Best Fleshlight Alternatives

Best Fleshlight Alternatives: 7 Products Just as Good [2023]

Male sex toys are becoming more and more common, with men looking for more innovative ways to enjoy sexual pleasure.

While Fleshlights are a popular sex toy, we invite you to discover some of the best fleshlight alternatives.

If you are unfamiliar with the Fleshlight product, it is a male masturbator that can provide intense pleasure while stimulating the penis.

Unlike simple forms of manual stimulus, a real fleshlight offers an extension of arousal via additional textures and various shapes and tightness that are meant to mimic the sensation of penetrating a realistic vagina.

While a real fleshlight can be highly satisfying, most fleshlights can be expensive. Read our article to find out if we think fleshlights are worth it.

Luckily, there are cheap alternatives that feel life-like, providing ultimate pleasure during solo play.

If you are curious about using a male masturbator without the heavy price tag, you can explore similar sex toys at half the price without having to compromise on gratification.

The 7 Best Cheap Fleshlight Alternatives

1. Doc Johnson Spread Eagle Sally Pussy and Ass Masturbator

Doc Johnson Spread Eagle Sally Pussy and Ass Masturbator

The Doc Johnson Masturbator is perfect for those who want some variety with entry points.

The two holes offer bumpy textures for thrilling sensations and the realistic-feeling UR3 material feels like real skin.

While UR3 is made up of both polyvinyl chloride and silicone, it still provides a higher grade experience than a toy made strictly from rubber or PVC.

Because of the dual holes, it is suggested to add a bullet vibrator inside one of the orifices so that you can enjoy quivers using multiple speeds at the same time.

The best part of the Doc Johnson Spread Eagle is that it is travel size, so you can take this masturbator anywhere, anytime you want to enjoy solo forms of pleasure.

THRUST Pro Mini Lea Super Ribbed and Bumps Pocket Pussy

The Thrust Pro Mini offers an internal length of 5 inches with an exciting ribbed texture that will arouse and stimulate.

Those who enjoy realism will love the simulated vaginal lips at the opening of the toy.

Another exciting aspect of the Thrust Pro Mini is that you can elevate your experience by adding a bullet vibrator inside the hole for delicious pulsating sensations.

Because it is made from phthalate-free soft plastic, we don't consider the material to be body safe.

However, since the price point is quite low, some consumers won't mind and will still find loads of enjoyment while traveling through the silky, textured sleeve.

Similar to the Doc Johnson provide, online stores that carry the Thrust Pro do offer discreet shipping.

Like many masturbators, the Thrust product can also be cleaned using an antibacterial soap and warm water, which is a crucial step in maintaining the integrity of the product.

Lovehoney Head Master Double Texture Blow Job Stroke

This inexpensive item is an open-ended, textured sleeve that will fit snugly over the penis for maximum enjoyment.

The internal canal measures two inches but the open end allows you to stroke the product all of the way down your shaft.

It's a rather basic that gets the job done but since the item is made from soft plastic, it does contain latex, which can cause allergies in some users.

Another point to note is that The Head Master offer a neutral opening, which means it does lack realism, which can be an issue for some male consumers.

TENGA Original Vacuum Deep Throat Onacup

The Tenga Deep Throat is designed to offer a simulated, oral experience, which differs from some of the other options above.

This product comes pre-lubricated, which is a great feature and adds to the comfort and pleasure of this product.

The design includes a cinched middle, to increase tightness and offers a vacuum-like sucking sensation that can simulate a real blow job.

The Tenga provides an internal length of five inches, with a neutral opening, similar to the Lovehoney Head Master.

And while the Tenga Deep Throat Onacup is also made of soft plastic, this particular material is both latex and phthalate-free, which is better for those who may suffer an allergic reaction to certain materials.

Super Head Honcho Masturbator

The Super Head Honcho has been made famous, thanks to the influential 'sexpert' Sue Johanson. The name is perfect for this super stroker, that measures 20% longer than most toys within it's category.

This product is made from phthalate-free TPR, which is known for being a low-toxic material. It's far silkier than soft plastic and feels more realistic than rubber.

The canal is 6.5 inches long with an entry point of 2.75 inches. The larger measurements make this item ideal for men with bigger penises.

Lovehoney Reversible Double Stroker Intense Ticklers

When it comes to an inexpensive, hand-held stroker, the Reversible Double from Lovehoney offers exciting sensations at a low price. Many men will love the see-through plastic sleeve and the canal measures at 5.5 inches, which is standard for most masturbator products.

