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Best Fleshlights in 2023 (Top 5 Discreet Sperm Collectors)

You may have seen them in your favorite local sex shop or advertised online. This sex toy has become more popular over the years and has also served as a way for porn stars to promote their image. Perhaps you have even fingered a sample fleshlight to see what it feels like. Regardless of your experience or knowledge, this item is an exciting sex toy that many people with penises are curious about. If you're looking to explore a newer type of sex toy or add something unique to your sex life, let's examine the best fleshlights available, as well as tips on hygiene and personal use.

The History of Fleshlights

The fleshlight is a somewhat newer toy if you compare it to the history of the dildo, for example. However, they quickly gained popularity and are now one of the biggest and best items for men to purchase, enhance pleasure, and assist with stamina training. 

Steve Shubin

In 1998, inventor Steve Shubin created the fleshlight that received a patent under the title 'discreet sperm collector'. It was named the fleshlight because of it's fleshy, life-like appearance and also because of its design, which looks like a flashlight. 

In its humble beginnings, the fleshlight was created to look like a vulva, with the sleeve designed from superskin. In fact, there are 48 various sleeve textures, and the material also comes in different shades to represent different ethnicities.    

Since its original inception, there have been spin-offs based on the original design. For example, fleshlights have been designed to represent various sci-fi characters, adding to the cosplay fantasy. Also, fleshlights have been modeled after multiple porn stars in order for one to feel as though they are having sex with one of their favorite adult film stars. 

As mentioned above, the fleshlight brand has expanded to include accessories such as mounts so that one can use their item without any hands. This toy has maintained its fame by developing its design and listening to its clientele's requests. 

What is a Fleshlight?

what a fleshlight

Fleshlights have become one of the best-selling sex toys for people with penises. Simply put, this item is used as a masturbatory aid for the male sex. Fleshlights act as an artificial vaginal (or mouth, if you want to envision yourself having oral sex) to stimulate the penis through penetration.  

The name suggests a play on the word 'flashlight,' and it is actually similar in design! The handle offers a long grip, while the wider end provides an entry point, where the penis can penetrate the fleshlight sleeve. If you compare a fleshlight to a flashlight, you can see how the objects share the same type of structure.

Fleshlight Sleeves

We know what you are thinking; what is a fleshlight sleeve? The sleeve is the toy's internal unit that provides a soft, realistic texture and the look and feel of a real vagina. The fleshlight sleeve is the part of the sex toy that pleasures penetration. There are hundreds of sleeves available, and in fact, fleshlight sleeves can also be customized, offering a unique look and feel for each user. 

For example, a sleeve can be designed to represent various ethnicities and different shapes of the vulva. Sleeves can also be fashioned to represent multiple orifices such as anuses or even mouths.

Depending on the brand, sleeves are usually made out of superskin material or medical-grade silicone. Both materials offer a soft, realistic feel. The great thing about superskin material is that it is latex-free, which is perfect for those with latex allergies. Superskin is easy to clean, and the material warms up nicely against body heat. Just make sure to pair your superskin fleshlight with a water-based lube

Silicone is another type of material that can be used for sleeves. In most cases, silicone sleeves are not mainly focused on providing a realistic feeling, so much as they concentrate on achieving an overall pleasurable sensation.  

Essentially, the various sleeve materials offer different textures. Men may prefer a superskin fleshlight to mimic having sex with a woman, whereas a silicone sleeve option may be more about getting off and having an orgasm. Depending on why you want to choose this type of sex toy, you can find an option that works best for you. The reality is that the best fleshlight sleeve will be unique to the individual user.

How Does A Fleshlight Work?

warm up fleshlight before use

While the concept of using a fleshlight seems easy enough ('just stick your penis inside!'), there is a bit more to the process than a one-step move towards penetration. To achieve the best possible experience with your fleshlight, it is essential to follow a few simple measures.

