, you can use warm water and antibacterial soap, paying close attention to the crevices where fluids can collect. For toys made of soft silicone or glass, you can also boil the dildo to disinfect it. If your dildo is made from more porous material, make sure that it is completely dry before using it. Otherwise, moisture can cause bacteria to grow.

Recommendations of the Best Tentacle Dildos

1. Lovehoney Tentacle Textured Glass Dildo

Lovehoney Tentacle Textured Sensual Glass Dildo

The Lovehoney Tentacle dildo is a beautiful glass item that comes in a lovely pink color. We love the curve at the bottom, which is perfect for penetrating the anus, and the swirling shaft is designed for excellent g-spot stimulation. It is compatible with all lubes, and the glass model allows for exciting temperature play.

2. Fuck Muscle Feeler Tentacle Dildo 6 Inches

The Fuck Muscle Feeler may look a bit intimidating, but those large tentacle suckers along the shaft deliver intense and pleasurable sensations! The flared suction cup base is perfect for hands-free play, and like the Lovehoney dildo, the Fuck Muscle Feeler can also be used to penetrate the anus.

We also love that the Fuck Muscle is made from silicone, making it someone soft and safe. Pair this Feeler with your favorite water-based lube for maximum enjoyment.

3. Sinnovator Cthulhu Tentacle Platinum Silicone Dildo 7 Inches

This unique, intimate item offers both an impressive size and design, which incorporate a beautiful duo-color scheme. The shape is like nothing we've seen before, with plenty of textures, ribbing, and veins. The silicone is pliable enough to contour inside your orifices but firm enough to hit those erotic spots!

The Sinnovator is a handcrafted, girthy dildo that can also double as art.

4. Sinnovator Kraken Double Tentacle Depth Training Platinum Silicone Dildo 23.5 Inches

Unlike the Cthulhu, the Kraken model is quite long and thin, offering 23 inches of length. It is less girthy than the other dildos, but the twisted, double tentacle design is full of amazing suckers and ridges that offer an incredible amount of internal stimulation.

The medical-grade silicone is soft enough to offer a comfortable fit, and the blue and green color scheme is incredibly eye-catching!

5. Tentacle Hentai Dildo

Tentacle Hentai Dildo

This gorgeous tentacle dildo will fulfill all of your Hentai fantasies. The marbled turquoise and purple colors are exquisite; geek lovers will definitely love to display this item out in the open to admire in between uses.

We love that this tentacle dildo offers both substantial girth and length. The Hentai model is 9.5 inches long, and the circumference at its widest point is 6.5 inches. Like all tentacle items, there are small suckers and ridges along the shaft, although the design of this dildo is not quite as textured as the Sinnovator models.

Made from 100% silicone, the Tentacle Hentai dildo will hit the g-spot while providing a delicious sensation of fullness. While more costly than the other models, this dildo provides good value considering its quality.

Conclusion of the Best Tentacle Dildo

In reviewing the best models available, our pick as the best tentacle dildo goes to Tentacle Hentai Dildo. The look and design of this dildo are both beautiful and unique, while the size and shape are perfect for any user, from beginners and beyond!

We hope this guide has helped highlight the best tentacle dildos there are to choose from, as well as understand this quirky satisfaction tool.