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5 Best Squirting Dildos (that Ejaculate) for Gushing Fun 2023

Dildos are a fun sex toy to use; you can simulate penile penetration and indulge in desires through solo play or even during sex with your current lover(s). And with the best squirting dildos on the market, you can mimic a gushing climax via a realistic ejaculating dildo.

For those unfamiliar with this sex toy, we will explain how to incorporate a squirting dildo into sex, so you can enjoy this lifelike lover as though the dildo was like the real thing!

What Is A Squirting Dildo?

what is a squirting dildo

If you enjoy lifelike toys, you can elevate your sexual experience with an ejaculating dildo. Like most dildos, a squirting dildo comes in various shapes and sizes but with an added bonus; these particular sex toys are dildos that cum. Unlike standard dildos, ejaculating dildos contain liquid inside the toy that appears like semen, as the dildo is 'cumming.'

Many of us have fetishes. Some people enjoy using animal like dildos, such as equine dildos, or tentacle dildos for instance. And some people have a fetish for cum!

With this realistic dildo, you can use the toy to fulfil hot fantasies where your lifelike lover is cumming on your body. Or, for those who have a fetish towards semen, a realistic squirting dildo will provide you with a sexy visual!

Best of all, ejaculating dildos are safe to use, and unlike traditional forms of sex, the liquid semen material will not get you pregnant.

Why Use Squirting Dildos?

There are a few reasons why someone would want to use a squirting dildo. First, some users love to see a realistic dildo ejaculate, and this sex toy provides a realistic squirting experience. If you are a fan of cum and are interested in a sex toy that indulges your desires, a realistic ejaculating dildo will delight your senses with its cumming abilities.

Also, if you enjoy facials or even Bukkake play, a squirting dildo can help you create that fantasy. A cumming dildo may not be for everyone, but if you enjoy dildos that are the most lifelike, a realistic squirting dildo will blow your mind!

What Are The Different Types of Squirting Dildos?

There are many exciting squirting dildos available to consumers. Like most dildos, cumming dildos range in length and girth, are created with silicone-based or other materials, and can sometimes come with a suction cup for a fun, hands-free sex toy that is easy to use. 


syringe squirting dildo

If you are looking for a squirting toy that is easy to fill, you may want to select a squirting dildo that comes with a syringe and tubing. For example, the Doc Johnson Bust It squirting dildo fills itself with 'semen' (or rather, their own in-house Nut Butter formula), making this toy easy to fill with faux cum. To use, simply fill the syringe with as much product as you want and insert it into the Doc Johnson Bust It Squirting Dildo.

Some users prefer a syringe model because it's easier to control the amount of product you want inside your dildo and the pace at which you realize the product.


A squirting dildo can also come in a squeeze-like version, as opposed to a syringe model. To fill up your squirting realistic dildo, simply squeeze the balls and submerge the tip of the toy into liquid. This will allow the substance to enter through the dildo, down through the entire insertable length.

As soon as you want your ejaculating dildo to cum, squeeze the balls again at the base of the dildo to shoot out the substance.

Vibrating Ejaculating Dildo

Vibrating squirting dildos are the ultimate experience of erotic pleasure! This style of squirting dildo comes with multiple speeds of fun, which is great for stimulating the clitoris and even inside the vagina while the toy rubs against the G-spot. Imagine cumming dildos that provide inches of vibrating penetration from the top of the dildo, all along the insertable length-yum!

Made from medical-grade silicone material, the Big Shot ejaculating dildo offers exciting, pleasurable sensations while remaining easy to use. To add liquid into your vibrating, squirting dildo, simply pour the semen-like consistency into the reservoir found at the base of the toy. When you want to release the liquid, press a button to allow your dildo to release the cum!


Bulb Ejaculating dildos

Ejaculating dildos that come with a bulb are similar to the syringe model. The bulb or the hand pump is made to hold up to 5.4 ounces of fluid, which will definitely elevate your solo sex adventure! To use your bulbous squirting dildo, fill the bulb by squeezing it full of water and inserting it into the base, filling your squirting dildo all of the ways to the top. To your delight, life-like fluid will squirt out of the top of your cumming dildo.

Squirting dildo sex toys that are made with a bulb can also be used as an enema. Simply fill the bulb with warm water and insert it into the anus to cleanse the area.

What Types of Liquid Comes Out of a Squirting Dildo?

what comes out of a dildo that squirts

Depending on the type of ejaculating dildo you choose, the fluid that spurts from the top can vary between products.

For example, the Doc Johnson ejaculating product can be paired with the Doc Johnson nut butter, which is designed to look and feel like real cum. The Doc Johnson butter is made from a combination of body-safe silicone and a water-based substance. The substance is also safe to use inside your squirting toys.

However, various other brands, such as Bad Dragon cum lube or Drencher, use similar types of squirting fluid to create the best squirting dildo experience.

While these substances are both body-safe as well as safe to use inside squirting dildo sex toys, it's important to pay attention to which squirting fluids are edible and which you should not swallow. Even though it might look like the real thing, the squirting material may not be suitable for ingesting.

How To Choose The Best Squirting Dildo

how to choose the best ejaculating dildo

While still considered niche toys, there are enough squirting products on the market to make choosing a dildo challenging. Below are some considerations for when you want to explore toys that offer more than just a regular dildo.


