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7 Best Black Dildos [Of All Sizes] Reviewed in 2023

Dildos are one of the most popular sex toys available on the market. And while dildos can come in an array of colors, shapes, and materials, the best black dildos are made from body-safe materials and are suited for your personal pleasure to elevate your sex life.

Dildos are popular sex toys with a lot of variety between the various designs, but nothing is more exquisite than a sexy, sculpted black dildo.

And like all dildos, you can choose anywhere from a realistic black dildo to a design that resembles more a fantasy figure. Often, you will see black dildos shown in porn and record keeping requirements are mandatory to ensure the safety and comfort of the talent.

If you are curious about black dildos or want to add something fun and unique to your sex toy collection, below are our recommendations and essential factors to consider for your next sex toy purchase.

The Top 7 Best Black Dildos

If you want the best black dildo, then check out our top choices listed and reviewed here. There is something for everyone, so you shouldn't have any issue finding the right one.

1. Doc Johnson Classic Black Double-Ended Dildo 12 Inch

Doc Johnson Classic Black Double-Ended Dildo 12 Inch

The Doc Johnson Classic Double-Ended Dildo offers a whopping insertable length of 12 inches with an impressive circumference of 5 inches.

We love the realistic design with veins for additional texture. The overall size is perfect for partner play, but the flexible PVC material is flexible enough for solo enjoyment as well.

King Cock Girthy Ultra Realistic Suction Cup Dildo

The strong suction cup end on this black King Cock toy makes it a versatile option for both solo and partner play. If you are a size queen, you will appreciate the 8.5 inches of insertable length, while its extreme girth of 9 inches will fill you up with erotic pleasure.

Like the Doc Johnson, the King Cock model is constructed from PVC material, which is deliciously flexible. The King Cock is also compatible with a harness, so you can penetrate your partner or play by yourself. That said, the King Cock loses points for its material, as PVC is not latex-free and could cause allergies in certain users.

Lovehoney Deluxe Strap-On Harness Kit with 2 Silicone Dildos

The Lovehoney Delux is a complete package that comes with a harness and two black silicone dildos. The strong suction cup end can allow you to use the dildo either a la carte or paired with the harness.

Bonus points go towards the silicone material, and we love the value and variety of use that the Lovehoney Delux kit can provide to consumers.

Ruse Jammy Silicone Suction Cup Dildo

Best known for their finely crafted dildos, Blush Ruse, has come out with their best black dildo yet-the Jammy Black Dildo, with a strong suction cup end. We love that this product is made with 100% platinum-cured silicone and the measurements are perfect for those who love to test their penetrative limits!

Offering two inches of width, the circumference of the Jammy is incredible. In addition, the insertable length measures 7.5 inches for extra-long enjoyment.

Mistress Silicone Dildo By Vixen

Vixen Creations has designed the Mistress Silicone Dildo to be a versatile toy used for both anal and vaginal penetration. Don't let the more standard measurements of 7 inches long and 1.2 inches wide fool you; while this item may not be best for size queens, it's excellent for beginners and those wanting to explore back-end penetration.

Like the Ruse Jammy, Mistress Silicone offers discreet shipping and a lifetime warranty.

Johnny Silicone Black Dildo By Vixen

If you are looking for a long, rock-hard stud, look no further than the Johnny Silicone, another Vixen Creations product.

The Johnny is Vixen's longest dildo, with an insertable length of 7 inches. The circumference measures 1.9 inches, making this product a size queen's dream!

Realistic designs, such as crafted veins and skin folds, add to the arousing features, making this item the best black dildo for those who love a lifelike experience.

Like all platinum-cured silicone dildos, the Johnny is fully waterproof, which means you can submerge it in boiling water to disinfect the toy thoroughly.

Small Realistic Bent Silicone Dildo By Vixen - Black

If you are looking for a smaller, black dildo to satisfy your erotic needs or are a beginner to different types of penetration, stop dreaming because the Small Realistic Silicone Dildo by Vixen is here to please!

The insertable length is 5 inches, and the circumference is 1.2 inches, which is excellent for those looking for an introduction to black dildos. The powerful suction cup base can be paired with a harness or stuck against a surface for hot, solo play.