1. Warm Up Your Fleshlight

First, you should start by preparing your fleshlight. One factor to note is that the material inside the sleeve will probably be a bit cold to the touch. So one thing you will want to do before you begin is to warm up your sleeve. Since the fleshlight is supposed to imitate real skin, warming the material will provide a more realistic encounter. 

This is quite easy to do. Simply submerge the entire sleeve in warm water for a few minutes. While this is the simplest and, for many, the most practical method, you can also purchase an additional sleeve warmer as an accessory to your sex toy.

2. Lube It Before You Love It

Second, it's essential to use a lubricant with your fleshlight. Inside the sleeve are many different kinds of fleshlight textures. These bumps and crevices can create enjoyable sensations, but they could also be quite uncomfortable if the inside of the toy is not lubed up correctly first. While many may like the feeling of intense friction, it might be best to start with lube, especially if it is your first time using a fleshlight.

Always ensure that you use water-based lube inside the sleeve, as other types of lube could damage the superskin or silicone material. Also, depending on your preferred sensation, you may want to go with a thinner lube so that you can still feel the various textures. Choosing a thicker, water-based lube, such as a jelly-like form, may lessen the fissures and webbing feeling. 

3. Stroking and Movement

Since the fleshlight is a masturbation aid, it seems obvious that you would penetrate the item with your penis while holding the handle with your hand. However, because the handle's actual size can be quite broad, some users may find that using the fleshlight manually could become uncomfortable.  

In this case, there are two options. One, you can choose a smaller model of fleshlight that offers a smaller handle grip. Or two, you can select a hands-free model.   

4. Hands-Free Options

If you prefer to avoid manual stimulation, you can opt for a fleshlight mount that attaches to a variety of equipment. You can install your toy into a shower mount or sex furniture that holds the fleshlight in place while you thrust. You can even find sex dolls that can accommodate a fleshlight toy.  

How Does A Fleshlight Feel?

Sex toys often pique our curiosity because of the sensations they can provide. Nothing is more intriguing than the idea of a realistic-feeling fleshlight that can satisfy the male sex.

Whether you're looking for the best way to get closer to your favorite porn star or a way to develop stamina training, considering what a fleshlight texture would feel like is one of the biggest and best reasons to purchase a fleshlight.

So what do these sex toys feel like? And does the most realistic fleshlight actually feel like being inside a woman? Our research found that many men who have used a fleshlight reported that the toy actually felt better than using one's hand for manual masturbation. But why is this?

One of the main reasons is that the sleeve offers sensations, such as bumps and ridges, as part of the fleshlight texture, which adds more feeling than just using one palm. You can also adjust the fleshlight's suction and tightness, making it one of the best sex toys for masturbation.

In comparing the best fleshlight against a realistic vagina, there has been much feedback, indicating that the sleeve and fleshlight textures offer a great alternative to 'the real thing'. Of course, there is no replacing the sights, sounds, and feelings of another human. But if you are a person that is curious to explore these sex toys and are currently engaging in 'sex for one', you may be pleasantly surprised at how realistic fleshlights can be.

Why Use A Fleshlight?

why use a fleshlight

People purchase fleshlights for a variety of reasons. One of the biggest draws, aside from masturbation, is that a fleshlight can be used as a stamina training unit. In fact, there are various fleshlight designs that can be best suited to your needs.

1. Safe and Simple Manual Stimulation

One of the best and most obvious reasons that men purchase fleshlights is for sexual gratification. A fleshlight is an example of one intimate item that can be used in the privacy of one's home. The best fleshlight design for introductory, solo stimulation is the original model where the sleeve is formed to feel like a vagina. If you are one who tends to prefer a simple model without all of the bells and whistles, an original fleshlight may be the best toy for you.

2. Stamina Training

Some men like to use a fleshlight because it can help them to develop sexual stamina; in other words, to last longer in bed. This may be particularly helpful if you are younger or perhaps less experienced with vaginal penetration. Fleshlights provide a great tool in which to practice your endurance and achieve greater control over premature ejaculation.