When it comes to intimate products, it's important to choose materials that are body-safe. The best material for squirting items is medical-grade silicone. Silicone is easy to clean and disinfect, and the material itself feels soft and smooth, almost like real skin!

However, silicone dildos can be pricey, so you can also choose a dildo that is made from TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) material and many, more affordable squirting dildo models are made from TPE.


When it comes to the size of your dildo, you will want to consider both girth and length, which are measured in inches. Everyone's body is different, so choosing the right size based on what feels most pleasurable to you will give you the best experience.

Particularly with a dildo, you will want to choose a dildo that is at least 5 inches in length. On average, most ejaculating dildos range from 5 inches to 7 inches in length, although that also depends on the specific brand. For example, both the King Cock and the Big Shot measure just over 6 inches in length and 5 inches girth. However, the Doc Johnson realistic ejaculating dildo comes in a size of just over 8 inches long with 6 inches girth.

In general, a toy that measures around 7 inches long is standard for most products.


As a general rule, intimate products that cum are going to look like a realistic penis. However, the shape of the sex toy itself can vary. Some products offer a more pronounced head, while others may be short and stocky for those who prefer extra girth.

If you are someone who prefers a longer toy, you can choose an item that offers a more impressive insertable length.

Like the insertable length, the texture is another consideration. Products that offer a textured surface via veins, bumps, and ridges are definitely a matter of personal taste, as some users prefer a smoother ride!

Hands-Free Fun!

Toys that offer hands-free play are great because it frees you up to touch other places on your own or your partner's body. If you love the idea of hands-free play, choose dildos that offer a suction cup base.

For example, the Doc Johnson brand offers a vac u lock suction cup base so that you can enjoy versatile forms of intimacy. Stick the suction cup base to a non-porous surface such as tempered glass, porcelain, or bathroom tiles for the best results.


How you clean your product will depend on what your item is made of but in general, you can clean your dildo easily with warm water and antibacterial soap. However, because a squirting dildo may contain detachable parts, it's important to sanitize all of the tubes, bulbs, and crevices to avoid the build-up of harmful bacteria.

You can also use a toy cleaner for extra comfort, and if your ejaculating dildo is made from silicone, you can also disinfect the material with boiling water. However, just make sure that you can separate the parts of your ejaculating dildo before submerging the entire product in boiling water.

The 5 Best Ejaculating Dildos

For the best dildos for squirting, check out the list of our favorite products that are available to consumers.

1. Lifelike Lover Classic Realistic Squirting Dildo 6 Inch

Lifelike Lover Classic Realistic Squirting Dildo 6 Inch

The Lifelike Lover Classic item will delight those who love squirting products but who may prefer something more simple in both shape and design. The Lifelike Lover Classic measures 5 enticing inches for both insertable length and girth inches with raised veins for extra texture.

To fill, simply squeeze the bulb at the base and expel the fluid. If you are new to these types of products, this classic item will provide both comfort and pleasure.

Doc Johnson Bust It Ejaculating Realistic Dildo

Doc Johnson's realistic ejaculating toys are always fun to play with, and the Doc Johnson Bust is no exception! We particularly love the suction cup base, which will free your hands to enjoy a range of sensations.

It measures 5.75 inches in circumference and 7 inches in length. The Bust It product is designed with a syringe, which makes filling the toy up with faux semen easy and quick. The suction cup base is also harness-compatible, and the realistic look will be sure to fulfill your deepest squirting desires.

Our only mention is that this product is made from PVC and not silicone. That said, it is easy to clean and care for, simply by washing with warm soap and water or by using a proper cleaner. Enjoy erotic sensations and get messy with the Doc Johnson realistic ejaculating model!

Big Shot Silicone Vibrating Ejaculating Dildo

With its delicious vibrations and soft silicone material, the Big Shot is an incredible item!

This dildo offers ten different speeds and patterns to choose from, which is excellent for clitoral, anal, or g-spot stimulation, and this item is also completely waterproof! The twist-off cap makes this product easy to fill with liquid, and the reservoir itself can hold up to one ounce of fluid.

One particular highlight to mention is that the liquid can be squirted out with a push of a button, which makes this much easier, especially for beginners. The Big Shot is also wonderful for those who may be a bit of a size queen! The measurements of this product are eight inches in total length and close to two inches in circumference to enjoy.

Betty's Blaster 8 Inch Vibrating Squirting Silicone Dildo Chocolate

With the Betty Blaster, vibrating squirting dildos are revealed again with this beautiful item that comes in a rich chocolate brown color. It is very similar to the Big Shot, as both squirting dildos offer various speeds of vibrations, and both squirting dildos are made with silicone material.

The Betty Blaster is also compatible with a harness, but the key difference is that the Betty Blaster is slightly more expensive, with a heavily textured shaft and a more pronounced head.

Strap-On-Me Silicone Squirting Cum Dildo

Betty's brand offers a few variations on squirting dildos, and the Strap-On-Me is a great example of a strap-on compatible dildo that incorporates a syringe to fill the reservoir.

Constructed from the same silicone material, the Strap-On-Me measures slightly smaller than the vibrating model, with a circumference of 1.4 inches and 7.7 inches in length. If you are someone who doesn't love a heavily textured product, the Strap is perfect as the shaft offers a completely smooth surface.


In reviewing the best squirting dildos, our top pick is the Doc Johnson Bust It DildoThis is (in our analysis) the best dildo for squirting. It's a quality product that will provide you with copious amounts of cum!