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Best Dildos for Men: Top 5 Male Dildos for P-Spot Stimulation

When many of us think about dildos, we equate these popular sex toys with women. However, many men also enjoy this familiar sex toy, and in examining men's sexuality and desires, we will discuss the best dildos for men to explore. 

In addition to various anal toys and male dildos, we will also look at materials, safety, and hygiene to offer the best anal sex toy experience. Whether you are merely curious or would like to enhance your anal play, there are new and wonderful toys available for men to use during sex.

What Are Male Dildos?

When you think about the shapes and uses of dildos-particularly with anal dildos-how exactly does a male dildo compare to a dildo that a woman uses? What are some differences and similarities to this sex toy?

Anal toys for all!

First, the great thing about anal toys, like dildos and even a butt plug is that anyone can use them because everyone has an anus; anal probes are an equalizer among sex toys! Unfortunately, throughout history, mainstream society has villainized anal enjoyment for men, and this limited perspective has resulted in less promotion for dildos for men. 

That said, men's and women's bodies vary internally, especially in the anal cavity. A dildo for men may possess a slightly different shape, which will help with prostate stimulation, as the sex toy presses against the p-spot. 

Slim and Tapered Stimulation

Even though most dildos can be used by any gender, dildos for men are designed for specific anal pleasure in mind. Most men who use anal sex toys prefer a small, bulbous head or a slim, tapered shaft, and it's been noted that anal sex is also enjoyed during masturbation. 

Why Do Men Use Dildos?

Regardless of one's sexual orientation, many men enjoy anal play via the use of anal dildos. As a butt plug, using a dildo for men will aid in prostate stimulation as the toy is pushed against the p-spot. But why is this enjoyable, specifically for men?

The prostate (p-spot) gland in men is comparable to the g-spot in women; it's a walnut-sized gland which is located between the penis and bladder, right in front of the rectum. When the prostate is stimulated, it can provide intense sensations due to the sensitive nerve endings around the gland. 


Using an anal toy, such as a dildo for men, can arouse the p-spot, and while this is hardly a new revelation, there is often a stigma associated with men who want to use an anal dildo. However, since we already know that a dildo can stimulate the g-spot in women, it's only natural that men should be afforded the same consideration during sex. 

A male dildo will help men reach the p-spot more efficiently to enjoy deliciously pleasurable anal sensations during sex. Whether you have a partner or not (and regardless of your sexual orientation), you can indulge in p-spot stimulation either with a lover or via manual use. 

More confidence during sex

Another advantage to incorporating dildos into intimacy is that these toys can help build sexual confidence in men as they become more comfortable with their bodies. Men have typically been conditioned to be 'givers' of pleasure, as opposed to 'receivers,' which led to a bit of disconnect regarding satisfaction and confidence. 

Just as women have been encouraged to become more empowered sexually-particularly through learning about the bodies through stimulating the g-spot-men can also gain the same type of liberation and confidence through understanding what brings them arousal. One of the best ways to discover oneself is experimenting with a toy, such as an anal dildo.

How Do Dildos For Men Work?

Dildos for Gay Men

In general, dildos are quite versatile in the way they can be used. In the same way that women would use this toy, men can also incorporate dildos into play by various means. 

Finesse with foreplay

Like most intimate acts, the best male dildo experience begins with foreplay. Since some people can be nervous about experimenting with new forms of anal penetration, you can start with relaxing the opening of the anus.

If you have a partner, rimming (licking around the outside of the anus) can be a fun way to heat things, as can teasing the area with a finger. Once the 'Bottom' is calm and aroused, the 'Top' could try and insert a finger inside the anus or even use a different toy, such as a vibrator or a butt plug, to further intensify erotic sensations before moving on to a dildo.

If you are a solo player, you can also tease yourself to prepare for penetration. Anything from fingers to sensual objects like feathers or even a vibrating toy can be an enjoyable source of foreplay.

Lather on the lube

With any anal play, it is essential to incorporate lube when using toys, especially a dildo. Since dildos can come in various materials, the type of lube that you choose will be important in preserving the toy's integrity. 

