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5 Best Anal Fleshlights for a Realistic Tight Butt Feeling

You may have seen them in sex stores or advertised online by sex toy manufacturers; perhaps you've even used one yourself! However, suppose you are not familiar with the original fleshlight brand. In that case, we are excited to introduce this anal male masturbator and discuss the best anal fleshlights available to men. 

Whether you are looking for a realistic anal sex experience or want to take your sex toy pleasure to the next level, an anal fleshlight will provide men with exciting stimulation via the tight-fitting, fleshlight sleeve. Especially for men who are turned on by the idea of anal sex, this sex toy will also provide visuals, inspiring all senses during solo anal play. 

What are Anal Fleshlights? 

An anal fleshlight is a sex toy that is used as a male masturbator. The concept is similar to the original fleshlight with the added bonus of a tight, puckered entry point that simulates a butt. When the penis thrusts into the sex toy, it appears as though you are penetrating an anus.

If you are a big fan of anal play, these sex toys guarantee a great and often realistic-feeling anal experience. And just like the traditional fleshlight model, the sleeve will provide pleasurable sensations but with a tight grip that is similar to anal sex. With these anal sex toys, the fleshlight sleeve is designed to emulate permeating the anal cavity. 

Why Use an Anal Fleshlight?

best fleshlight for anal penetration

Men enjoy using anal fleshlights and related sex sleeve toys for a few different reasons. The most obvious reason is, of course, because it feels good! Just as some women enjoy penetration with a dildo, men enjoy the feel of male masturbators because penetrating the sleeve with the penis is a great source of pleasure.

A masturbator, like an anal fleshlight, is also good for men who may lack sexual experience. The first time that a man has intercourse, he may experience premature ejaculation, or he may feel that the pleasure is so overwhelming that he can't properly stimulate his partner.

A man can use a masturbator sleeve or an anal fleshlight toy to improve stamina so that he provides his lover with the best intercourse possible! The more experience the penis has with penetration, the easier the male can feel like a star in bed.

Men who use anal fleshlight can experience the sensations of anal sex, even if their partner isn't into it. The anal fleshlight allows the user to indulge in realistic anal fantasies by use of an internal texture that mimics permeating the anus.

Whether you use a masturbator sleeve simply for personal pleasure or gain some sexual experience and learn some techniques, using an anal fleshlight can provide some of the best sensations and stimulation for the penis.

How Do Anal Fleshlights Work?

Using an anal fleshlight might seem like a no-brainer; stimulate your penis so that it becomes erect and then penetrate the sleeve. Easy right? As fun as that seems, one needs to take a few more steps to enjoy their anal fleshlight to the best degree. Just as in a real sexual encounter, some preparation is needed.

Warm Up the Sleeve

Unlike real skin, the inner sleeve of the fleshlight doesn't start warm to the touch. If you want your sleeve to feel like real flesh, you should warm the sleeve slightly so that it feels like a realistic cavity upon entry. You can remove it and place it in warm water for a few minutes to warm the sleeve.

Conversely, there are also sleeve warmers you can purchase if you were looking for an additional accessory for your fleshlight. This is not a necessary step, but it will definitely make the masturbator sleeve experience much more comfortable.

Use Water-Based Lube

The inner sleeve of the fleshlight is made from superskin material in order to provide the best and most realistic anal sex experience. However, to bring your fleshlight play to the next level, you absolutely must use a water-based lube. The easy-to-clean superskin material became popular via the fleshlight brand, and the sleeve can provide realistic sensations, but it does need to be lubricated. However, this latex-free material is only compatible with a water-based lube.

That said, you can use various textures of lube, from a more fluid-like substance to a thicker, jelly texture. The advantage to using a thicker water-based lube is that it can help to provide a smooth barrier between the penis and the bumps and ridges of the sleeve itself. This is particularly helpful for men who have a more sensitive penis, especially if they are sensitive.

