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9 Best Delay Sprays & Creams (Desensitizing Ejaculation)

If you are a male who enjoys sex, it's probably your goal to last longer in bed. But the truth is that most men last an average of 5-10 minutes in bed, with 15 minutes still in the average range. If you want to last longer during sex or address issues of premature ejaculation, we invite you to explore the best delay sprays which can help increase intimacy between you and your partner.

While there is some skepticism regarding delay creams and sprays, many users find them highly effective. Best of all, those who have used a desensitizing cream for numbing their penis noted how much help it was in improving their sexual performance.

What are Delay Sprays?

Desensitizing sprays or creams are designed to delay ejaculation and to help with premature ejaculation. In numbing the penis, a delay spray uses a combination of ingredients, such as lidocaine, to increase the amount of time before ejaculation during sexual intercourse.

While it's common for men to ejaculate quickly during the first time they have sexual intercourse, in time, they will want to perform for longer with their partner, and using a numbing cream can be an effective method.

Examples of the Delay Sprays and Creams

What are Delay Sprays

There are many examples of delay sprays available for men who want to last longer in bed. Promescent delay spray and Stud, 100 delay spray for men, are two popular brands of numbing sprays that men have used with their partners during sex.

For those who have used these delay sprays to help them during sexual intercourse, the reviews have been positive, with many men noting that they were lasting longer during sex. For those who need extra help in dealing with premature ejaculation, it appears that these sprays actually work.

Mainly, what makes both the Stud 100 and Promescent spray effective are the ingredients used. Sprays for men include benzocaine and lidocaine, as in the case of the Stud 100 spray and the Promescent spray. In particular, the active ingredient lidocaine has been noted to give the best results for men who need to last longer and avoid premature ejaculation, even during oral sex!

Benzocaine Wipes

Another option of a product that can work for men who experience premature ejaculation during sex or for those who want to last longer with their partner during sex can also use benzocaine wipes. Unlike the Stud 100 or the Promescent sprays, these wipes use benzocaine instead of lidocaine to achieve the same numbing effect on the penis.

According to studies, benzocaine wipes have also been noted to be effective in numbing the penis. This can work as an alternative instead of using a delay spray. Depending on how much help one may need in their desire to last longer in bed, one option may work better. But as is the case with most intimate products, it's nice to be able to choose from one of many effective options.

How Do Delay Sprays Work?

How Do Delay Sprays Work

The idea of a spray or delay cream that can be used to numb the penis to help men last a long time during sex sounds amazing! But do these delay sprays and numbing agents actually work? Is a product such as a lidocaine spray work better than using a condom during sex to avoid premature ejaculation?

In addition to exploring the best delay sprays, we will also illustrate how using a delay spray can help men last a long time during intimate moments with their partner. Below are some points regarding how effective a delay spray can be and how to use a lidocaine spray to add more minutes to sex before ejaculation occurs.

Do Desensitizing Sprays Actually Work?

A lidocaine-based spray or a numbing agent for the penis will help to delay ejaculation by reducing sensation. For many consumers who want to increase the number of minutes before ejaculation during sex with their partner, using a delay spray can provide an effective option. With use, one can even increase the minutes between oral sex and ejaculation if they use a spray.

Why Use Lidocaine?

In its most general use, lidocaine is used as a local anesthetic for numbing areas of the body. When used in a delay spray, lidocaine will work to numb the penis. While lidocaine serves as the one main agent, there are other ingredients found in delay sprays.

Are Delay Sprays or Creams Safe?

One question that consumers need to know the answer to is if it's safe to use a delay spray on your penis. Aside from the primary side effects of temporary desensitization, using a spray is safe for the most part. However, you'll need to remember not to use more than 10 sprays in one session before sex.

Advantages To Using Delay Sprays

The top advantage of incorporating a delay spray into your sexual routine is the ability to last a long time with your partner during sex. As mentioned above, the average male lasts around 5 minutes or 6 during sex, so the most obvious perk will appeal to those who want longer-lasting sex to postpone ejaculation.

More Spontaneity with Sex

How much time does delay spray last

One of the best aspects of including a delay spray in your sexual routine is that it provides an easy, low-maintenance solution for those who want longer-lasting sex. Also, one can use a delay spray minutes before having sex, making sexual intimacy spontaneous for both you and your partner.