For example, a dildo that comes in high-quality silicone will require a water-based lube. However, in comparison, a dildo made from glass can be paired with any type of lubricant, such as a silicone-based lube.

Unlike the vagina, the anal cavity is not self-lubricating, so it's crucial to apply lube to both the anus and your dildo, regardless if you are new to anal penetration or not. Lube will not only provide the best and most pleasurable experience, but it will also help make using a make dildo safer in your body.

Strap-on and suction cup fun

Male dildos can be used manually, or they can be paired with a strap-on. A fun way to enjoy the best, hands-free experience is to use a dildo with a suction cup base.

Suction Cup

The suction cup is attached to the bottom of the dildo, where it can be secured to a surface and rode anally by the user. A suction cup base is best used on a non-porous surface, such as ceramic or porcelain. You can even mount a suction cup vertically to a tiled shower wall.

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Enjoying a hands-free dildo experience is great, regardless if you are with a partner or not. Either way, having your hands free to explore can enhance sexual intimacy. 


Another way that men can use this toy is to pair it with a strap-on harness. Regardless of your sexual orientation, having a partner penetrate you with a dildo using a strap-on can be a thrilling adventure!

Incorporating a strap-on with your dildo allows your partner's hands to be free so that they can touch you and/or themselves. There is also an exciting exchange of power when one partner straps it on while the other remains the receiver of pleasure.

Many men fantasize about being 'pegged' when a woman penetrates her male partner with a dildo, using a strap-on (pegging dildo). For gay or queer men, the term 'Top' and 'bottom' denote who is the receiver and who is the giver.

Regardless, dildos for men have many versatile uses. If you are new to using a dildo, we encourage you to explore different variations, such as strap-on play or mounting the suction cup to a surface to enjoy hands-free pleasure.

Materials Used in Male Dildos

Guy Dildos

Dildos for men come in a wide variety of materials, some being more high-quality than others. We believe that the best male dildo is made from body-safe material, but there are many choices available for men to explore when seeking the perfect toy.


Jelly is a common material that is used in sex toys. It's made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and rubber, which makes it an inexpensive and accessible dildo to purchase. While jelly toys are easy to come across, they are not recommended, especially in dildos for men.

The issue with jelly is that it is a highly porous substance that can house bacteria, even when cleaned. Jelly also has a reputation for causing allergic reactions, and when you consider that a dildo may be used anally, the risk is not necessarily worth the cost.


Medical grade silicone is one of the best materials to be used in intimate products such as dildos. Silicone is non-porous, which means it's less susceptible to storing bacteria, and silicone can also be sterilized, which is perfect for anal penetration.

Silicone items are generally more expensive, but the quality and texture definitely add to the value. Also, silicone is soft to the touch, offering pleasurable sensations when used for penetration.


Glass is another common material. While the initial thought may sound scary, glass is extremely safe and durable. Glass dildos make wonderful intimate products for many reasons, especially anal exploration.

First, like silicone, glass is non-porous, making it easy to clean and also to sterilize. Like silicone, glass can be boiled in water to disinfect, which is especially important with a male dildo.

Second, if you want to heighten sensations and incorporate temperature play, glass is perfect because it can be cooled off by putting it into the fridge or freezer or warmed up by heating in hot water. To save money, you can even learn how to make an ice dildo instead. Just make sure that the temperature is still comfortable to the touch before inserting it into an orifice.

Third, glass dildos offer a smooth surface, making anal penetration even more comfortable. Additionally, glass items are beautiful to look at, and depending on the design of your male dildo, they can often appear as modern works of art!


Dildos made of wood are beautiful and unique, often hand-crafted by specialized artisans. Wood often doesn't get the exposure it deserves, but it's a great material to explore, especially when it comes to dildos.

The advantages to wood dildos are that they are made from natural, organic materials that absorb your body's natural temperature. Wood also offers a nice balance between the rigidity of glass and the pliability of rubber.

