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The 5 Best Anal Dildos for Erotic Anal Arousal in 2023

When most of us think about dildos, we generally consider these sex toys to be something that is used to penetrate the vagina. However, depending on the style of the dildo itself, this toy can also be used for anal sex. If you are curious about or enjoy the idea of anal play and prostate stimulation, we invite you to learn more about the best anal dildos available to consumers.

One of the coolest aspects of anal sex toys is that these toys can be used on a person of any gender. Every human possesses an anus, making anal dildos a great equalizer when it comes to sex. But while anyone can use an anal dildo, men and women may find the sensations different.

And with dildos that are being chosen with anal play in mind, you will want to make sure that your sex toy is safe, comfortable, and fun to use. Whether you are new to anal sex or looking to purchase more sex toys for anal enjoyment, we will break down everything you want to know about anal dildos; from the insertable length to hands-free, p-spot pleasure!

What Is An Anal Dildo?

An anal dildo is a sex toy that is specifically designed to penetrate the anus. It is a dildo that is considered safe for anal play due to its design, insertable length, and, most importantly, its flared base.

That said, most anal dildos can also be used for vaginal penetration, although they may or may not be as effective, depending on the individual's body type. But it's important to note that not every dildo is designed to be inserted into the anus.

When it comes to anal sex, your sex toys must be safe to use because the anus and the rectum are different from the vagina. The anal area requires a bit more caution because the sphincter muscle is quite restrictive, and the tissue is much more delicate.

But even with extra mindfulness needed, the anus is also an amazing source of arousal, so we definitely recommend experimenting with sex toys such as anal dildos.

How Do Anal Dildos Work? (Plus Tips on How to Use Them Effectively)

For the most part, an anal dildo is used in much of the same way as dildos for vaginal penetration. To use an anal dildo, you insert it into the chosen orifice. However, there is more to using an anal dildo so that the experience is pleasurable, comfortable, and safe inside the body.

Anal play can offer some of the most deliciously intense sensations, especially with a realistic dildo. To get the best enjoyment from your anal dildo, we break down the best practices for when you use these sex toys.

Always use lube

lube for anal dildos

With most dildos, it's always best to use lube; adding water or silicone-based lube to your sex toy makes penetration smoother and easier. However, this is even more important when you are using an anal dildo. Unlike the vagina, the anus is not self-lubricating (except for the rare cases), so lube is essential when incorporating dildos into anal sex.

Inserting an anal dildo without using an anal lube will not only be an uncomfortable experience, but it can also be downright painful. The anus is full of delicate tissues, and nerve endings, which is why using an anal dildo can be so fun in the first place.

But if you use an anal dildo without lubrication, it is possible that you could tear the orifice, which can lead to anal fissures.

To have the best anal sex experience, always use lube with your dildos. Depending on the material that your sex toy is made of, you may require either a water-based or silicone lube. And when it comes to dildos and anal sex, remember that there is no such thing as too much lube, so apply generously along the shaft of the anal dildo and also around the opening of the anal area itself.

Strap it on

Dildos are versatile because you can use them manually or pair an anal dildo with a strap-on harness. Typically, the action of a woman who penetrates a male with an anal dildo using a strap-on harness is called pegging (see our guide to the best dildos for pegging).

But of course, anyone can use an anal dildo, and the partner who uses a strap-on on their lover can be of any gender identity.

While it's unnecessary to use a harness with an anal dildo, one of the advantages is that the receiver or 'bottom' can submit entirely to their lover. To many, relinquishing control can be a major source of arousal.

But regardless of whether your partner wants to use an anal dildo with their hands or with a harness, both parties need to be on the same page when it comes to boundaries and consent.

Because anal dildos come with a flared base, they are easy to use with a strap-on harness. First, you will need to choose the proper sized harness and o-ring. The anal dildo is then threaded through the o-ring to rest against the pubic bone of the person who is wearing the harness.

The o-ring will hold the dildo in place as the partner (or the 'Top') penetrates their lover.

Hands-free anal sex

Dildos are also great for solo anal play. Just like a dildo that is inserted into the vagina, one can certainly penetrate themselves with their own hands. However, some of the best anal dildos come with a suction cup base so that the user can enjoy hands-free pleasure.

The suction cup base can stick to smooth, non-porous surfaces, such as the edge of a bathroom or even a coffee table. You can mount your dildo pretty much anywhere that you feel will be secure and that can accommodate different positions for anal penetration.

Why Are Anal Dildos Popular?

Despite some misconceptions and biases around anal, sex-especially regarding a man receiving anal penetration-anal dildos, are very popular. Regardless of your gender or the identity of your lover(s), anyone can enjoy anal dildos.

Even if you are completely new to any form of anal arousal, there are options available so that you can find the best dildo for anal exploration.

Anal pleasure is for everyone.

Because every physical body includes an anus and rectum, anyone can experiment with an anal dildo. However, the erotic sensations will come from different areas within the body, depending on your biological sex.

