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Best Chastity Cages: 5 Cock Cage Devices [2023]

If you are interested in sexuality or BDSM practices, you may be puzzled by the idea of a chastity cage. After all, aren't sex toys supposed to be about receiving pleasure, rather than denying yourself of it? However, for some men, the idea of wearing a chastity device is a highly erotic experience. If the idea of wearing a male chastity device appeals to you, below is everything you need to know about the purpose and features, in addition to information about the best chastity cages that are available to consumers.

If you are new to such equipment, it's also important to mention that you don't necessarily need to subscribe to a particular sexual identity (such as being submissive) to enjoy wearing a cock cage. Some users may find identity with some BDSM-inspired vernacular, but every male has his own reasons for wanting to wear a cage. Embrace your curiosity and allow yourself the freedom to explore such devices with an open and non-judgmental mind.

Quick Glance: Top Chastity Cages

Our Top Choice
Master Series Solitary Stainless Steel Locking Chastity Cage

Master Series Solitary Locking Cage

Overall Rating: 5/5


Fetish Fantasy Extreme Belt

Overall Rating: 4.5/5


Pipedream Anal Fantasy Elite Ass-Gasm Cock Blocker

Overall Rating: 4/5

What Is A Chastity Cage?

Chastity cages are contraptions that essentially lock up your flaccid penis to prevent an erection, as well as any sexual activity, including masturbation. These somewhat niche sex toys are literally shaped like a cage, with a slight bend in the design, for the penis to fit inside comfortably.

The cock cage also comes with a lock and key. Within the context of a true Dominant/submissive role, the Dominant is the person who holds the key to the chastity cage, assuming control over the person who is wearing the male chastity cage.

Depending on the scene and perimeters of play, only the Dominant can unlock the male from the cage. This is usually determined by a set of boundaries and safe words negotiated between the Dominant and submissive.

Chastity devices come in various sizes, usually ranging from smallest to largest, based on penis size. Also, cock cages are not the only form of male chastity toys. Male chastity can also present in such forms as belts or can be egg-shaped. Some more high-tech devices even look like a typical household lockbox that requires a Bluetooth app to unlock the code.

Are Chastity Cages Safe?

In general, chastity cages are safe and secure sex toys. While the denial of sexual play or orgasms may result in some slight physical discomfort or consensual, psychological frustration, it's quite rare that a male chastity device will cause any serious damage, temporary or otherwise.

So go ahead; give in to the sweet torture of delayed gratification and put your pleasure in the hands of your partner! With your penis tucked away in a cage, under the protection of your lover, you can truly experience the ecstasy of denial (with a powerful release waiting for you, at the end!).

How Does A Chastity Cage Work?

Slipping your penis inside a male chastity cage sounds simple enough, but the process may be a bit more involved than using your average sex toy. And while it is perfectly acceptable to use a chastity belt or cage device as a solo user, it might be better to have your partner present as the designated key holder to have the optimal chastity experience.

Use Caution and Listen To Your Body

Depending on the design of your chastity cage, there may be a few different steps to dismantling your chastity device. Like any sex toy, review the instructions first and remember to be careful when wrapping the cage around your genitals.

Go slowly and remember that while the chastity cage is supposed to feel limiting (part of the appeal!), it should never hurt. Be mindful of any physical pain, which will feel much differently than slight discomfort.

Anatomy of Chastity Devices

chastity device anatomy

Your cock cage or chastity belt comes with a few different parts. First, there is the molded shaft that holds the penis. This is the part of the cage that you slip your cock into. Except for a hole at the end to allow urination and some openings along the shaft to provide ventilation, the shaft is primarily an enclosed area. It can be fully closed or partially closed, depending on the make of your sex toy.

When looking at the parts of a chastity device, it has been noted that the pieces of the belts and cages interlock together, similar to a puzzle. For example, one popular cage model- the CB-600 brand- includes a few different elements, making it tricky at first and adding to the structure of the design.

Secondly, your cage will include a multi-piece ring (in the case of the CB-6000 model, the ring comes in three pieces) that goes through the penis and around the testicles to lock the device. The locking pin then goes through the ring's hole, securing the cages' structure in place.

Third, every male chastity device includes a padlock or a locking system of some kind. The padlock can also be purchased individually unless it is part of the overall design, as is the case with more high-tech devices that may incorporate apps or Bluetooth.

Why Use a Chastity Cage?

The choice to explore male chastity may be quite a niche experience for some people. Still, there are surprisingly erotic elements to those who decide to lock up their penis in a cock cage, especially if you decide to hand over the keys for an indefinite period of time to your partner.

Keeping important factors, such as safety and consent in mind, goes without saying that you should only experiment with chastity cages with someone you trust. Always make sure to negotiate safe words and boundaries before you begin your journey.