Why Choose a Black Dildo?

black dildo

Sex toys, such as dildos are exciting to use, if you are a fan of vaginal or anal penetration. For example, a realistic dildo can resemble an actual penis which can serve as an erotic visual.

And in general, dildos can come in a variety of colors, including beige (a.k.a 'flesh tone), pink, purple, brown and even a marbled swirl of colors. So what is it about a black dildo that appeals to consumers?

First of all, if you enjoy anal sex, a black dildo will definitely be more 'discreet,' and may make the experience more comfortable, even if you are someone who likes to prep and clean with an anal douche.

A black dildo can also look very sleek, modern and sexy! Depending on the style and shape, it has almost a sculpture-like appearance. And for those who prefer the color black with most items or clothing (we are talking to you, goths!), a black-colored dildo may be the most aesthetically pleasing sex toy.

It cannot go unsaid that there are also stereotypical archetypes that are associated with black dildos. And while not every consumer may be conscious of or consider these associations, these sex toys do have a bit of a checkered start.

Fun sex toy or fetishization?

There has long been an assumption that a Black man's penis size is larger than a white man's genitalia. Over time, this has led to the fetishization of Black men's bodies and sexuality.

It's important to examine the marketing of some of these popular sex toys, which advertise that a 'huge black dildo' is better than a 'flesh-colored' dildo because it's larger and offers more girth, and can even appear more intimidating.

Another illustration is that a black dildo rarely has standard measurements because they are designed to offer an impressive size specifically.

A realistic black cock is almost always considered 'huge' or offers names that suggest something more powerful than a regular dildo.

However, it is possible to purchase and enjoy a big black dildo without catering to an outdated, racist stereotype.

Sex toys are designed to provide pleasure and help users indulge in their fantasies.

If you can enjoy your dildo while at the same time understanding that this sex toy doesn't represent all Black men, you are well within your right to choose a dildo of any color, shape, or size.

Types of Black Dildos

types of black dildos

Whether you are looking for a realistic black dildo or a replica of a fantasy creature or object, there are plenty of black dildos that will satisfy various fantasies and desires.

Realistic Black Dildos

If you enjoy a more realistic experience, especially during solo play, you will love a realistic dildo. Realistic black dildos usually come with actual balls and a veiny shaft for extra texture and visual appeal.

These hyper-realistic dildos are usually constructed from lifelike material to give them the feel of a natural, erect penis. For example, medical-grade silicone provides a soft, smooth surface that is still firm enough to enjoy.

You can also choose a realistic dildo that is harness compatible for exciting, strap-on play. Most dildos with a suction cup base are harness compatible, which will elevate your intimacy and heighten the realistic experience.

Anal Play

If you enjoy anal stimulation, there are many black dildos that are fantastic for anal play. However, it is crucial to note that you must choose a black dildo with a flared base.

Unlike the vagina, which has a cervix to limit the depth of penetration, the sphincter muscle inside the anus is strong enough to suck a sex toy up inside your body. In addition, the flared base at the end of a black dildo will prevent you from losing the toy during anal penetration.

You can select a dildo that is easier perfectly straight or a toy with a slight curve, which is excellent for prostate or p-spot stimulation.

If you are a beginner to anal with a sex toy, deciding on a smaller toy is a good starting point. There are plenty of black anal dildos that offer anal stimulation without needing to be huge in size.

Keep in mind that when it comes to anal play, you will want a black dildo that is both comfortable and safe. Read our guide on anal depth training to learn more.

Sex Dolls

Male sex dolls that are designed for women or gay men can provide another option for realistic black dildos, where the item is attached to a silicone body or form.

The well-known company Real Doll, which originated by selling real sex dolls designed to replicate a woman's body, has since come out with male versions of these sex dolls. The best part about these products is that you can customize sex dolls to the exact specifications that you desire.

For example, you can choose to skin color and genitalia of your sex doll. You can also select the size of the member, including girth and insertable length.

Real Doll has also come out with an offshoot line called RealCock 2, where they make super realistic dildos. You can choose a pre-made RealCock 2 black dildo, or you can customize your own from scratch.