Check out our guides to the best anal lubes and best lubes for fleshlights for recommendations.

Stimulation and Pleasure

Once you have prepared your anal fleshlight, it's time to get down to action! While the basics of using an anal masturbator are pretty obvious, there are some tricks to enjoying your anal fleshlight to the fullest. First, you can choose between a hand-held anal fleshlight option, or you can choose additional attachments to provide a hands-free experience. There are advantages to both methods.

If you decide on a manual anal toy, you can control the speed and force with your hand, which for some men, especially those who may lack sexual experience-might feel more familiar. However, if you decide to mount your toy using a fleshlight shower mount or specially designed sex furniture attachment, that may provide a more realistic anal sex experience. Also, by choosing an additional, hands-free accessory, men who would like to improve their penetration technique can practice their movements on the mount. But whichever method you choose to pleasure yourself via the anal sleeve, make sure that you are having fun and enjoying the sensations.

Different Types of Anal Fleshlights

Like the traditional fleshlight toy (which is designed to feel like a realistic vaginal cavity), anal fleshlights come in various styles. You can choose designs that intimate your favorite porn star, like the Alexis Texas 'Texas Tornado' anal fleshlight or something more simple, like a butt fleshlight. Check out the different variations of anal fleshlights available to consumers, providing the perfect anal penetration experience.

Fleshlight Girls

As mentioned, the Fleshlight Girls series allows you to 'get inside your stars.' Each Fleshlight Girls toy features a different porn star, such as Alexis Texas, Stoya, Riley Reid, and Adriana Chechik (famous for her 'Next Level' butt fleshlight sleeve). Contrary to the marketing aspect, the Fleshlight Girls series is molded to represent a star's anus but not inside the anal cavity. Regardless, there is something pretty great about penetrating a realistic anal fleshlight that looks like your favorite star's butt.

Each Fleshlight Girls toy offers a unique sleeve design, giving each fleshlight its own look and feel. For example, the Texas Tornado features a swirl-like sleeve that is supposed to mimic the look of a tornado! Like all anal fleshlights, they are made from superskin material, offering a real anal sensation.


The Flight Fleshlight is a travel-sized toy that is compact and portable, perfect for when you need a quickie on the go! Its unassuming, stylish design offers men discretion, but just like other models, the Flight Fleshlight offers the same amount of texture and suction to provide the best anal action.

Sex in a Can

If you are a dude who likes beer and masturbating, well, Sex in a Can is the toy for you! Cleverly disguised as a can of beer, this fleshlight will provide both a discreet novelty experience and a tight entry point with incredible suction for penile stimulation.

Sex in a Can is great because you can display it in plain view without suspicion; it is best for those who want to keep their sex toys hidden from friends or lovers but still want an item that provides a real anal (or vagina) texture.

Of all fleshlight available to consumers, the Sex in A Can fleshlight is one type of masturbator that is fun, playful, and pleasurable. If you want to have a real party, invite over the Fleshlight Girls and enjoy taking turns between your favorite star while stimulating yourself with vibrant beer cans!


The Fleshlight Ice features a transparent design that offers the best kind of visual stimulation. There are various Ice models, ranging from the Ice Lady to the Flight Aviator (and many in between). The Ice Butt is best if you want a tight fit that offers exceptional suction via the superskin material sleeve.

What may appeal to users most is that one can see their member penetrate the fleshlight, and as the clever tagline says, "Everything looks bigger in ice." This item may be well suited for you if you are looking for a unique anal fleshlight with a cool, crystal-like appearance.

How to Choose the Best Anal Fleshlight

how to choose a butt fleshlight

Let's face it, fleshlights aren't cheap and many question are they even worth it? We believe they are. But before you purchase an anal fleshlight there are a few things to consider. 

Since every men's body is unique, it's always best to choose an anal fleshlight that provides the best anal experience via a tight suction and sensational texture. Below are some suggestions in choosing one that will really, as well as pleasurable.