While the Reversible Double is not made from the best quality material, it is latex and phthalate-free and the fact that it can be turned inside speaks to the versatility of this item.

Users who enjoy intense sensations will love the nodules that offer stimulating tickles and acute tingles. That said, it's important to pair this product with plenty of lube to avoid being overstimulated.

Tracey Cox Supersex Male Vibrator

This unique product stands out from the other items below as it offers vibrations as part of the overall design, which is more varied than your standard, manual stimulation. Instead of using the product to stroke your penis, you can simply slip the soft, flexible sleeve over the penis and use the internal vibrations to tease and please on the way to the ultimate climax.

We love the one-size-fits-all design of the sleeve, making it perfect for all sizes of men. The diameter is only half an inch, to ensure a snug fit and the vibrations come in a variety of speeds so you can find the perfect pattern and rhythm that will feel best.

The downsides to this product are that it uses batteries, as opposed to a USB charge, making the item seem a bit dated. Also, it's not waterproof, which can limit when and where you use the male vibrator. And depending on your sensitivity, you may not be able to fully climax although many men have found that this items is great for foreplay and achieving hardness.

What Are Fleshlight Alternatives?

fleshlight alternatives

Fleshlight alternatives are male masturbators that are similar in design to a Fleshlight sex toy but differ in shape and price.

In addition to sexual amusement, these alternatives can also work as a stamina training unit for men who want to have more control over their ejaculation.

If you compare a real fleshlight to its facsimile, you'll notice that fleshlights have a specific design that is similar to a flashlight-hence its name!

Other male sex toys that offer a similar sensation can come in a range of styles and designs, giving the consumer options regarding their physical pleasure.

In fact, more sex toy companies are realizing the demand for male sex toys and are capitalizing on the fact that men are looking for other sex toys aside from Fleshlights.

And a man who enjoys a male masturbator will surely be on the lookout for the best fleshlight alternative. And if you enjoy hands free pleasure, there are some alternative masturbators that you can mount, so that you can use your hands for other forms of arousal.

Such examples of these alternatives can come in the form of pocket pussies, Tenga eggs, and textured sleeves, just to name a few.

We will examine these options in more detail throughout this guide.

Benefits of a male masturbator

Popular male sex toys, such as manual masturbators, offer amazing pleasure via different textures found within the internal sleeve.

Obviously, the first benefit is sexual pleasure, and this is true regardless of whether the male has a partner or not; self-gratification is important!

The other advantage is that these projects provide a life like feel, as though they are penetrating a real person.

While hands by themselves can get the job done, a toy that can feel like a real vagina is a definite bonus to the user.

Another benefit is stamina training. For men who are new to sex or those who ejaculate too quickly, an intimate sex toy can help decrease the time to orgasm.

Thus, a male masturbator can lengthen the time between their own pleasure and orgasm and assist with pleasuring their partner.

Various styles of cheap fleshlights

Tenga Onaholes

Fleshlight alternatives offer an exciting variety of sensations and arousal. Below are some other alternatives to using a Fleshlight toy.

Pocket Pussies

A pocket pussy is a basic masturbation sleeve that is generally shaped like a long tube.

In many cases, it's external design looks like a real vulva and is designed to feel like a realistic vagina; hence the name pocket pussy!

Generally a pocket pussy is palm-sized for portability and discretion. However, not all pockets are small in design.

Men can also purchase life-sized pockets that are shaped like a real woman and more often designed after popular porn stars - similar to the fleshlight girls. That said, these life figures are more expensive, comparing closer to the cost of a Fleshlight toy.

Similar to a Fleshlight, the sleeve provides an arousing, internal texture and the soft material provides an easy entrance to put the penis inside.

If you choose a smaller vulva pocket, it will offer a great and inexpensive option that is perfect for solo play and masturbation.

Tenga Eggs

A Tenga Egg is a disposable, super-stretchy masturbator toy that is designed for single-use. As the name suggests, it looks like an egg.

At first glance, the Tenga appears hard and small but the exterior plastic shell is only one part of this dynamic product.

The inner, silicone shell is very soft and enjoyable with plenty of textures to stimulate the genitals.

Once unwrapped, you can stretch the entire Tenga egg over the whole penis and the snug fit is exactly what makes these male masturbators so popular.

Fleshskins Blue Ice

The Fleshskins Blue Ice is a classic example of a Fleshlight alternative.

And while the Fleshskins toy is created by the makers of the Fleshlight brand and uses the same patented material, the Fleshskin does not have a hard, flashlight-shaped case.

Essentially, this product is a tight sleeve that is designed to stretch over the penis during masturbation.

