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5 Best Lubes for Fleshlight (Lubricants for Your Male Stroker)

When it comes to using a Fleshlight, it is especially important to use lube. Not only will it add to your personal, physical pleasure, but pairing lubes with your Fleshlight will also contribute to the safety of your experience. It's also important to find the best lubes for fleshlight toys specifically.

The makers of Fleshlight have their own branded version entitled Fleshlube Water, which is designed to use with the masturbatory aid. However, Fleshlube Water is not the only option available.

We invite you to explore lubes that can be paired with the Fleshlight-including Fleshlube Water, and beyond-so that, you can make sure your personal lubricant is the right fit for your sex toy. By choosing the right lube, you will enjoy a slippery, smooth penetrative experience that will blow more than just your mind.

What is a Fleshlight?

For those who are unfamiliar, the Fleshlight is a masturbatory aid used by men. This sex toy gets its name from its shape, as the Fleshlight looks like a flashlight! During masturbation, the user grips the hard surface of the Fleshlight while penetrating the inner sleeve with his penis.

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What are fleshlight sex toys made from?

The Fleshlight sleeve is constructed from a patented material called Superskin, which provides many pleasurable benefits for lovers of these sex toys. Superskin is latex-free, easy to clean, and provides a smooth, sexy sensation that some say offers the best realistic feeling of a vaginal or anal cavity (see the best anal lubes).

Why Use Lube When Using A Fleshlight?

fleshlight fleshlube

Regardless of your favorite, intimate item, it's always best to pair lube with your sex toys. Incorporating a personal lubricant with your sex toy will make your experience sensual and more comfortable, especially if you are trying out a new toy for sensitive skin.

Depending on the material your sex toy is made of, you will need to select a lube compatible with the material; otherwise, you risk damaging the toy and compromising its integrity. That said, just like most intimate products, not all lubes are created equally.

While Superskin is soft and luxurious, lube is still required when using these sex toys. To those who have never used a Fleshlight, you may be wondering why lube is necessary. There are two important reasons as to why you should pair lubes with these sex toys.

Enhance your experience

Pairing lubes with sex toys such as Fleshlights will absolutely enhance your masturbatory experience. Unlike manual stimulation, you will require a personal lubricant that is beyond just saliva or lotion.

First, a personal lubricant adds to the enjoyment of the Fleshlight, creating a smoother and more sensual experience. And since the product is designed to simulate a vaginal or anal cavity, incorporating lube will give you that realistic sensation of erotic pleasure!

On a side note we have crafted a guide to the best lubes for masturbation you may like.


The internal Fleshlight sleeve contains various textures, such as bumps, grooves, and ridges, to create the ultimate masturbation experience. However, the Fleshlight could be nearly impossible to penetrate without lube, and it certainly would not be comfortable!

Based on a lack of pleasurable sensations alone, using a Fleshlight without lube could damage sensitive skin, and not using lube with your Fleshlight could cause tearing and pain. However, regardless of whether or not you have sensitive skin, it's always important to use lube with your Fleshlight product.

Fleshlight Lube

fleshlube fire ice water

When choosing the best lube for your product, it is essential to pair water-based lubricants with Fleshlights. Due to the inner sleeve's material, other lubes, such as silicone-based lubricants, will damage your toy.

Naturally, the makers of the Fleshlight have created a water-based lube to pair with your masturbatory aid. The Fleshlight lube, more commonly referred to as Fleshlube Water, is a water-based lubricant that you can purchase separately from your toy.

It boasts many properties that one would want to possess; it is marketed as long-lasting, easy to clean, and mentions that it is particularly great for those who have sensitive skin.

That said, there is other silicone, and water-based lubes on the market that may also pair well with your fleshlight. Below we will explore various lubes and ingredients to help make sure that you have the best experience.

Ingredients to Look For in A Good Lube for Fleshlights

When deciding upon various lubes, you will want to investigate what your lubricant is made from. When it comes to a good lube, some substances will make a lube high-quality, long-lasting, and non-irritating, especially when it comes to penetrating those delicious nubs, bumps, and textures that are found in the inner sleeve of your masturbatory item.

Check out some of the best ingredients for lubes that you can pair with your Fleshlight. Again, because of the inner sleeve material, you will want to choose a water-based lube as it is the best kind of lube to compliment your masturbatory toy.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is an ingredient that can be found in some lubes, and aloe vera is even recommended to use as lube on its own. Similar to a water-based lubricant, aloe vera will maintain the integrity of your Fleshlight material. Unlike silicone lube, aloe lube will not degrade or damage a latex-based condom.