Use Only as Needed, Minutes Before the Action!

Unlike other treatments for premature ejaculation, you only need to use delay sprays when you are about to have sex. For many, this poses a more convenient solution than taking medication every day. Also, a delay spray such as Promescent can be used without a prescription.

Ingredients are Safe to Use

Most delay sprays use lidocaine as the active ingredient, which one needs only to apply on the top or upon the surface of their penis. In addition to lidocaine being one of the best ingredients found in a spray for longer-lasting sex, clinical studies have shown that most consumers do not have adverse reactions when using a lidocaine-based spray.

Disadvantages to Using Delay Sprays

While delay sprays such as Promescent offer a convenient and quick solution for men with hopes of lasting longer during intimacy, they are not without disadvantages or side effects. Below, we explore the top concerns to consider if you want to use a delay spray.

Side Effects

Aside from numbing of the penis, the majority of men do not experience any reactions when they apply a lidocaine-based spray. However, there is a small percentage of consumers who may react to the ingredients.

Such reactions can include loss of erection, especially if the spray is exceptionally potent or if the male has used too much. In this case, just wash off the lidocaine-based spray and wait a few minutes for the ingredients to wear off before you re-apply. It shouldn't take long (approximately 10 minutes), but it's important not to use more than 2 sprays or three sprays per session.

Numbing Your Partner

Occasionally, it is possible to transfer the numbing ingredients to your partner. This can happen during intercourse or even during oral sex. If this tends to happen, one solution is to apply the spray, wait a few minutes, and then take a shower. It's important to let the ingredients absorb into the penis before washing yourself, but this can solve the issue of transferring lidocaine to your partner.

Finally, sprays and creams can offer a temporary quick-fix to premature ejaculation, but they are not necessarily a long-term solution. If you suffer from a more serious medical issue or heightened forms of anxiety, you may want to speak to your health care professional about other forms of treatment.

Tips For Using Desensitizing Sprays

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While using a spray may seem pretty straightforward, there are still factors to consider when applying a spray, such as Promescent. To have the best delay spray experience possible, follow these tips for using a numbing spray. These include the number of sprays to use, how much to use and how long you should wait for the spray to absorb.

How Much Do You Need to Use?

With a spray such as Promescent, you only need to use a few sprays; two or three is recommended. As is the case with most numbing sprays, and depending on the spray's strength, you don't need too much. It's best not to exceed more than 10 sprays.

Should the Penis be Flaccid or Erect?

With their numbing spray, the Promescent brand suggests that the penis should be at least somewhat erect. A full erection is not completely necessary, but a partial erection may offer the best results.

However, since every physical body is unique, one should experiment a bit to see what works best for them. With most sprays, it has been noted that the ingredients should work, regardless of whether the penis is hard or soft.

Where to Apply on the Penis?

First, it should go without saying that one should only apply the spray externally. The spray should be used at the top head of the penis and then sprayed along the shaft.

However, be careful not to apply too much of the spray or too close to the penis. Also, it's not about covering the entire penis with a numbing agent. To avoid excessive numbing (and the potential of temporary loss of pleasure), only use the spray on top of the most sensitive parts of the penis, spraying from around 30 centimeters away.

When to Apply

Because sprays take a few minutes to take effect, you will want to give it a bit of time before having sex. For example, a lidocaine-based spray may take up to 15 minutes to work. However, this is in stark comparison to numbing creams, as those products can take up to 30 minutes, which can feel like a long wait with a numb penis!

In general, it is best to use a numbing spray approximately 5-10 minutes before penetrative intercourse. And because you do not want to transfer any numbness to your partner, it's definitely essential to wait at least 5 minutes to ensure that the spray has taken effect.

To gain the maximum benefit for you and your partner, it is always best to leave approximately 10 minutes to 15 minutes until you have sex. However, if you wait too long, the effects of the spray may wear off. Most sprays will last a total of 60 minutes, so consider these times to achieve the spray's desired effect.

Can You Use a Delay Spray with Condoms?