But what separates this toy from other male masturbators is that is features finger holes that add to the stroking experience.

Another advantage to this Fleshlight alternative is that it's a better toy for couples play.

Unlike the heavy and bulky Fleshlight which is best for solo experiences, the Fleshskin is easier for someone to use on their partner, adding an element of intimacy.

Textured Male Masturbator

There are male masturbation toys at first appear to be knockoffs of an actual Fleshlight in design, that are good quality products and offer a realistic texture.

These products are a cheaper alternative and are designed to look like a vulva, mouth or anal cavity.

While many men derive maximum pleasure from these alternatives, the only downside is that they are typically constructed from cheaper materials that could cause irritation or sensitivities to those who have allergies.

Why Choose Cheaper Alternatives?

Men sometimes prefer cheaper options to Fleshlights for a few reasons.

The first is obviously the cost, as Fleshlight products can be unnecessarily expensive.

As mentioned previously, traditional Fleshlights can be heavy and bulky to use.

If you are using it for solo pleasure, holding it in your hand while you masturbate can be cumbersome.

Another advantage to using a substitution is to enjoy a variety of sensations.

Even if a man wants a Fleshlight product, alternatives can provide different textures and thrills to elevate an intimate experience.

How Does A Fleshlight Alternative Compare to A Regular Fleshlight?

Like many intimate products, fleshlight alternatives have their advantages and disadvantages when comparing sex toys.

Dominating the market

Because Fleshlights dominate the sex toy market, they are usually the first product people think about when they consider purchasing a male masturbator.

One advantage is that Fleshlights are easy to find and usually pop up as the first item during an online search.

If you are new to pleasurable products, chances are a Fleshlight will be your first introduction.

No one-size-fits-all

However, the downside to Fleshlight domination is that the toy is designed with standard features and materials that make up its branding.

Because there is no variation in the patented material or overall look (except for minor changes and modifications), the item offers the same experience, which doesn't work for every person or their genitals.

Options provide more variation.

Alternatives to Fleshlights can still provide knee-trembling sensations but at a low price.

And because there are other options besides Fleshlights, users can experience differences between materials and shapes.

More discreet

Certain toys that differ from Fleshlights are smaller and, thus, inconspicuous, which is important if you prefer privacy and discretion.

For example, Tenga eggs are small, stretchy, and disposable, the antithesis of a Fleshlight product. They still provide pleasure but are easier to use and hide.

What To Consider When Buying a Fleshlight Alternative

How to choose a alternative fleshlight

Internal texture

Pleasure is created through the internal texture of the toy.

The bumps and ridges inside the product are what will massage and stimulate the penis, creating arousal.

Male masturbators will differ in internal texture, so we suggest you research the sleeve specifications to obtain the desired stimulation.

Insertable length

Insertable length is also called the penetrative length, and it refers to what you are actually able to use within the masturbator.

The insertable length does not include the ends of the toy that you cannot penetrate.

The insertable length is also different from the total length, which refers to how long the toy is, from end to end.

Insertable length is important because it relates to how well it will fit your penis.

Price point

Price point simply refers to how much the toy costs in relation to similar products and how much you want to spend as a consumer.

A fleshlight alternative is desirable because it is less expensive than a Fleshlight toy, hence a lower price point.

Comparing different features, such as the internal canal and textures, as well as the insertable length, will usually help determine the price point of your desired product.

Body Safe Material

Certain materials are safer for the body than other.

Substances such as medical grade silicone are perfect for masturbation toys, although most cheaper options may use rubber and plastics.

Lower grade materials may not cause any harm and products made from such are less expensive to buy but they are not ideal.

The downside to using a toy made from a material such as rubber or plastic is that they can cause an allergic reaction in some consumers.

Whenever possible, we recommend choosing intimate toys that are made from safer materials, even when it comes to a cheap, male masturbator.


One of the draws to using an intimate toy for men is to simulate intercourse with a product that feels (and sometimes looks) like a vagina, anal cavity or even a mouth.

Some males are aroused by realistic visuals, so you will want to consider the appearance of your chosen toy if you are someone who prefers a realistic experience.

In Summary - The Top Pick!

In reviewing the best fleshlight alternatives, our top pick is the Super Head Honcho. The material is of better quality than other options and the fact that it can accommodate larger men with a longer internal length gives this toy more versatility and inclusion. Plus, the price point within a reasonable range for inexpensive strokers.

Recommended by Sue Johanson herself, you know you can't go wrong with a toy backed by a knowledgable sex educator!