For example, the Gun Oil line of lubes has created a water-based version called Gun Oil H20, which contains the soothing properties of aloe vera. Unlike its silicone predecessor, Gun Oil H20 will not damage your Fleshlight sleeve or condoms.

Another reason that aloe is considered a great ingredient with lube is because aloe vera is wonderful for reducing any skin irritation and provides hydrating qualities. Lube based on aloe offers skin conditioning and soothing properties, perfect for pairing with your Fleshlight.


While it may seem redundant, water is an essential ingredient within water-based lubes, but it's also important to keep in mind that on its own, water itself is NOT a good lube. If you are new to using a masturbatory toy and want to try your toy in the shower, go for it!

But make sure that you are incorporating a water-based lube instead of assuming that water alone will provide you with smooth, silky Fleshlight strokes.

Chia Extract

Chia extract is based on the chia seed, which is an extremely hydrating food. These chia seeds can retain copious times their weight in water, and since chia seeds are high in healthy fats, they can create a moisture barrier with the skin.

A water-based lube that contains chia extract offers a long-lasting natural solution to keeping your lube moist and slippery without the issue of added, harmful chemicals or oils that can break down the materials in condoms or certain toys.

Organic and natural

Choosing a water-based lube that contains natural and organic ingredients is always a wise idea, regardless of whether it's solely for your intimate toy or if you are pairing it with a partner.

While it's true that lube made from more chemical ingredients is more accessible, organic or natural-based lube will definitely be better for your body (and your Fleshlight!) in the long run.

Look out for natural and organic, water-based lube that will provide long-lasting moisture and pleasurable slippery sensations that are also wonderful for your body and toy.

What Are Some Ingredients to Avoid?

While on the hunt for a good lube to pair with your Fleshlight, there will be ingredients that you will want to avoid. It's important to remember that not all water-based lubes are created equally.

Incorporating a long-lasting water-based lubricant into your play will be essential for comfort, but you will also want to consider the after-effects of your chosen lube. Below are some substances that you should watch out for when deciding on your chosen lube.


Glycerin is a common substance found in many water-based lubes. It's a popular ingredient because it is a substance that helps to retain water.

However, because it is a byproduct of sugar, it can promote yeast infections or balanitis in men. And while some may think a glycerin lube may be fine to use with a Fleshlight, some men may be prone to balanitis outbreaks which can be exacerbated by glycerin in their lube.


Parabens are chemical preservatives that are found in a wide variety of commercial products, especially lube. Now, parabens get a negative rap because they have been known to cause allergies and have a reputation for disturbing the endocrine system responsible for hormone production.

While sometimes difficult to avoid, it's always best to choose a paraben-free lube. When searching for a water-based lubricant, always read the ingredients so that you can circumvent your exposure.

Perfumes and Allergens

Additives altering your lube's smell (or taste) can lead to irritation, especially if you are sensitive or someone more prone to allergies.

Lubes marketed as having a certain scent or that evoke a sensation such as tingling or warming are guaranteed to have ingredients that are not natural and can cause a reaction. While the idea of incorporating a warming, tingling, or even scented lube with your toy may sound enticing, lubes that are advertised to possess those properties are simply a marketing ploy for consumers.

How to Choose the Best Lube for Fleshlights

How to choose a lube for fleshlight play

When deciding on your favorite type of water-based lubricant for your Fleshlight, you will want to choose something that is both easy to clean and apply. But water-based lube is such a common product that it can be difficult to pick something perfect for your Fleshlight, based on the best lubes available on the market.

Liquid versus Gel Texture

Choosing between a liquid-based lube and a gel-based lube can often be a matter of personal preference.

Gel lubricants tend to be more substantial to the touch and provide a thicker barrier between you and your Fleshlight. Gel lube has also been noted to provide greater hydration and conditioning to the skin.

However, liquid lube is easier to spread and can provide better overall coverage with less effort. Some men have also noted that water-based liquid lubes, such as Gun Oil H20, offer a lightweight alternative to thicker gels.

Fleshlube Water is another option if you prefer a more fluid lubricant. Fleshlube Water also comes in three types; regular, Ice (for a cooling sensation), and Fire when you want to warm things up!


Viscosity speaks to the overall thickness of your water-based lube. Higher viscosity means the lube will not spread as easily, which may affect the overall pleasure of your Fleshlight experience. When deciding on a water-based lube, a lower to medium viscosity is preferred so that it's spreadable but not so thick that it creates a barrier between your genitals and the toy itself.