One popular question for couples who are not fluid bonded is whether you can use a numbing agent with a condom. The short answer is yes, although it does depend on the brand of spray that you choose.

For example, Promescent suggests that condom use is fine with their product and that using a barrier will not affect the spray's overall result. However, it's important that the user carefully follows the directions of their specific numbing product, as not all sprays are created the same.

If you want to use a condom, most desensitizing sprays made with lidocaine are only compatible with latex condoms. That said, lidocaine or another similar ingredient (such as benzocaine) has the potential to break down polyurethane-based condoms, so these types of condoms should be avoided.

For your safest bet, stick to latex condoms only. Also, always research whether or not your particular spray is condom-safe, as not every brand of desensitizing spray can accommodate condoms.

What About Oral Sex?

best ejaculation delay spray

One pressing question on the minds of most men who are curious about delay creams or sprays is whether or not they can be used during oral sex. The irony is that what makes these products so appealing (desensitization during intercourse) can also serve as a disadvantage when it comes to other forms of intimacy, such as oral sex.

However, unless your partner has a lidocaine allergy, it is indeed safe to use a delay-type product on the penis during oral sex. That said, another concern aside from total numbness or loss of pleasure is whether or not a delay spray can be transferred to your partner during intimacy and, more specifically, during oral play.

When engaging with your lover, it is best to apply the spray and then wait until the product has been absorbed into the skin of your penis. Wait a few minutes (approximately between 10-15) and wash off any excess of the spray.

At this point, you should be fine to receive oral pleasure from your partner without the worry of transferring the product to their mouth or vagina.

How Do You Wash a Delay Spray Off?

It's important to properly maintain your skin and penis' surface when applying a delay spray, especially if you plan on incorporating such a product into your sex life on a long-term basis. In addition to the threat of transferring the spray accidentally to your partner, you should avoid any potential side effects that may occur without proper washing.

The method that you employ to wash or wipe away any excess product will differ, depending on the specific brand that you choose. It can also be confusing to understand if you should wash the entire penis after applying the spray versus wiping down any excess fluid.

For example, if you choose Promescent spray, you don't have to wash it off before sex, but it is recommended to wipe it off before receiving oral sex. In contrast, other brands may have a different absorption time for the product to soak in.

However, once you have used the spray for its intended purpose, you should always shower clean as it is not recommended to leave on a spray for more than 12 hours. You should also wash your penis immediately if you experience any excessive desensitization or irritating effects.

Most sprays will continue to be effective even after a shower, but eventually, the numbness will wear off. The desired numbness should only last about 60 minutes. If you find that you are still experiencing desensitization, even after you have wiped and washed, consult your physician or discontinue using that particular brand.

Recommendations of the Best Delay Creams

Below we have reviewed the best sprays available to male consumers. If you are curious about incorporating a delay spray into your intimate encounters or if you would like to see a comparison of products, check out some popular brands below. Hopefully, learning more about these items will guide you to choose the best solution to your issue of premature ejaculation.

1. Hims Premature Ejaculation Spray

Hims Premature Ejaculation Spray

The popular Hims line offers all sorts of products for men, from haircare to supplements. They also carry a lidocaine-based delay spray that claims to boost sexual performance by 64%.

This product comes in a stylish, unassuming bottle that 'alters sensitivity' without causing excessive numbness. With the Hims spray, you don't have to apply it to the entire penis, only the most sensitive areas, so that you can still enjoy sensations with your lover. Plus, the price is quite reasonable, offering men a chance to try this product without committing to a costly item.

Promescent climax control spray

Much has been noted in this guide about Promescent, and for a good reason. The Promescent line has been well-regarded for its products for men, and their delay spray has been clinically proven to assist men in lasting longer during sex.

There is a choice between six different delay items, ranging from a single bottle to a six-pack. Promescent also offers a package that includes a high-quality vibrator that is paired with a delay spray. No matter if you are traveling or choose to keep some sprays in different locations for easy access, Promescent has you covered!

Doc Johnson Sta-erect delay cream

Unlike Hims and Promescent, The Doc Johnson Delay Cream is a benzocaine-based cream that works much in the same way that a lidocaine-based spray would. Simply spread the cream along the base of your genitals before you have sex.