Wood dildos are exceptionally stunning, mainly due to the various grains and colors. They are often carved into one-of-a-kind designs so that every wood dildo is special and exclusive. Toy creators who make wooden items will never stain the surface, and most creators treat the wood with a simple and natural finish.

That said, it's important to exercise caution. Wood is a porous substance, even with a finish. Always make sure to carefully wash and dry your toy to avoid the absorption of moisture. And always choose a product that is well-reviewed and safe. Wood can be a wonderful material to use, but if the item has not been created or treated properly, it may not be safe on the body.


Softskin-or Cyberskin-is a synthetic material that can be constructed from a combination of plastic, rubber, or latex. Of all materials available on the market, Softskin offers the most realistic feeling and is perfect for looking for a realistic dildo.

Softskin is generally more expensive than other materials, but the look and feel are usually enough to justify the expense. A Softskin dildo is also easy to clean; simply wash with warm water and antibacterial soap. You can also use a toy cleaner to clean the surface.

One thing to note is that Softskin is a porous material, so it cannot be completely sterilized. To ensure safety, you should pair a Softskin dildo with a condom, and it's recommended to pair the dildo with a water-based lube.

How to Choose the Best Dildos for Men?

best male dildos

With all of the options available today, deciding on a male dildo can be tough. Whether you are looking for a realistic dildo or a more abstract style, below are some considerations when exploring features in a dildo for men.


If you are new to owning a male dildo, size is an important factor. Size can include aspects such as the insertable length and the girth of the item.

The overall length of an anal dildo for men ranges from about five to twelve inches, with a width between approximately one to two inches.

Our advice is to start small and work your way up to a dildo that feels comfortable as well as erotic.


A male dildo can come in a wide variety of shapes. If you prefer something more authentic, you can choose a realistic dildo designed to look like genitalia. However, particularly with glass items, you can also find more interesting shapes that don't necessarily appear 'realistic', but that can be enjoyed just the same.

One thing to consider is that a dildo for men should include a slight curve to form the body's contours. Better yet, a bulbous head will intensify prostate stimulation. That said, a tapered and slim shape is also great for men who are new to using a dildo.

Toy base

When it comes to dildos and anal play, the toy must come with a flared base. This will ensure that the item will not get lost inside your cavity.

As mentioned earlier, a suction cup base will not only provide a safe 'ride,' but it will also allow you to enjoy hands-free fun, particularly during more solo forms of engagement.


Deciding on the flexibility or rigidity of your dildo will be a matter of personal choice as well as determined by your dildo's material. For example, a jelly or silicone toy will be softer and thus more flexible.

In comparison, a glass toy will be harder and more rigid, which may suit a user. The advantage to having a more rigid toy is that it may be easier to insert.

However, choosing a more flexible material may feel more gentle once it's inside the anal cavity. We recommend experimenting with different forms to help you decide which feels best for you.

Gay dildos

Since queer men understand their bodies and pleasure in a more familiar way than a woman could, you can always refer to suggestions for the best gay dildo from your gay male buddy.

Some gay dildos come in rainbow pride colors, where others offer a more realistic look, adding visual appeal.

Good vibrations

If you are looking for a dildo with a little something extra, consider selecting an item that offers vibrations! Although vibrators are different to dildos, you can purchase dildos that vibrate.

A vibrating dildo for men can provide additional internal stimulation, perfect for those who enjoy more intensity in their intimate products.

If you are interested in exploring vibrations, we recommend choosing a dildo that offers multiple vibrations and speeds for additional versatility.


If you want to get more adventurous and explore some of those fetishes you may have, consider a themed didlo. There are so many fantasies that can be fulfilled. Check out our many guides on the best animal dildos, horse cock dildos, and wolf and dog style dildos for some inspiration.

Best Tips on Using Dildos for Men

To enjoy the best penetrative dildo experience, it's important to practice both safety and hygiene. Using a dildo for men should follow the same considerations as when using a dildo vaginally, although the anus does require a few more precautions.

Safety tips

First, always use a dildo with a flared base. Regardless of whether the base offers a suction cup or not, all intimate products that can be used to penetrate the anus will offer a flared bottom.