3. It's Fun!

Let's face it; masturbation with toys is fun! While there are plenty of intimacy products available for women, men have had fewer options to choose from when it comes to getting access to the best toys on the market. The fleshlight offers an exciting, pleasurable, and unique sexual experience for men, which should be celebrated. As they say, self-love is the best love. So why not indulge and explore the sensations that this fantastic toy can provide?

Different Types Of Fleshlights

Depending on your reason for choosing a fleshlight, there are different types of fleshlights from which to choose. Let's explore the various models and options available to the consumer.

1. The Original Pink Lady Fleshlight

A perfect design for those who may be new to this toy. It's easy to clean and simple to use. If you are looking for a quick release and a fun experience, this option may be your best bet.

2. The Stamina Training Unit Fleshlight

This is perfect for men who want to increase their endurance. The difference between this model and the original fleshlight is that the sleeve offers more texture via internal bumps and ridges. In comparison, the Original Pink Lady has a smoother internal sleeve.

3. The Fleshjack Endurance Jack Ass 

The Jack Ass is a similar idea to the original model but is designed for anal sex. This model is more of a tight fleshlight as the sleeve is more form-fitting and textured around the penis.

4. Fleshlight Freaks: Alien Version

Try a more imaginative option if you are looking to indulge in cosplay fantasies or play with different colors (aside from flesh-toned choices).

5. Fleshlight Jacks Soda Banana Cream 

This toy is shaped like a mouth in order to emulate oral sex. Best of all, it's shaped like a can of pop for a more discreet experience.

6. Open-Ended Fleshlights 

These allow for more versatility during play. Not every male masturbator has a closed-end (which does offer its own kind of convenience). The interesting aspect of an open-ended fleshlight is that it can be fun for couples to include in their intimate play.

7. The Fleshlight Go

Enjoy ease and discretion with a travel-sized version, which is smaller than the original. Just as a woman may pack a smaller vibrator when traveling, men now have the choice between a bulky toy or one that can easily fit into any small compartment.

8. Fleshlight Girls

Are you curious about what it would be like to have sex with a porn star? You can now purchase fleshlights that are modeled after real, adult stars! Take that on-screen experience right to your bedroom and let your imagination run wild!

It's also good to note that the multiple fleshlight available are easy to maintain; just soak in warm water to heat up the sleeve and clean according to the instructions.

How Does A Fleshlight Compare To Other Toys?

While the fleshlight is one of the most popular sex toys for men, male masturbators have been around for quite a while. Steve Shubin invented the fleshlight in 1993, but artificial vaginas have been around for hundreds of years.

As early as 1908, a mysterious physician by the name of 'Dr. P.', was recorded to have created the first artificial dolls (and accompanying vaginas) for men. The U.S. Supreme Court later legalized adult novelty shops in the 1960s, giving men access to adult toys, which included more advanced versions of masturbatory items. Needless to say that there have been many advancements in intimacy products for men.

However, there are other items available to male consumers that emulate the Steve Shubin fleshlight idea. But what are these products like, and how do they compare to the fleshlight brand?


The Japanese company Tenga created their own style of male masturbation aids called Onacups. The concept behind the Onacup is similar to the idea of a fleshlight. However, the Onacup is intended for one-time use (check out onaholes for multiple uses) and includes a vacuum-like suction.

Also, it should be noted that in Japan, creating a realistic-looking, artificial vagina is not a part of their business model. Due to stricter laws and to preserve the dignity of their customer base, Onacups (and related Tenga products) offer a more ambiguous design. So if realism is what you are after, the Onacup may not be best for you.

Pocket Pussies and Strokers

Derivatives of fleshlight are also referred to as 'pocket pussys' or 'strokers'. These alternative models are more similar, as the entry replicates a realistic-looking, artificial vagina. Many pocket pussies are similar in size to the Fleshlight Go, branded as pleasure in the palm of your hand. One advantage is that these items may be shorter in length, allowing more comfort with manual stimulation.

The materials used in pocket pussies and strokes can vary. They can often be constructed from TPE (Thermoplastic elastomers), rubber, latex, and even CyberSkin.