Loss Of Control

The biggest appeal for those who enjoy wearing male chastity devices is experiencing a loss of control. Obviously, for men who are self-described control freaks,' male chastity devices may not be best suited to them. However, for those who love the thrill of putting both their genitals and their pleasure in the hands of someone else, this can be quite exciting.

There is also the added element of giving oneself to another, allowing another person to make decisions on their behalf, and relinquishing their power to their partner. This mentality aligns well with Dominant/submissive roles, with male chastity being an extension of this power exchange.

An Increase in Sex Drive

For men who have a lower libido, wearing a cock cage may actually increase one's sex drive. While the idea of a restrictive sex toy sounds contradictory, there is a psychological component to wearing a cock cage that can inspire arousal. As the old saying goes, you always want what you can't have!

Someone who experiences a low(er) libido does not necessarily mean that they are not interested in sex at all. While every person is different in their desires, some men may need more intense stimulation to become inspired. And sometimes, there is no better way to pique the erotic imagination than by removing access to one's genitals.

It has been said that the brain is our biggest sex organ. Regardless of your gender identity, desire is cerebral, and if you can manifest passion through an experience of enforced denial, then all the more power to you!

Caged Desire

Wearing a cock cage is not only thrilling for the male in chastity, but it can also be an exciting experience for the keyholder. This is an excellent opportunity to up the ante as far as introducing kink play to your relationship.

Wearing a chastity device may not be best for the faint of heart or those who have no interest in exchanging power. But if your lover is keen on assuming responsibility for your sexual urges and you consent to gifting them with control over your penis, then the pairing of these two complementary desires may ignite an intense flame of passion!

And contrary to some beliefs, some men are still able to cum while wearing a cock cage. Depending on the person, this could vary from leaking a bit or a lot of precum to a full-blown orgasm. At first, the male does not want to cum or cum too quickly (hence their reason for wearing a chastity cage), but the arousal can become overwhelming after some time.

The keyholder can also tease and stimulate the male through the cage, intensifying the erotic sensations. Some techniques can include performing oral through the cage, using a vibrator against the cage's surface, ass-play, or full-on pegging. For the keyholder, the tease is part of their thrill, and for the wearer of the chastity device, it provides a whole new level of titillation.

What Does The Key-Holder Need To Know?

best cock cage

Being in charge of male chastity and acting as the keyholder of a cock cage carries a lot of responsibility. There are some essential factors to consider before assuming this task.

Whether you are acting as the keyholder for someone who is only briefly in chastity or responsible for a male chastity device in more of a long-term scenario, below are some points to think about, as far as your role in maintaining control in contributing towards the best male chastity experience.


As the keyholder, it is your responsibility to instill trust and create a safe environment while your male partner is chastity. After all, you're the one who will be granted power over his genitals!

Discussions around safewords, boundaries, and the duration of time for the wearer of the cock cage are paramount in developing a safe form of a power exchange that will offer a mutually-beneficial experience.

Besides creating psychological stability, you should also make sure that the chastity device is a high-quality item that is secure and safe to wear. Examine the product and check for any defaults that may cause physical harm.

Denial is Desired

While you assume the keyholder's more dominant role, your authority will be tested, and you will need to enforce denial, especially when your partner begs to be released from his male chastity device.

Remember that it is your responsibility to remain firm, but it can be easier when you consider the fact that your partner wanted to wear his cock cage and he wants you to deny him access to his penis. He is already aware that he is not disciplined enough to maintain control, so you are being granted this power; saying no is just as much for him as it is for you.

If you are concerned that the cage is becoming uncomfortable, especially if he has been wearing it long term, that is the perfect opportunity for him to utilize his safewords. Otherwise, don't cave under pressure!

Enjoy The Tease!

If you have never assumed a dominant role before, this is your chance to get pleasure from being the keyholder of his male chastity device. With the key to his pleasure in your hands, your caged partner will probably do whatever you want (within the confines of your boundaries) to please you-the stakes are high!

Take this opportunity to tease him through his cock cage and make sure he knows who is in charge. You can also play around with requesting certain tasks in exchange for some breathing room from his cage (as long as he deserves it!). Have fun in your role and empower yourself with the confidence in knowing that he loves when you exercise control; make it a pleasurable experience for yourself.

Keep Him Guessing

The best way to maintain the element of surprise is to take breaks from your dominant persona. This is especially important in a long-term chastity scenario because trying to remain in a specific headspace over a long period of time can be exhausting.

Even if your partner decides to keep his penis locked up, you can ease up on the demands. Allowing yourself breaks will not only increase your partner's desire for more tease and denial, but it will also provide you with time in between sessions to think of creative ways to indulge your own power exchange fantasies.