Penis Size

In general, most penis sizes are compatible with a fleshlight-particularly with the best anal fleshlight design. Consumers can explore penis sizing charts, but typically, an erect penis that measures at least 5.9 inches in length and at least 4.9 inches in circumference can use a fleshlight.


The more important consideration is genital sensitivity. For example, if you prefer a more intense sensation like squeezing, you will want to try a fleshlight with more of a tight suction and texture. But if you prefer a softer touch, it's best to go with a more realistic fleshlight with less texture, made from a soft material.


Speaking of materials, while superskin is a favorite material of the fleshlight brand, there are other substances used to create the inner texture. Depending on the material used, it will add to the feel, for the best anal fleshlight is the one that gives you the most pleasure!

Masturbation sleeves can be constructed from various materials, aside from superskin. Materials can include Elastomer, rubber jelly, Cyberskin (which is very similar to superskin as far as texture), and silicone. As far as recommendations for the best anal fleshlights, we always suggest body-safe materials such as silicone or Cyberskin (as well as its derivatives).

Cleaning Your Fleshlight

With an intimate toy, it's essential that you properly clean the item before and after each use and the same rule applies to an anal fleshlight. In fact, it's particularly important to clean a fleshlight because of how the internal design collects body fluids (such as male ejaculate). However, the good news is that fleshlights are generally easy to clean.

First, remove the sleeve from the case by removing the end cap but do not use soap to clean the internal sleeve. Clean the case, making sure to dry it thoroughly.  To clean the sleeve, first, rinse it with warm water. Soaking the sleeve in water will help to loosen any particles.  Next, use a generic toy cleaner or isopropyl alcohol and spray or pour it inside, swishing the cleanser around.

After you clean the inside, it's important to the sleeve dry-don't play with your fleshlight until it is completely dry. Otherwise, moisture will encourage the growth of bacteria, and no one wants to use a moldy product! The best way to air out the fleshlight is to let the sleeve air dry. It's not recommended to use a towel or a cloth because the sleeve material could attract lint, which is hard (if not impossible!) to remove. Also, never try to fold or turn the fleshlight sleeve inside out, as doing so may damage the item.

Fleshlight Features

One of the cool aspects of using an anal fleshlight is how unique each item can be, depending on the manufacturer. There are some great features to discover when exploring this item.


There are 47 different internal textures when it comes to the fleshlight brand. The texture of the sleeve is where you will find the most pleasure, so it's good to check out different options. Like the Riley Reed anal fleshlight, some sleeves offer suction control, whereas the Stoya Destroya sleeve features more of a real feel, as though you are penetrating an actual butt!

To enjoy the texture of the best anal fleshlight, you'll want to choose one that is based on your personal preference.


When it comes to using an anal fleshlight, most users definitely desire a tight fit. The tightness can provide erotic sensations while it is used to stroke the genitals. Unless your member is overly sensitive, penetrating a tight sleeve will provide the most realistic feeling when it comes to simulating anal sex.

Like texture, tightness is also a matter of personal preference, but description options and marketing can go a long way when it comes to choosing the right grip. For example, one of the enticing aspects of a Fleshlight Girls product is the star quality of a tight, anal opening. Again, while the inner sleeve is not fashioned after the porn star herself, the constructed anus is where you will experience the tight entry, which is quite enjoyable for many consumers.


Masturbators and, in particular, fleshlights come in a wide range of styles, sizes, and designs, and one of the key features is the product's portability. Let's face it; the best anal fleshlight is one that you can carry around so that you can play whenever and wherever you like!

While not all fleshlights are super compact and lightweight (for example, Fleshlight Girls), there are great options of products that offer maneuverability. While not technically considered an anal fleshlight per see, the Quickshot is a derivative of the Fleshlight brand best known for offering a compact design with the added bonus of an open-end cap. The Fleshskins Blue Ice is another product that provides a small, portable design with an easy grip that is best for beginners.

