Are Fleshlights worth it

Are Fleshlights Worth It [Are They Actually Good]? in 2023

All of those Fleshlight ads that pop up all over your phone and computer might have you thinking -- are Fleshlights worth it? Offering what they claim to be the closest sensation you can get to the real thing, the Fleshlight has earned worldwide popularity as a much better alternative than, well, a bare hand.

But are Fleshlights really as satisfying as they're chalked up to be? In this guide, we're taking a deep look into Fleshlights, how they work, and whether you should consider buying a Fleshlight.

Is a Fleshlight Worth It? Pros and Cons

You probably already know what a Fleshlight is, but for the sake of the uninitiated, a Fleshlight is essentially a sex toy that's intended for penile penetration. That is, the tubular, flashlight shaped toy (which is how it gets its name) comes fitted with a vagina-esque opening that lets you insert your member.

Today, the Fleshlight is considered one of the best toys for male enjoyment. The artificial vagina is said to have a texture and tightness like the real thing, making it a popular choice among users who enjoy masturbation, self-stimulation, or for couples who like to explore their horizons.

But as you might have learned by now, there's no such thing as the perfect sex toy. So what exactly are the pros and cons of the ever popular Fleshlight? Are Fleshlights good?

The Good About Fleshlights

Joining the ranks of dildos, butt plugs, and vibrators are some of the most popular sex toys around, the Fleshlight has cemented its reputation as a sex toy must-have. And it really comes as no surprise considering all the titillating advantages it can provide, including:

  • Realistic Feel - First of all, if there's anything that users appreciate about Fleshlights, it's that they feel significantly better than using a hand. Some Fleshlights are molded after porn stars and porn models which can definitely add to the sex toy's appeal. They also use what's called 'Super Skin' -- a pliable, silicone-like material that gives the sleeve a truly realistic feel as it slides and glides against your member.
  • Variety - Sex is about experimentation and exploration, and the manufacturers behind the Fleshlight know that. So to make the sex toy relevant even years after you purchase it, they sell a load of accessories that let you explore a new experience every time. Inserts for example come in a range of tightness and texture styles so you can find a fit that truly matches your current season.
  • Durable - Remember that last sex toy you had? How long did it take before you wore it down? Probably not too long. With a Fleshlight though, you won't have to worry too much about longevity. Designed for lasting performance, a Fleshlight can see you through years of satisfying use thanks to its high quality construction and durable design.

The Bad About Fleshlights

Well, there's no such thing as the perfect sex toy. Just like any other exhilarating sex accessory you'll find on the market, the Fleshlight has its downsides. And these include:

  • Cost - Some Fleshlights can get pretty expensive. With certain types priced upwards of $100, these sex toys are as much an investment as any other big ticket item you might buy. And that's just the Fleshlight itself. Considering the amount you might spend on things like accessories, it's easy to see how a Fleshlight might not seem accessible for most people.
  • Maintenance - The whole idea behind a Fleshlight is that it gives you an authentic experience. So yes, you're going to jizz in it. Cleaning the thing requires some patience as it does have quite a few parts. And because the manufacturer doesn't recommend using soap (even mild soap) on the sleeve, you may have to purchase a separate cleaning solution called FleshWash.

What Do Fleshlights Really Feel Like?

That depends. Because Fleshlight models come in such a wide variety of styles and designs, there's really no definite feel that applies to every Fleshlight across the board. That means you can get a different experience depending on the sleeve that you want to use.

Whatever the case though, you can expect your Fleshlight to feel realistic. The Super Skin material inside the enclosure uses a silicone material that mimics a real human orifice. It's also designed to take heat, so you can warm it up in hot water for a more authentic experience.

Adding some water based lubricant (see the best fleshlight lubes) to the soft, warm Super Skin interior makes for a truly accurate feel. And because you can choose a sleeve that matches your desire for softness, stretchiness, firmness, and texture, then you can expect to get a fine-tuned sex experience that you can truly enjoy.

Different Types of Fleshlights

While accessories can adjust and alter your Fleshlight encounter, the kind of Fleshlight you buy will ultimately dictate the extent of exploration you can enjoy. These include:


Fleshlight classic pink lady

The first ever Classic Fleshlight features the original prototype design that works best for no-frills users. Quite large and bulky, the Classic doesn't have a lot of variation options in terms of accessories. But if you plan to use your Fleshlight at home and you don't like too many complicated features, the Classic might be best for you.

The Fleshlight Pink Lady is one of the original classics.

Fleshlight Launch

fleshlight launch

As the most expensive choice on the list, the Fleshlight Launch takes away the manual labor by providing you a small machine that controls the toy for you. So instead of using your own strength to do the hardwork yourself, the entire contraption automates the experience so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the encounter.

Go & Flight

Fleshlight Go Torque

The Fleshlight Go and Fleshlight Flight were designed with on-the-go users in mind. These two styles feature compact structures and super discreet exteriors that don't make them look like Fleshlights at all. That means bringing this Fleshlight when you're going on a business trip won't cause the same embarrassment as a Classic.


Fleshlight Girls

If you're a fan of porn stars and models, then the Fleshlight Girls series might be up your alley. These toys use molds from the actual vagina, anus (see the best anal fleshlights), and even mouths of porn models and actresses so you can get as close to the real deal as possible.



Just like the Fleshlight Girls line up, the Fleshjack series caters to people who want to know what their favorite stars are like. The difference? Unlike the Girls series, Fleshjacks borrow their shapes and sizes from male porn models, giving options for gay or gender-queer users.



The open-ended Quickshot doesn't contain your cum the way that other models do. But because it's targeted towards couples, the final money shot at the end of a Quickshot encounter works great if you're looking for something you can enjoy with someone else. They're also much easier to clean.