This is a Shared Fantasy

As the keyholder to his cock cage, your role is essential in providing your partner with the best chastity experience. But your role is equally important, so it's good to remember that incorporating cock cages into intimate play is a shared fantasy.

For this type of tease and denial to stimulate both players, the keyholder needs to fulfill her fantasies in this scenario. The male wearing the cage doesn't call the shots, and he should be willing to relinquish his power (within the negotiated boundaries of consent) and resist the urge to 'top from the bottom.' In other words, respect the role of the keyholder because, without her, you might not be able to resist unlocking yourself while in chastity!

The keyholder should feel free to have fun and play within her role instead of feeling like an obligation or a burden. For the keyholder, if the idea of locking up your partner in a cage is not desirable for you on any level, then this concept might not be best for you and your partner.

Chastity Cage Fitting and Sizing

Sizing male chastity cages

Male chastity devices are not one size fits all! They come in a range of sizing, which is important for overall comfort and safety. But how does one get fitted for a cock cage?

Chastity cages come with a sizing chart, so upon researching your desired device, you can review the chart to see what size is best to fit your penis. However, there are few steps that you need to adhere to first.


To choose the right size, you will first need to measure yourself. Not only do you need to measure the length and width of your penis, but you will also need to take measurements of the scrotum as well. For the most exact measurements, be sure to use a tape measure. Also, it's important to keep in mind that your penis will need to be flaccid when you take the first set of measurements.

Below are the numbers of measurements that you will need to record. When using a tape measure, do not wrap the tape too tightly around the penis; make sure that there is enough room to slide a finger underneath, and also there is room to account for space inside for when you become erect.

  • First, measure the diameter around your penis from the base, including the thickest part of your penis.
  • Second, determine the total length from the base of your penis to the tip. For this measurement, ensure that you include some extra room so that your penis isn't bumping up against the end of the cage, which can cause pain and chafing.
  • Third, you will need to measure your scrotum for the ring size, which will need to slide over your penis and testicles.

While you are taking such measurements, it is also suggested that you repeat these steps when your penis is also erect. You must include your penis size for when you are both flaccid and also erect.

In addition, you can also try sleeping with a secured piece of measuring tape around your genitals. That way, you can get a sense of how the cock cage will fit best while you are sleeping.

Because many men like to sleep while their penis is locked inside their cage, you will want to determine if or how your penis size may change throughout the night.

Suppose you notice that the tape around your scrotum feels tight, or if you wake up in the middle of the night with some discomfort, you will then know how to adjust the sizing appropriately. It's always best to figure these issues out ahead of time before you purchase.

Cleaning your cage

Like any intimate item, it's imperative that you keep your cock cage clean and hygienic. In order to have the best experience while wearing a chastity device, it's recommended to use a high-quality cage so that it is easy to clean.

The preferred cleaning method will ultimately depend on what your device is made of. That said, most cock cages can be wiped down with an antibacterial wipe or with alcohol. If it's made from plastic or for cages with a more enclosed shape, it's crucial to wipe down any hidden crevices that may be hosting germs or remnants of bodily fluids.

The best material is surgical steel or stainless steel because you can sterilize it in boiling water. Boiling your stainless steel device will remove harmful bacteria and microorganisms. If you are someone who enjoys wearing your cage for days on end, make sure that you clean and sterilize it as often as you can, or your keyholder will permit.

Regardless of the material or design, ensure that regular cleaning and disinfecting of your chastity cage part of your routine. Also, always check that any cleaning products or methods do not compromise the cage's material. If you notice that the surfaces begin to look worn or cracked, consider replacing your cage to avoid any discomfort.

How To Choose The Right Chastity Cage

There are many chastity cages available, and choosing the best male chastity cage can be tricky-especially for beginners. Below are some aspects of cock cages that you may want to consider before making your purchase.


Chastity cages come in a wide assortment of materials, ranging from stainless steel to high-quality silicone. The type of material that you decide on will dictate your cleaning method and determine the design of your device.

Many men prefer surgical or stainless steel cages because of the look and feel that this material provides. Not only does a stainless steel device resemble a cage, but the cold metal sensations also enhance the experience that men look for when deciding upon the best chastity cage. For men who are into chastity, being locked up inside a metal frame is psychological as it is aesthetically pleasing.

However, you can also choose between other high-quality materials that offer a sturdy fit that still aligns well with chastity cages' restrictive nature. Such materials can include resin, plastic, and silicone.


When it comes to comfort, not all cages are created equally! For example, steel chastity devices offer a caged look and feel, but they may be a bit more uncomfortable for the user. However, for some men, this is actually part of the appeal. As long as the user is not experiencing any physical pain or extreme sensations, a bit of discomfort may actually add to the erotic nature of the cage.