Besides Real Doll, there are other companies that make male sex dolls.

If you enjoy the idea of a realistic black dildo and want to indulge in an entire body or even a torso, a black sex doll with an accompanying dildo may be an excellent choice for you. These are not inexpensive items, so be sure that you want to commit to the price before deciding on your purchase.

Squirting Black Dildos

A squirting black dildo is a fun toy that simulates ejaculation and is of particular interest to those who love to see their black dildo cum.

A squirting black sex toy is precisely like any other squirting dildo, except for the color. In fact, squirting dildos come in a range of colors, from flesh tones to more vibrant colors. The color that you choose from your squirting dildo is merely a matter of personal taste.

A squirting dildo usually comes with a suction cup base, although some dildos may have a knob at the base if they are intended to offer vibrations. In most cases, the strong suction cup base is used to hold the black dildo upright so that you can fill it with liquid.

Squirting dildos offer one of the most hyper-realistic experiences and are a great item if you love being filled with liquid or even just seeing the liquid spurt out as an arousing visual.

Double-Ended Black Dildo

A Double-ended black dildo is a fun toy that can be paired with a partner for simultaneous, hands-free penetration. Similar to squirting dildos, double-ended sex toys come in various shapes and colors, including black.

Depending on the shape, you can use a double-ended dildo for solo enjoyment as well. Some dongs are made from a flexible material so that you can use them for both anal and vagina penetration at the same time while still being able to hit your g-spot.

Some double dongs are harness compatible so that one person can penetrate the other without having the dildo inside of them. These toys are exciting, erotic, and versatile, depending on how you want to use them.

Suction Cup Dildo

A suction cup dildo is excellent for hands-free play and, in particular, is a wonderful style if you like to play alone. The key to using it properly is to ensure that the toy has a sturdy suction cup base that can stick well to a non-porous, smooth flat surface.

The sturdy suction cup will stick best to materials such as marble, glass, ceramic tile, or porcelain. You will also want to ensure that the suction cup base is dry to the touch so that it doesn't slip during use.

Some may think that a black dildo with a suction cup is only for vaginal penetration, but you can use it anally as well. In fact, the suction cup is what will make the dildo safer for anal play, as it will prevent the toy from getting lost inside your body.

Another significant aspect is that a suction cup will also make your black dildo harness compatible. You may also want to consider checking out dildo mounts and holders.

What to Consider When Buying a Black Dildo

best black dildo

Like any sex toy, when purchasing a black dildo, there are certain aspects that you will want to consider. Below is a list of factors that could play into your purchasing decision.

Body-Safe Materials

While there are many other materials that can be used for a dong, the best black dildo will be made from body-safe substances. A good example is a medical-grade silicone.

Silicone Material

Silicone offers many great features that make it an excellent material for sex toys, such as black dildos. It is non-porous, flexible, and durable.

Unfortunately, silicone toys are usually more expensive than their cheaper counterparts. Still, unlike harmful materials, such as Thermoplastics (TPR and TPE) and phthalate-leaching vinyl (PVC), medical quality silicone does not contain any toxins, is latex-free, and is considered hypoallergenic.

Silicone toys can also be sterilized, and it is regarded as a realistic material that will add to your pleasure and enjoyment.

It should be noted that those who have an allergy to latex should also be choosing materials that are latex free.


Sensaflesh is not a widely-used material and, similar to its cousin Sensafirm, is trademarked for a specific brand or sex toy company. However, unlike the safer and more expensive silicone material, Sensaflesh is made from rubber and is designed to replicate human skin.

While we don't recommend Sensaflesh as a body-safe material, a few black, realistic dongs are made from this material, and superficially, they can be quite enjoyable. For example, the mammoth 'Cockzilla' product is a thick, 40-centimeter black dildo made from realistic Sensaflesh.

The benefit of this type of material is that it is super soft to the touch, which adds to its realism. However, Sensaflesh is very porous, which makes it challenging to keep clean and dry. Sensaflesh may also contain toxins and allergens that could irritate more sensitive users.