Stamina Training Unit

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

Specifically developed to give you the highest intensity of sexual sensation, the Stamina Training Unit works to help you last longer than you usually would. This specific Fleshlight trains your body to prolong your sexual endurance while heightening the erotic sensation.

What's in the Box?

A Fleshlight typically comes with four different parts. These include:

  • Sleeve - The interior sleeve feels like soft, skin-like material that your penis makes direct contact with. Manufacturers sell a range of sleeve designs that change up texture, tightness, and flexibility so you can get a more accurately satisfying experience. This is also typically the part that receives your cum at the end of masturbation.
  • Case - The case is the hollow, structured handle that holds the sleeve in place. This part gives you something to hold on to so you can move and glide your Fleshlight over your penis without having to worry about losing your grip. The casing changes from design to design, with some featuring brass-knuckles type finger holes for a more secure hold.
  • End cap - Designed to appear like an anus, labia, or even a pair of lips, the end cap uses soft, silicone material and appeals to the visual side of the sexual encounter. Most Fleshlight manufacturers aim for a detailed end-cap design to give visual users a more titillating experience.
  • Lid - Although it doesn't always come with a Fleshlight, the lid may present practical, sanitary purpose. When not in use, the lid serves to protect the Fleshlight's interior from contamination.

How Much Do Fleshlights Cost? Are Fleshlights Worth It?

The standard Fleshlight models (especially those designed for on-the-go use) don't really cost a fortune. Priced at roughly $50 for the unit and all of its necessary parts, these accessible, affordable Fleshlights ring well with customers on a budget. But keep in mind though that a Fleshlight worth under $50 might not provide the same versatility and durability as other types.

But if you had extra to spare, then you might want to consider a fancier, luxury model. Some of the best Fleshlights cost upwards of $200 each, but they also provide significantly more benefits and versatility. And because lots of users claim that their Fleshlights have lasted over 5 years, even the most expensive ones are definitely worth the money.

Ultimately, buying a Fleshlight worth more money guarantees greater longevity and versatility. As with any other purchase, the more you spend on your Fleshlight, the more use and adaptability you can get out of it.

Alternatives to the Fleshlight

So maybe the Fleshlights worth is slightly out of reach for you. That's okay. There are lots of alternatives to the Fleshlight worth exploring. Check out some of the best onaholes and blowjob machines for a start. 

Below are some of our favorite alternatives. Although they won't provide the exact same encounter as the Fleshlight, they're definitely good enough for spicing up your sex life.

  • Tenga Eggs - The super stretchy Tengga Eggs are egg-shaped silicone sex toys that stretch over your penis to create a condom-like sheath. You can then masturbate with the silicone sheath to achieve a sensation similar to a vagina or anus. Considered one of the Fleshlight brand's main competitors, Tenga Eggs are different in that they're only capable of single use.
  • Tenga Flip - Offering an alternative for users who want the longevity of a Fleshlight, the Tenga Flip offers versatile performance in a discreet, tubular design. With buttons on the side, these sex toys for men offer the ability to adjust the feel with a single press. It does cost a little more however, at around the same price of mid-range Fleshlights.
  • ULTRASKYN Pocket Pal - If you're working with a budget under $20, the $15 ULTRASKYN Pocket Pal makes a great alternative. Designed to work like a Fleshlight, this sex toy delivers straightforward functionality. But because it tries to look as aesthetically accurate as possible, expect that you won't be able to bring this baby out and about without getting unwanted attention.

Things to Consider When Buying a Fleshlight

Are Fleshlights good

Because some Fleshlights can cost quite a lot, buying one takes quite a bit of due diligence. So if you want to avoid the long, tedious process of returning a Fleshlight, here's what you need to consider before you buy one:

  1. Size - Different Fleshlight sleeves are designed to accommodate the range of penis sizes. Depending on the size of your penis, you should consider the girth and tightness of the sleeve to get the best sensation.
  2. Texture - Sleek, simple sleeves serve the standard purpose of stimulating your penis with nothing more than sheer tightness. But for those looking for something a little more exciting and experimentative, textured sleeves provide a unique erotic encounter.
  3. Accessories - Accessories for Fleshlights aren't compatible across the board. So if you were going to get the Classic model for example, you'd be limited to the accessories designed for that specific type. It's best to consider the extent of variety you want first so you can pattern your Fleshlight choices after the availability of accessories.
  4. Intended use - Where do you plan to use your new toy? At-home use probably won't put too many restrictions on your options. But if you plan to bring your Fleshlight out and about, using a more discreet design should work best.

Where to Buy a Fleshlight

Fleshlight knockoffs definitely exist. To avoid buying a Fleshlight that doesn't come from the real brand, make sure to buy a Fleshlight from a trusted source which includes:

You can't go wrong when you visit the main source. Here you can find the entire range of available Fleshlight options as well as various branded accessories that perfectly match your toy of choice. Shopping directly from the Fleshlight website also works great if you were hoping to get your hands on loyalty deals and reliable customer service.

One of the most trusted sources of toys and erotic paraphernalia, Lovehoney is recognized as one of the registered resellers of Fleshlights and its related accessories. They also have quite a selection of toys so you can buy a Fleshlight and a bunch of other exciting goodies under one roof.

The Bottomline

So -- are Fleshlights worth the money? Everything considered, they're definitely worth the investment. Offering lasting performance and impressively varied experiences (thanks to a wide assortment of accessories) you can expect to enjoy your Fleshlight for many years to come.

So if your hand just doesn't do it for you anymore, maybe it's time to spice up your intimate life by buying a Fleshlight.