If you are looking for a device that fits more comfortably, cages made from silicone and resin may be a better option. In particular, silicone cages are softer, more flexible, and tend to feel more like real skin. So as opposed to feeling like your cock is in a cage, a silicone or resin device may provide a feeling of being confined but nothing too extreme.

If you are new to chastity and prefer to experiment with different comfort levels, it may be best to explore designs and materials that ease you into the idea of chastity until you are prepared to venture into a more extreme form of restriction.

Pee Holes

chastity cage pee hole

While cock cages can come in an assortment of materials, shapes, and designs, every device will allow urine to be released from the penis.

However, while wearing a cage, you will probably need to sit instead of standing in order to pee, and it's also important to note that urine has been known to spray in various directions, depending on the design. This can be an embarrassing situation (although within the context of D/s play, sometimes humiliation is part of the arousal!).

Some cock cages include a urethra rod that goes inside the pee hole of the penis. This is definitely a more extreme version and is not necessarily recommended for new users. There are a few purposes of the urethra rod; some users find that it can offer additional stimulation, while some keyholders like to incorporate a rod to increase dominance and even punishment.

When incorporating a urethra rod into your device, be sure to use caution. For some men, this is an exciting addition to chastity, but it could also damage the pee hole or penis. As with any kink or intimate act, go slow, establish boundaries and always use your safe words.

Recommendations Of Chastity Cages

If you are looking for a chastity device, check out the reviews below of our favorite cock cages on the market. Each device offers something different for the user, which might help decide which of the selected cock cages are best for you!

1. Fetish Fantasy Extreme Chastity Belt


This device is the perfect option for both beginners and more experienced users alike. Made from metal with an attachable waist strap, it offers a secure lock at a price point that will please any kinky consumer.


The Anal Elite Silicone Ass-Gasm offers a silicone chastity cage and provides a butt plug for those who want additional anal stimulation. With its multitude of features, this cock cage is a deluxe design, available for a reasonable cost.

Master Series Rikers Stainless Steel Locking Chastity Cage

Made from stainless steel, this metal chastity device is a closed design that provides enough solid weight to prevent erections and penile growth. While more expensive, this quality cage offers a safe but restrictive experience for the discerning customer.

Master Series Detained Stretchy Soft Chastity Cage

This flexible chastity device is perfect for beginners who want to experiment with cages. It's made from soft rubber, which can encase the penis for a restrictive feel and allows for easy ejaculation if the urge hits! The design lands on the more permissive spectrum, with an accessible cost to match.

Master Series Solitary Stainless Steel Locking Chastity Cage

We love this stainless steel device as the model is more in line with a traditional cock contraption. It offers a comfortable, open-ended design while still providing enough weight to provide a confined feel. If you are a fan of cold, hard steel, you will enjoy being locked up in full, metal chastity. In addition, the cost of the product aligns perfectly with the high-quality make of this product.

Commonly Asked Questions

What to do if you lost the key?

This could be a bit of dilemma. It all depends on the material of the device and whether it's easy enough to just break it off. You'll find this shouldn't be an issue with a silicone or plastic cage, just be very careful when trying to break the lock apart. If you're dealing with metal or something much more difficult to break, first thing you could do is contact the manufacturer and try and get express shipping of the key. If this isn't possible, it's recommended to go the Emergency Room. This may be a bit embarrassing but is the safest option.

Can you sleep with a cock cage on?

This really depends on the individual. It isn't recommended by most people for various reasons. It can cause difficulty sleeping, discomfort, chafing, and can even be painful for some men. But one of the biggest issues is the random erections and blood flow restriction. However, some men have no issue at all wearing a cock cage while they sleep, especially if you use the measuring tips we've provided above and opt for a larger sized device.

Can you wear a cock cage all day?

In general, yes, you can wear it all day. However, just as it's not recommended to wear during sleep, it's not a great idea to wear a cock cage for long periods of time. Wearing it during the day isn't an issue, and the key here will be fitting it in to your lifestyle. Keep in mind, comfort and the materials if you are planning to wear it all day. Remember, extreme pain for long periods of time = no good. Minor discomfort = ok, if that's what floats your boat. Also, be mindful that some designs and metal materials will make it quite obvious while out in public. If you don't want anyone noticing you're wearing this device, you will need to opt for a low profile design.


Our favorite pick as the best chastity cage is the Master Series Solitary Stainless Steel Locking Chastity Cage in reviewing various chastity devices. We love the easy-to-clean steel material and the merciless look of a traditional cage. This product provides both quality and value. Whether you are new to chastity or incorporate this kink into your everyday life, you will love this design (and so will your keyholder!)

That's a wrap on our five best chastity cages and everything you need to know to get started with these denial devices.