For example, the best dildos for men will possess a certain insertable length to stimulate the P-spot, whereas women may prefer to use a long anal dildo for the toy to stimulate their A-spot.

No matter your physiology, anal sex can be experienced and enjoyed by all. Some may prefer a small anal dildo, where others may require a long anal dildo, but no matter your preferred style or size, an anal dildo can provide new forms of erotic (and sometimes hands-free) pleasure.

Benefits of using an anal dildo

Exploring your desires and fantasies is normal and healthy. In particular, incorporating sex toys into your intimate moments is the best way to find out what you like.

Anal play at your comfort level

One of the main benefits of an anal dildo is that it allows you to experiment with anal sex at your own pace. Unlike a penis, you can choose the size and the shape of your dildo to condition your body to different sensations.

An anal dildo allows you to become more comfortable with receiving anal sex. If you are timid, dildos can always be used by yourself until you are ready to share that experience with a partner.

Anal dildos with a suction cup base allow you to play with different positions while experimenting with the insertable length. With a suction cup, you can decide on the best anal depth for your body.

In addition to hands-free anal fun, a suction cup base dildo provides the best opportunity to explore anal penetration in different areas of your home! The best anal dildos provide a flared, suction cup base for various scenarios with or without a partner.

Break taboos and enjoy yourself

In many ways, anal dildos break sexual taboos and societal norms when it comes to physical pleasure. Even as progressive as our world has become, there are still places in the world where anal sex (between men) is illegal.

Using a dildo challenges the notion that real sex or intercourse must involve a penis inside a vagina. It also allows you to become more familiar with your own body and decide what sexuality and pleasure mean to you.

Whether you are single or in an intimate partnership, anal dildos are a great way to explore your erotic curiosities in a fun, safe, and varied way. Treat yourself or your lover to the best anal arousal and play.

Different Types of Anal Dildos

different types of anal dildos

Not all dildos are created equally, and that goes double for anal dildos. From a realistic dildo design or animal designed dildo, to a sex toy that vibrates, there are many choices available for this intimate item. Let's explore the best types of dildos for the ultimate p-spot and a-spot stimulation.

Good vibrations

Clitoral stimulators are not the only sex toys that can deliver good vibes; anal dildos can also come in vibrating models. While this sensation may not be for everyone, adding some pulsation to penetration can provide added arousal.

The benefit to experimenting with a vibrating dildo is that you can use the tremors to relax and stimulate the outside of the anus before inserting the toy. The anus is full of sensitive nerves, and by lightly caressing a vibrating toy around the opening, it will provide pleasurable sensations and most likely decrease any nervousness.

If you are completely new to anal sex and such toys, the thought of vibrations may seem too intense. And for some, that may be the case. But since all bodies and responses are different, a vibrating toy may offer the perfect solution for someone who is curious but who may need some 'encouragement in the form of a quivering tease!

Suction cup options

While not every dildo will come with a suction cup at the end, it's always a useful feature, especially with a dildo that is being inserted into the anus. The advantages are twofold: a suction cup provides safety and also hands-free convenience.

We've mentioned before that a dildo used to penetrate the anus must have a flared base; otherwise, you run the serious risk of losing the item inside your rectum! A suction-cup end will provide enough width at the bottom to keep your sphincter muscles from sucking up the toy.

However, always exercise caution and make sure that the suction cup end is wider than the circumference of the dildo.

A suction cup also provides you with autonomous pleasure, giving your hands a break. If you want to enjoy yourself by yourself, mount the base to any solid surface.

Realism or fantasy?

Some people love the idea of using a realistic dildo, and by that, we mean dildos that are shaped like penises or at least possess a phallic shape of male genitalia. However, not all dildos need to look 'real' to be enjoyed.

Some models are shaped like real and fantasy creatures (for example dog knot dildos, stallion dildos, and even tentacle dildos) or come in kinky shapes. Why would this be interesting to some users?

If you identify as queer, you may not feel that a realistic dildo is important to your sexuality or physical experiences. A fantasy anal dildo may appeal to anyone who does not find a realistic dildo as interesting, or you may be someone who prefers some variety with your sex toys.

Whatever the case, having an option between choosing a realistic dildo or a toy with a more fantastical shape is great because it speaks to the diversity of bodies and interests within sexual folks.

Best Materials to Use for Anal Dildos

When it comes to inserting sex toys inside sensitive orifices, it's important to choose the right material. The best anal dildos are made from non-porous substances such as body-safe silicone or glass. Especially with an anal dildo, you want to ensure that your toys are not made of toxic substances.

Choosing the best material is particularly important when it comes to cleaning your dildo. Non-porous materials are easier to disinfect and sterilize, as both silicone and glass can be boiled in water. On the other hand, porous materials can trap moisture and bacteria, eventually wearing down your dildo.

And while there will always be toys constructed from substances like rubber or plastic, we absolutely recommend investing in a dildo that uses safe materials, both inside and out.