It's important to mention that not every pocket pussy will be made from superskin, which is definitely preferred among male consumers. That said, the material of the product can also dictate the cost, so one advantage to more generic brands is that they may be less expensive to purchase.

How To Care For Your Fleshlight

caring for your fleshlight

Proper care and cleaning of your fleshlight are extremely important, particularly with the internal sleeve. Because the sleeve usually contains bumps, ridges and crevices, dirt, grime, and of course, ejaculate can build up inside. It is crucial that you clean your fleshlight with every use.

Even though most fleshlights easy to clean, it's essential that you are meticulous because even minute traces of dirt and body fluid can cause the growth of bacteria. This can leave your fleshlight smelling bad, and eventually, it can become unusable. That said, you can care for your fleshlight in a few simple steps!

  1. First, remove the sleeve from the hard, protective fleshlight case. For this part, you can use soap and warm water. However, do not use soap to clean the internal sleeve. Clean the case, making sure to dry it thoroughly.
  2. To clean the inside part of your fleshlight, you will first want to rinse it with warm water. Remember not to use soap, as this will degrade the internal superskin material. Soaking the sleeve in water will help to loosen any particles.
  3. Next, it is recommended to use either a generic toy cleaner or purchase Fleshwash cleaner separately, a cleanser specifically designed for fleshlights. Conversely, you can also use a bit of isopropyl alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol is an inexpensive and accessible alternative and works quite well to disinfect the sleeve.
  4. To clean, simply spray or pour your cleanser inside the sleeve and swish it around for a few minutes. You can then dump out the extra fluid. You do not need to rinse the sleeve free of the cleaning agent.
  5. After you clean the internal part, it is essential that you let the sleeve dry. You cannot or should not use your fleshlight until it is completely dry. The reason is that bacteria can grow inside the moist area, and you definitely do not want to penetrate a toy that has become moldy!
  6. The best method is to leave your sleeve to air dry. You do not want to dry it with a towel because the superskin material could attract fluffy bits of lint. Also, do not try and turn the sleeve inside out. Doing so may cause tearing or stretching. We know that you are excited to use your freshly washed fleshlight, but in this case, patience is a virtue!

Cleaning for your intimate toy is important in preserving both your product and also your health. The fleshlight is an investment, and you want to ensure that you are giving it the best care possible. In addition, it's important to consider the health of your partner in case you also involve your toy in your shared, intimate sexual activities.

Choosing The Best Feeling Fleshlight

choosing the best feeling fleshlight

As you can see, there are variations to this amazing toy! There are a few points to consider when choosing the best fleshlight for your intended purpose as a consumer. Some men may prefer the tightest fleshlight on the market, where others may want a more basic model.

1. Endurance Training 

If you are looking to improve your endurance, the Stamina Training Unit is a good choice. The reason lies inside the sleeve. The intricate textures, bumps, and ridges offer intense sensations and a narrower passageway. When used over time, this model will help to overstimulate the penis, making it more challenging to achieve an orgasm.

While this doesn't sound as enjoyable, it will help to desensitize the organ, which will help slow down the climax. The best part is that the training model will still provide pleasure with the added bonus of being able to last longer in bed.

2. The Porn Star Experience

As mentioned, the Fleshlight Girls series offers fleshlight designs that are modeled about adult actresses. Included in the Fleshlight Girls category are such names as Christy Mack, Stoya Destroya, and Andrianna Chechik. The list of stars options is huge. If you are looking to fulfill your fantasies of having a romp with a porn star, the line is for you!

Another interesting alternative is to inquire about a customized fleshlight. While this is a fairly new development in the world of male masturbators, it is now possible to get a clone of your partner's genitalia. Some couples may opt for this choice as a way to commemorate their intimate relationship. Others may try this as a gift if one partner is going away for a length of time.

3. A Discreet Encounter

There should never be any shame in purchasing or owning intimate toys. However, for those who are shyer or reserved, the fleshlight does offer more discreet looking models. Maybe you are someone who prefers to hide your toys from a partner or roommates. Or maybe you enjoy getting off to a sneaky style of fleshlight. Whatever the reason, the 'Lady Lager' is one model that is both comical but also functional.

