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Best Horse Dildos: Top 7 Equine & Stallion Cocks [2023]

Dildos are popular sex toys that are often shaped to resemble a realistic penis, but not all of these insertable toys are designed to look like a human cock. For those looking to explore equine fantasies or are curious to know what a horse penis might feel like, we've reviewed some of the best horse dildos available on the market.

Top 7 Recommendations For Horse Dildos

1. Squirting Horse Dildo 9.5 Inch Ejaculating Horse Cock Dildo

Squirting Horse Dildo 9.5 Inch Ejaculating Horse Cock Dildo

This beautiful, medical-grade silicone material dildo offers nine and a half inches of sexy fun. We love the additional feature of the squirting head which sprays fake ejaculate from the top of the head.

This stallion can be used with or without the squirting feature and the texture provides delicious sensations. This item also features a suction cup base, for hands-free enjoyment.

The only downside is that it only comes in one color but is otherwise a remarkable product!

The Sea Horse - Fantasy Dildo

Just like the Squirting Horse Dildo, the Sea Horse is also constructed from silicone. This product comes in a beautiful gradient blue color but if you prefer another color, it also comes in black.

As far as dildos go, this product is fairly small and the flared base makes it perfect for anal depth training. You can select the Sea Horse comes in a range of firmness for the best customized fit.

16.5 Inch Monster Horse Dick Dildo

If you like your dildos large and in charge, this 16-inch big horse dildo will rock your world! Similar to the Squirting Horse Dildo, this monster dong also features a suction cup at the end. The total length of this toy measures at 16 inches and the total circumference is 2.2 inches.

There is some flexibility with this dildo, which might be great for beginners. You can purchase it in a black color or choose from other options, such as flesh or even translucent.

Huge Dildo Horse realistic

Erotic and extreme; this monster horse dildo from Etsy that includes a suction cup base is awesome for both self-enjoyment, as well as partner play.

The bottom of the toy is harness compatible for those who want to strap it on! The bulbous head at the top of the dildo will provide exciting g-spot stimulation.

For an additional charge, you can also choose to add-on a fake ejaculate to make your dildo squirt (see our guide on the best squirting dildos) and cum for a life-like experience.

Horse Cock Dildo Suction Collection

This large, versatile horse dildo is unique in that it offers quite of bit of flexibility and offers a wide range of sizes and designs.

The diameter of this product ranges from 6.5 to 9.5 centimeters. The total length will also vary with a choice among 24 to 35 centimeters. And if you enjoy girth, this dildo will provide you with a wide selection (pun intended!) of measurements that range from 5.5 to 8.5 centimeters.

The broad, suction cup end is great for hands-free play and it can also fit into a strap-on harness. Consumers can select various proportions of the The Horse Cock Dildo which makes it a multipurpose item for beginners and more experienced users alike. You can choose between two colors; a classic black dildo or an illustrious gold color.

Best of all, the price point is excellent, considering the quality and versatility of this product.

BigShocked Pegasus Horse Dildo

The BigShocked Pegasus is in our opinion the most aesthetically beautiful equine dildo we've seen. It looks amazing with grey balls and shaft which blends in with a popping pink shaft!

This is a quality product made of premium platinum grade silicone. The suction cup works fantastically and is a perfect addition to any long and heavy dildos.

One great thing about the Pegasus is firmness. It has a soft and squishy feel to it, however it is still dense enough to stay firm, erect, and maintain its shape. This is a great balance of softness and firmness. We also love the details in the texture which gives a realistic horse penis feel.

In terms of size, insertable length is 7.28 inches, and the lower shaft diameter is 1.81 inches. The lower shaft is the largest part in diameter. This is a comfortable size for most people and especially a good option if you're looking for a dildo on the longer side, but don't want something too huge girth wise.

The Pegasus is a great value for money and quality horse dildo from BigShocked.


The Hankey's Centaur is one of the most popular dildos for those with a horse fetish, and for good reason.