With this product, results can vary, and it has been noted that for some men, the numbness lasted a little too long for their liking. However, for others, this item may work very well. The Doc Johnson delay cream is also very affordable, so if you find that it is not right for you, it's not a huge loss to your wallet.

Love Honey Stay Delay Spray

This small, discreet-looking spray is great for travel, and it also smells fresh and clean! It only requires two pumps, approximately 5 minutes or 10 before sexual activity.

It is recommended that you test this product on a small patch of skin before using it on your genitals, but it's also gentle enough that you can reapply more if needed.

Adam & Eve Extra Strength Marathon Delay Spray

The Adam and Eve Delay Spray is a high-strength product that uses benzocaine as its primary ingredient. Unlike the other products on the market, the Adam and Eve Marathon Delay Spray is a stronger product, and thus, only a small amount is needed on the head and the shaft.

The Adam and Eve spray is also compatible with latex and can be paired with condoms. The Adam and Eve Marathon Delay Spray is a bit pricer than other products, but considering the quality and strength, the expense is of considerable value.

Ride Rock Delay Spray

Ride Rock Delay Spray is a benzocaine-based product that can enhance men's stamina by lessening sensitivity along the genital region.

We love how versatile this spray is and that it is completely condom-safe. In fact, the Ride Rock Delay Spray is compatible with latex, polyisoprene, polyurethane, and lambskin.

Shunga Penis Desensitizer

Similar to the Ride Rock Delay Spray, the Shunga Genital Desensitizer is a multi-faceted product. In addition to including the effective ingredients for dulling genital sensations, the Shunga Desensitizer is a bit more innovative than other sprays. This product offers a gradual cycle of desensitization, followed by the steady rebuilding of sensations.

This ingenious formula allows for a more gentle oscillation between feeling numb and enjoying sexual pleasure. Within just 3 to 8 sprays across the head and the shaft, The Shunga Desensitizer works within about 5 minutes, offering more spontaneity during intimacy. Sensations should return to the genitals within 30 minutes, which provides enough time for the spray to fulfill its purpose without removing sexual enjoyment from the user.

Since the Shunga Genital Desensitizer is compatible with latex, you can pair this spray with condoms and make sure that the condoms you choose are latex. The other aspect that we love is the fact that the spray is lickable. Unlike other delay products, which, if they are accidentally transferred to a party, have a nasty taste, the Shunga Desensitizer is great for oral sex. Other advantages include this spray being vegan-friendly and paraben-free.


The Wicked Sensual Care Collection is known for its paraben-free, vegan, and PETA-certified formulas, and the Wicked OverTime Delay Cream is no exception. We always appreciate it when companies who create intimate care products are mindful of incorporating sustainable and ethical practices.

As with all genital desensitizers, this topical anesthetic cream should be applied shortly before intercourse. However, after massaging the cream over the head and the shaft's surface, it's important to wait a bit until the cream is completely absorbed into the skin. If not, you might accidentally transfer the cream to your lover.

This cream is said to wash away easily with mild soap and warm water. But first, ensure that your lover does not have an allergy to topical anesthetic creams. Also, unlike delay products that come in a spritz form, creams can be a bit messy. In particular, the Wicked OverTime Delay Cream formula can be quite slick. Avoid applying this cream when you are in the shower or standing on a slippery surface.

Max Control Prolong Spray Extra Strength

This lidocaine-based product offers the ultimate genital desensitization. The Max Control assists in controlling premature ejaculation with only a few spritzes of the product. The formula is similar to many others on the market, and the Max Control Prolong Spray should be applied to the genitals in the same way you would do with other delay products.

That said, some users may find this product a bit too strong for their liking, so go slow and spritz it sparingly to start. In addition, while the Max Control Prolong Spray mentions that it is safe to combine with both sex toys and with a lover, it does not mention that it is latex compatible. For this reason, we do not recommend pairing the Max Control Prolong Spray with condoms.

Conclusion of Best Ejaculation Delay Spray

In reviewing the best delay sprays and desensitization products for men, we conclude that the best delay spray is the Shunga Genital Desensitizer. We love the innovative formula and the fact that it is deliciously lickable and compatible with latex condoms. Explore prolonged pleasure for both you and your lover!