This design looks like a tall can of beer, which may be off-putting for some. But it does have a fun, novelty look to it. Why take yourself so seriously? According to reviews, the Lady Lager design offers an amazing, textured mini lotus sleeve. The mini lotus provides a strong, sucking sensation, which many men find extremely pleasurable. It's also good to note that the beer logo conceals the toy can actually be peeled off. So if you are not one for cheesy looks, simply remove the seal and enjoy as is!

4. Time for A Quickie

Sometimes, you just want to get off and go. The Fleshlight Quickshot is perfect for those 'on the run.' It is a more compact design that also provides an open-end so that you can slide it through over your penis like you are threading a needle. It's been noted to provide the tightest-feeling texture, and because it is smaller in size, it's great for travel.

This version is also the least expensive model. For those questioning whether fleshlights are worth the money, the Quickshot may be a good starting point.

Recommendations Of The Best Fleshlights

In reviewing the best fleshlight options, we have compiled a few of our favorites. We know that choosing the best fleshlight for your needs can be tough (so many choices!), so hopefully, this list will provide you with some guidance.

1. Fleshlight Girls Stoya Destroya Texture

Fleshlight Stoya Destroya Texture

Whew! This hot item is perfect for fulfilling your adult actress fantasies. The Stoya Destroya sleeve has been molded out of Stoya's vagina for a realistic look and feel. The superskin sleeve is unique to the Stoya Destroya, making it an exceptional, fleshlight experience. We also love the pearly white handle and its compact design, making it a great product for both newbies and more experienced consumers.

Fleshlight QUICKSHOT Vantage Combo Pack

The Fleshlight Quickshot series comes in many options, but the Quickshot Vantage model certainly caught our eye! Get more bang for your buck with this great package!

The clear base offers a unique esthetic while also being half of the size of a regular fleshlight handle. This is perfect for those who prefer an easier grip.

As far as design, it is the best fleshlight for efficiency because sometimes, you just want to get off and go! We also appreciate the Quickshot Vantage price point, which is inexpensive in comparison to other fleshlight models. In addition, this combo pack comes with lube and an intimate cleanser for added value.

Fleshlight Turbo Thrust

The Turbo Thrust offers a simulated oral experience that has often been described as explosive! If you are looking for an alternative to an artificial vagina, the Turbo Thrust makes for an ideal option. Unlike the more traditional designs, the Turbo Thrust has been created to provide a realistic feeling of receiving oral pleasure. The sleeve offers both sucking and tickling sensations, and the open-ended handle makes for easy cleaning. This is easily the best fleshlight for those looking to penetrate something other than a vaginal cavity.

Fleshlight Go Surge Realistic Vagina Masturbator

Take your male masturbator to go with this fantastic travel-sized design. It is 17% shorter than your average fleshlight, making it the perfect item to sneak into your bag for some outside adventures! The ribbed, superskin sleeve provides quite a thrill! Best of all, the internal textures run the full length so that you can achieve orgasmic ecstasy with every stroke! Enjoy all seven inches of this waterproof toy, and don't forget a hearty helping of lube to moisten things up.

Fleshlight Flight Pilot Male Masturbator

This product gets bonus points for its fashionable design. The Flight Pilot looks unlike other fleshlights on the market. The black case and clear entry offer a discreet and futurist look. If you are less concerned about penetrating an artificial vagina and just want a cool-looking, intimate toy, this model may be your best bet. It offers all of the same perks as the other fleshlight products, including a 0.5-inch opening and a six-inch-long sleeve. It even comes with a small sample pack of lube to get you started!


Our favorite pick is the Fleshlight Girls Stoya Destroya Texture in reviewing the best fleshlights available to consumers. You simply cannot go wrong with this mind-blowing sleeve, and of course, you can also spend some quality time with your favorite adult actress; what could be better?