This dildo comes in 4 different sizes and Mr Hankey's dildos generally come in massive. If we take a look at the SMALL version of the Centaur the insertable length is already just over 9 inches. And the lower diameter is 8.5 inches with the head diameter being 5.5 inches. As you can see the small is quite a large dildo. So for all the size queens who love a huge horse dong the Centaur dildo is the perfect choice, as the size only increase from here.

The detail is just gorgeous and extremely realistic all the way up to the head, which isn't too large and just the right shape and size to give that perfect pop. The texture feels phenomenal with prominent veins and the incrementally increasing girth size as you go down the shaft. 

Its made from platinum cured body safe silicone and is also super easy to clean which we love.

Another great feature is the fact that you can choose the firmness. So depending on your personal preference and how you plan to use it (for example anal play) you can go for a super soft density, or a medium-firm for more hardness.

The Centaur doesn't come with a suction cup, however there is the option to add one. It also fits into Mr Hankey's strap-ons easily which is great for anyone wanting hands-free action.

If you enjoy an intense horse dildo that feels real but will widen and fill you up then the Centaur is the best choice for you. If you're after a smaller stallion dildo than this may not be ideal. We also highly recommend using lube with this guy.

*Above button will take you to Mr. Hankey's Toys. Just click on Shop, Fantasy & Sci Fi and you will find it.

What is a Horse Dildo?

This sex toy mimics the look and design of a realistic horse penis. For those who enjoy super big toys, the 'biggest' appeal is its size and flared head, which offers users a more expansive and substantial form of penetration. In addition, a horse dildo appears a lot different than a realistic human dildo and penis which also adds to the allure of this toy.

Other terms for horse dildos

Taken from the word equestrian, another term to refer to this large and unique sex toy is an equine dildo. While these toys are not at all related to bestiality, one may find the horse reference a little disconcerting-thus the label equine may sound more sophisticated and elusive.

Another term is stallion dildo, which has an exciting ring to it! If you are looking for an interesting dildo that is huge from the base to the shaft, a stallion dildo might be the perfect sex toy for you. Also check out our recommendations of some more animal style dildos.

Why Use a Horse Dildo?

equine dildo

Like all sex toys, stallion dildos are made for pleasure. But why would one want to choose a huge dildo, and how could one use this large dildo to excite and arouse the body?

Many people love large dildos because of the sensation of being filled up, which is true regardless of anal or vaginal penetration. The sheer size of a horse-inspired sex toy alone is enough to catch the attention of someone who loves to use extra-large dildos. These toys' girth and insertable length offer the best options for those looking for long, deep, and expansive penetration.

Another aspect is its design. Equine-shaped toys offer something different from your standard dildo. Aside from its impressive size, a big horse dildo comes with a flared head at the top that is perfect for stimulating internal areas such as the G-spot or prostate. 

The shaft is long and wide, adding to the overall length. But it's also the unique appearance of horse genitalia that inspires someone to want to choose a horse dildo. There are many fantasy sex toys such as dog dildos for those with a canine fetish, dildos with tentacles if you're into octopus, and more. Horse dildos are equine specific fantasy toys, which help give a user that bit of realism. 

If you are looking for that extra-special, quality dildo that is both safe and large, we are sure you will enjoy using these super-big dildos.

Understanding the Size of Stallion Dildos

Even with large sex toys, their sizes have variations and considerations. And even with horse dildos, the size can range from small-medium to medium to a super big size. Therefore, once you decide to choose a horse dildo, it's helpful to review all available sizes to find the right amount of girth and length to achieve the erotic experience you want.

Selecting the best size

To find the various sizes of a horse dong, you can first review a sizing chart available in inches. Some people may want to go for the biggest size possible, but it's important to choose a dildo that is safe and comfortable (and fun!) for your body.

For example, a dildo with a girth of around 3 to 3.75 inches is generally a small size and might be best for beginners. As for insertable length, an average measurement will be approximately 7 inches. But the sizes of length can vary between 6 inches, all the way up to a whopping 16 inches long if you are into using a huge horse dildo.