If you want a realistic experience, nothing beats choosing a realistic dildo. These styles offer the most human appearance, which can include realistic balls, veins, and natural-appearing curves. Consumers of various sexual orientations can appreciate this type of toy, and particularly for solo users, a dong that appears real can offer erotic visuals and exciting textures.

A great example of a realistic model is the King Cock. Known for its true-to-life design, the King Cock brand offers some of the most genuine and naturalistic dongs for those looking for an erotic and authentic encounter.

G-spot Stimulation

For consumers with a vulva, g-spot stimulation can produce incredible sensations of pleasure. However, in order for g-spot stimulation to occur a dildo needs to have a particular curve within its design. Therefore, when the user penetrates herself with the toy, the insertable length is both long and curved enough to hit the g-spot.

While this may be achievable with a long, straight dong, choosing a more bent toy will ensure easier stimulation.

Anal Penetration

As mentioned previously, when penetrating the anus, you must choose a dildo with a flared or suction cup base. Also, because the anus does not have the same elasticity as the vagina, you will want to choose a smaller dildo and thinner-especially if you are a beginner.


The texture of your dong can add arousing sensations during play. Texture can come in the form of veins, ridges, crevices, and raised bumps that can stimulate the sensitive tissue within the vagina or the anus.

However, textures are not only present in more human-looking dongs; you can also choose a dildo that is designed to look more like a fantasy (such as a horse dildo, tentacle dildo, dog knot dildo or other animal shaped dildo) or even something more utilitarian or gender-neutral. One example is the Doc Johnson Tripple-Ripple, which includes ripples down the length of the toy, which is particularly excellent for anal stimulation.

Size and Girth

Choosing the size and girth of a dildo is really a matter of personal choice. Many people select black dildos specifically because they are known to be larger than most of their counterparts. 

However, choosing the right size should also consider how you plan to use your dildo. For example, if you plan to penetrate an anus, it's best to start small for safety and comfort. But because the vagina is so elastic, it can stretch to accommodate a thicker dildo for maximum enjoyment.

If you're a size queen, we recommend checking out our guide to choosing the best large dildos.

Insertable Length

The insertable length refers to the amount of dildo that you can put inside your body-not the total length of the toy itself. The insertable length of your black dildo is an important consideration, especially with vaginal penetration.

If you are more of a size queen, you may prefer an insertable length of seven inches. For example, the massive King Cock dongs possess a length of 8.5 inches. However, for a more everyday experience, you can also purchase a dildo with a penetrative length of between four to six inches.

While some people love the idea of a long dildo, if you have a vagina, you will want to think about what length is best for your body and your cervix's positioning. There is nothing more uncomfortable than a dildo pushing hard against your cervix, so buyer beware! Make sure you read up on how to use a large dildo for some great advice.

Lube is Your Friend

Because many realistic black dildos are more on the larger side, pairing a personal lubricant with your black dildo is always a good idea.

Depending on the type of material used, you will probably require a water-based lube; otherwise, silicone lube is another great option.

It's interesting because when most consumers think of sex toys, they don't consider lube.

But anyone who is familiar with using dildos (or any type of penetration with a sex toy) will know that using a water-based lubricant can make your intimate experience more pleasurable, comfortable, and safe.

So go ahead and slather on the lube, especially when using a dildo for anal play. Or pair lube with any sex toy for better and more erotic results!

Cleaning Your Black Dildo

It is crucial to clean your black dildo after each use to avoid bacterial build-up, which is harmful to your body and your toy. But the method that you use can depend on the toy's material.

For example, if your dildo is made from a non-porous material, you may be able to sterilize it in boiling water for extra sanitation. However, if your dildo is constructed from a lesser quality and porous material, such as rubber jelly, you will need to be extra careful to clean and dry the toy before use.

But in most cases, using an antibacterial soap with warm water or a proper toy cleaner should do the trick.


In reviewing the best black dildos available on the market, we recommended the Blush Ruse Jammy Suction Cup Dildo.

If you are looking for a big black cock with exquisite detail, this is the best black dildo that delivers pleasure, exciting visuals and is made from body-safe material. Treat yourself to a big, black delicious dildo and enjoy the thrill of erotic penetration.