If your water-based lube is too sticky, it will not offer a pleasant experience. A good lubricant should remain smooth during use and maintain its slickness. If your lube gets too sticky, it will be less easy to clean, and you will end up using more products to compensate for the texture.

As well, in needing to reapply a sticky lube, you will create layers of product which will certainly interrupt an otherwise erotic experience.

Skin Sensitivities

As mentioned above, skin sensitivities can arise from chemically harsh ingredients that are not considered body safe. In general, you will want to look for ingredients such as aloe vera (found in Gun Oil H20), which will help condition the skin.

While most marketing will make (sometimes false) promises of 'natural' ingredients or downplay the addition of more harmful substances, it's always helpful to test a small amount on your skin to see if any reactions occur.

Ease of Cleanliness

Beyond providing a slick, long-lasting sensation, your lubricant should be easy to clean and remove. You can clean off lube from your skin using mild soap and water or by rinsing the inner sleeve of the Fleshlight with warm water.

If your lubricant is not easy to clean, it probably means it's too sticky or tacky and perhaps a lower-quality version that is typically not desired.

What to do in case of allergies

Some users may develop a reaction to their personal lubricant, especially if it contains harmful ingredients. Symptoms may include itchiness, irritation, redness, and even raised bumps.

If you experience an allergic reaction to your lubricant, discontinue use immediately. Use soap and water to remove any lube from your genitals and your toy. And while unlikely, if your symptoms persist, you may want to seek medical attention.

The 5 Best Lubes for Fleshlights

When choosing your Fleshlight lube, there are some great options available. We invite you to explore our favorite alternatives that will complement your intimate experience.

1. Mojo Natural Water-Based Performance Glide

Mojo Natural Water-Based Performance Glide

This lubricant is specially formulated for men and contains Peruvian Ginseng for long-lasting enjoyment and conditioning. You can use the Mojo Glide with any sex toy, and it is also condom safe.

We love that the Mojo is free of any glycerin, parabens, or propylene glycol, and it is also considered vegan. This product is fun to use, easy to clean, and body-safe.

Wet Hemptation Personal Lubricant

Recently, there have been exciting developments within the intimate product industry: hemp-infused products, such as the Wet Hemptation Personal Lubricant. Hemp oil has long been considered beneficial for your skin, and we love to see this natural substance infused within this product.

But not only does Wet Hemptation include hemp, it also contains extracts of oat, linseed, quinoa, and mushroom, which helps activate the hemp ingredient. In addition, it also contains aloe vera for a silky, soothing sensation. This product is safe to use with condoms and makes a great Fleshlight lube as well.

Toy Love Waterbased Lubricant

Toy Love is created by Wicked, which received the 2018 AVN Award for Best Lube! If that alone is not enough to instill confidence, this dripless gel is specially designed to pair with your favorite sex toys, including the Fleshlight.

While the consistency is quite thick, a little goes a long way. It is recommended to try a small amount to see how much you will need.

The great part of this gel-like lube is that it will stay on the surface of your male stroker, as opposed to getting smeared on your hands or other surfaces. And similar to the other lubes mentioned above, Toy Love contains aloe while also free of parabens and glycerin.

Fleshlube Water

Naturally, we had to include the Fleshlube Water lubricant as the obvious choice to pair with your stroker. This water-based branded item is recommended to pair with your Fleshlight toy as it offers easy application and smooth, liquid consistency that will enhance your personal playtime!

However, we should also note that Fleshlube Water does contain propylene glycol and glycerin, amongst other, more chemical ingredients. While the Fleshlube Water is compatible with all toys and condoms, this lubricant may irritate those who suffer from skin sensitivities.

Fifty Shades Of Grey Aqua Lubricant

There are times when you want to infuse a little kink (and marketing!) into our Fleshlight experience. For those who want to venture to the dark side while incorporating a healthy amount of slip n' slide, the Fifty Shades lubricant will complement your toy as well as tease your imagination.

This water-based formula contains soothing aloe as well as ginseng, which is said to provide greater stimulation. However, it does contain glycerin and propylene glycol as well. If you are concerned about sensitivities, we recommend testing a bit of the product first to determine any possible reactions.


In reviewing the best lubes for fleshlight play, our favorite is the Wet Hemptation Personal Lubricant. This innovative and natural water-based lube is a fantastic complement to your male stroker while offering soothing extracts that will condition your skin.