Remember that you don't need a dildo that comes in a huge size to enjoy pleasure with this toy. Know your body and be sure that you are selecting a toy that is safe to use and that you are sure you can handle it without too much resistance.

Measuring the length

To achieve the most pleasure and to enjoy safe penetration, it's a good idea to measure the length of your horse dildo toy before you use one. It's also important to note the difference between an insertable length and the total length of a toy. And while the total length will inform how long the dildo is, you will want to note measurements in inches of what you can insert inside yourself.

On average, small or medium dildos range around five to seven inches in size. So if you are looking for something extra long, find a large dildo that measures at least seven inches or more.

Choosing the best girth

If you love an insertable toy with girth, you are sure to love horse dildos. Since the shaft of a horse cock is shaped differently than a standard dildo, horse dildos are made with extra girth in mind. But for those who may not know, what exactly is girth, and why is this something that a consumer may need?

Simply put, girth refers to the circumference or width around the middle of the toy. With dildos, you will want to measure the shaft to find the available girth. Large toys are often made with more width in the middle as some love the feeling of fullness and being stretched out.

If you want to use a large dildo that comes with a good amount of girth, we recommend choosing one made with a circumference of between two to three inches.

Are Horse Dildos Safe?

The short answer is yes; large horse dildos are safe to use. But there are some considerations that you need to be aware of. First, quality is vital for enjoying any intimate product. Quality is determined by the materials that are used as well as how the item is designed.

You will also need to think about how you use the product. For example, if you want to insert a horse dildo anally, you must select one that offers a flared base. And don't forget about using plenty of lube, as that will add to the comfort, safety, and pleasure of your toy.

Selecting the Right Horse Dildo

stallion dildos

When it comes to selecting a new toy, you'll need to do some research to pick the best one for your needs and fantasies. These items can be expensive, so take your time with exploring the various options of horse dildos.

The best body safe materials

The first consideration is the material used. For a product like a horse dildo, you will want to pick one made with body-safe materials. And within the world of sex toys, there is no better material for an intimate toy than silicone.

There are plenty of reasons why silicone is an excellent material for dildos. First, silicone products provide the best quality because they are soft and smooth to the touch, making insertable comfortable, realistic, and sexy! Silicone material is also hypoallergenic, meaning silicone will not cause allergies as the toy is being used.

And while silicone provides a soft surface, it's made to be non-porous, so you can easily sterilize a silicone dildo simply by submerging it into boiling water or throwing it in the dishwasher to sanitize properly.

Of course, sex toys come in a wide range of other materials, such as rubber, jelly, PVC, and other plastic derivatives. The advantage is that these items are less expensive and are more accessible. But for a quality sex toy, we highly recommend a horse dildo made from silicone material.

Firmness of your dildo

The firmness of your horse dildo is another important aspect to consider when you are looking for the perfect, sexy stallion toy! The firmness will inform as to how easy the dildo is to use and how you want to use it. Firmness comes in various forms, such as soft, medium or a sturdy firm product, so you can choose the perfect strength.

There is no correct answer to selecting the right firmness. However, some people feel that a long, firm horse dildo may be easier and more pleasurable to play with, where others may prefer a dildo that is medium-firm for additional flexibility.

For example, a small but firm dildo may be great for anal play (learn more about anal dildos), whereas a long horse dildo with medium firmness may feel great for vaginal penetration.

A suction cup at the end of your dildo is an excellent addition for keeping your toy firmly secured to a surface, in addition to fun, hands-free play. A suction cup at the base can also add strength and stability to a toy that may be made from a softer material. Check out our recommended suction cup dildos.


In reviewing the best horse dildos available to consumers, our choice of the best horse dildo is Horse Cock Dildo Suction Collection. We recommend this product because of it's adaptability and range of options. The item will provide hours of hot, intimate enjoyment whether you are coupled or solo player. Stick it in, strap it on and giddy up!