Second, there is no such thing as too much lube for using a dildo for men. Depending on the material, you will want to use either a water-based or silicone lube but never attempt penetration without a generous helping of lube.

Third, when incorporating a dildo into play with a partner, be sure to communicate your boundaries and safewords (if needed) ahead of time. Also, everyone should be practicing active consent, meaning that even if a player was to consent to an activity before it happened, they could change their mind at any time, even in the middle of play.

Hygiene tips

When penetrating the anus using a dildo, be sure that you are practicing proper hygiene. Both your body and the dildo should be cleaned thoroughly to avoid the transfer of bacteria.

To prepare your cavity, you can use an anus douche. There are many different types available on the market, and while not completely necessary, douching may make you more comfortable and help avoid embarrassing messes.

Always clean your dildo before and after use. If you are using a non-porous dildo, you can sterilize it by submerging it in boiling water. If you have an item made from porous material, clean well and make sure that it is dry before using it; otherwise, excess moisture can trap harmful bacteria.

You should never share your dildos with others. Also, some dildos are best used with a condom with certain materials, particularly if you are playing with others. However, we recommend that you always use a condom on a dildo that you are inserting into the anus in most cases.

Recommendations of the Best Dildos for Men

In reviewing the best dildo for men, we have listed some of our favorite products. Check out the variety of items that men can enjoy during sex.

1. Lifelike Lover Ultra Realistic Suction Cup Dildo 8 Inch

Lifelike Lover Ultra Realistic Suction Cup Dildo 8 Inch

This realistic dildo is perfect for beginners or more advanced users, offering additional sensations with its raised veins and bulbous head. Perfect for p-spot stimulation, this item provides versatility, providing hands-free enjoyment or pegging pleasure. The insertable length is 8 inches with a circumference of 5.5 inches.

Our only gripe is that it is made from PVC material. That said, the price coincides well with the quality.

BASICS Realistic Anal Dildo Vibrator 5 Inch

We love good vibrations, and if you are a fan of reverberating sensations, you'll love this dildo! It offers an insertable length of 5.5 inches, which is great for beginners. There are multiple vibrational speeds, and the PVC material is soft and flexible, providing comfort and ease.

We will note that this item does not have a flared base, so we do not recommend using it solo. Instead, entrust a partner to hold the item so that it doesn't get lost. Even if it's not used for penetration, the vibrations offer delicious sensations outside the anus.


Oh, la la! The Silk Medium by Tantus is a slender dildo made from premium silicone, perfect for penetrating the anus. It offers a wide, flared base for safety.

This dildo is a good starter option for men that are new to using a dildo. The insertable length is 5.25 inches with a circumference of 1.1 inches, and the Silk is also compatible with a harness. However, it does not have a suction cup base, although it can be used manually for solo pleasure.

P Spot

Tantus offers an array of prostate items, and we love the P-Spot dildo! Unlike the Silk Medium, this item is suction cup compatible, but similar to the Silk, it's made from premium silicone (all Tantus products are made from silicone material).

This item provides the perfect angle to stimulate the prostate. It's larger than most, with an insertable length of 7 inches, but it offers plenty of pleasure with its bulbous head. Go slow and use lots of water-based lube; your body will thank you!

Gläs Pure Indulgence Glass Anal Dildo

We absolutely had to include a glass dildo on our review, particularly because they are so easy to clean, lovely to look at, and offer a smooth ride (pun intended!)

The Glas Pure Indulgence can be paired with any lube; we recommend silicone lube for any play or penetration with the anus. Its curved design will easily reach the prostate, and the textured shaft will also pleasurable internal sensations. The price is very reasonable, considering the quality of the product.

However, as it does not have a flared base, make sure that you have a partner holding on to the end when using it during intimacy.


In our review of the best dildo for men, we recommend the P-Spot by TantusSure, it's a bit pricier, but the quality, shape, and body-safe silicone will entice you to invest. Best of all, it's quite versatile; perfect for solo, hands-free, or partner play!