How to Choose the Best Anal Dildo

Picking out the best anal dildo can be fun but also confusing if you are unfamiliar with this item. Check out some pointers below that offer some guidance when deciding on your next purchase.


The shape of your dildo will ultimately dictate your comfort and pleasure, so consider what might be most appealing to you. For beginners, it's best to start with a dildo that is thin and smooth.

But as you continue to explore, you may be interested in trying other shapes. You can choose a dildo that looks more like a penis, or you can experiment with more fantastical designs.


The best anal dildo that you can buy is made of body-safe materials; silicone, glass, and stainless steel are generally the favorites. One advantage to using glass is that you can experiment with different temperatures. Speaking of temperature play, have you ever tried making an ice dildo yourself? It's super easy and the sensations are amazing.

That said, anal dildos do come in other materials, such as plastic or jelly. While these toys may be less expensive to purchase, the trade-off is possible toxicity. Treat your body to quality materials for the best anal experience.


Dildos that are being used inside the anus must have a flared base. As mentioned above, you run the risk of losing the toy inside of you without a flare. Also, to remain safe, always use lots of lube to avoid any tearing and discomfort.

Start small and go slow. Anal sex is not a race or a challenge; always listen to your body and never force anything that feels painful.


An anal dildo should offer more firmness; otherwise, it can be harder to insert. If you are just starting with anal play, we suggest choosing a dildo made of a more rigid material so that it is easier to use.

However, a more flexible material may offer more comfort once the dildo is inside of you. Try experimenting with different types of pliability to see what feels best for your body.


If you want to get more adventurous with your dildo, some items offer cool features that can enhance your experience. These include vibrating anal dildos, remote-control dildos, and anal toys with a suction cup at the end to use for hands-free fun.

If you are looking for additional stimulation or a way to incorporate exciting forms of partner play, consider an anal dildo that offers more than just penetration. There are exciting developments that you can try in an anal dildo.

Insertable Length

The insertable length of your dildo is essential to consider. You'll want a dildo that is long enough to reach the prostate but not so long that it is uncomfortable. Most anal dildos come with an average insertable length of five to twelve inches long with a width between one to two inches.

Recommendations of Anal Dildos

In reviewing the best anal dildos available to consumers, we have compiled a list to review. Check out the items to see if any of these toys are of interest to you!

1. BASICS Slimline Anal Starter Dildo 6 Inch

BASICS Slimline Anal Starter Dildo

The Basics Slimline dildo is perfect for beginners when it comes to anal sex. It offers a smooth, thin design with an insertable length of 6 inches and a circumference of 3.5 inches.

We love that this dildo is latex-free and phthalate-free, but unfortunately, this item is made from soft plastic. However, bonus points include that the dildo is harness compatible and offers a suction cup end.

Lovehoney Curved Silicone Suction Cup Dildo

This sleek silicone dildo from Lovehoney is perfect for both vaginal and anal penetration. The slight curve is angled so that the dildo can stimulate the p-spot and g-spot. Slather on a generous amount of water-based lube (perfect for silicone toys) and enjoy manual or strap-on harness fun.

The Lovehoney model also provides hands-free enjoyment with its suction base. The price is also quite reasonable, considering the quality.

Beaded Black Anal Dildo with Suction Cup Base

The beaded design of this dildo offers an interesting texture that is perfect for the anal cavity. While it is made of PVC, like the BASICS dildo, it's also allergen-free. The curves contour to the body while the size of the beads gradually increases.

With a circumference of 8 inches (at its thickest point) and an insertable length of 6.5 inches, this dildo is great for both beginners and those who are more advanced in their anal exploration.

Also, check out some of the best anal beads here.

Tantus Charmer Silicone G-Spot and P-Spot Dildo

We love this Tantus dildo for anal play and prostate stimulation. It's the perfect combination of firm and flexible, thanks to the body-safe silicone material. This versatile dildo can be used in various ways; manually, with a strap-on, or via a suction end. It has a length of 6. 5 inches and a circumference of 3. 75.

Beautiful, textured, and waterproof, the Tantus is a quality investment.

Gläs Pure Indulgence Glass Anal Dildo

Aside from silicone, a glass dildo is our next favorite choice, and this anal toy from Glas looks like a beautiful work of art. Long and slim with a bulbous probe at the end, this dildo will surely hit the right (p)-spot! Not only can you sterilize glass dildos, but they are also fun for sensory and temperature play.

This dildo is also compatible with all lubes, so we recommend using a silicone-based lube (which cannot be used on silicone toys!) for extra, long-lasting slipperiness. The curved shaft makes it easy to insert all 7.5 inches (or at least work up to that), and the price is perfectly in line with the quality.

Conclusion of the Best Anal Dildo

In reviewing the anal dildos above, our conclusion for the best anal dildo is the Tantus Charmer Silicone Dildo. While pricier than the others, the Tantus offers a beautiful and textured design while remaining a safe toy to use on the body. When it comes to choosing from the best anal dildos, always opt for quality.