Intimate products are quite varied, and when it comes to your personal, physical enjoyment, you will want to explore what aspects are most important when choosing the best anal fleshlight. The tightness of the inner sleeve will most definitely play a factor in your decision, as will texture. Because anal fleshlights are not a one-size-fits-all item, it's good to investigate what individual fleshlights offer before making your choice.

Recommendations of the Top Anal Fleshlights

1. Fleshlight Butt Eva Lovia Spice Texture

Fleshlight Butt Eva Lovia Spice Texture

Part of the Fleshlight Girls series, the Eva Lovia anal fleshlight is designed to replicate the butt of this famous star, providing 9 inches of realistic pleasure. The superskin sleeve canal is temperature responsive, which will warm against your member with every stroke.

This fleshlight will provide hours of enjoyment with its textured nubs, and the canal diameter of 0.75 inches will accommodate any size.

Fleshlight Butt Stoya Epic Texture

Stoya got her start in the adult industry through erotic photography and as a go-go dancer. She is considered one of the first women to have an alt-girl porn contract and has since garnered the attention of millions of fans. Now, with the Fleshlight Girls anal fleshlight, you can experience penetrating Stoya's butt as you discover all 9 inches of her rear-entry canal. 

Similar to Eva Lovia, Stoya's tunnel is also temperature responsive, which will provide a comfortable and pleasurable sensation. But the main difference between Eva and Stoya is found within the sleeve itself. The Butt Stoya is tighter and more textured than the Eva Lovia anal fleshlight. For users who may be more sensitive, the ridges and nubs may be a bit too much. But if you love the intensity and a firm grip, you will love playing with the Stoya!

3. UberKinky Training Master Double Side Stroker Pussy and Anus Male Masturbator

Enjoy dual-action fun with this double-sided vagina and anal stroker, perfect for when you can't decide between a pucker and a pussy! The internal canal is fashioned from phthalate-free TPE rubber, which is known to feel fleshy and realistic.

However, it would be important to apply a generous helping of lube for a more comfortable fit. The length measures 8.66 inches long, which is just slightly smaller than the Fleshlight Girls. However, the versatility of this product will win consumers over with every stroke.

4. Fleshlight Classic Pink Butt - Original Texture Sleeve


When it comes to intimate products, there's nothing like a classic! Constructed from superskin and phthalate-free ABS, this body-safe product can provide you with an amazing, simulated anal sex experience without all of the bells and whistles.

Perfect for first-time users, the Classic Pink Butt measures ten inches in length and 4 inches in width. The package includes the standard black case, a textured sleeve, a delightfully puckered anal orifice, and instructions for care and for cleaning.

The Fleshlight Classic Pink Butt package is quite affordable at a completely reasonable price point, which allows beginners to decide if they enjoy this type of product without making a huge investment. So go ahead-put one in the pink!


Discover anal pleasure on ice with the Fleshlight Ice Butt, featuring a crystal texture sleeve! An alternative to the more traditional Classic Pink Butt fleshlight, the Ice Butt offers exciting visuals with its transparent sleeve.

It is constructed from the same body-safe, phthalate-free ABS material and uses the signature superskin material for the internal canal. The textures also provide intense sensations, gripping your sensitive member; penetrating the simulated anal entry point will be an exercise in bliss!

While both the Classic Pink Butt and Ice Butt share a similar price point, as well as design, the see-through case and sleeve will offer additional arousal for those who like to watch!


In reviewing the best anal fleshlights, we discovered that the Classic Pink Butt is the best fleshlight for anal penetration; you should definitely own one! It's hard to beat a classic, it's affordable and perfect for those just starting out and seasoned users. If you are new to anal sex or if you want to discover new and convenient ways to pleasure yourself, pick up an anal fleshlight to enjoy thrilling textures and gripping excitement!