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Best Double Dildos: Top 7 Double-Ended Dildos 2023

Admit it-you're curious! Perhaps you have only seen these sex toys in porn or wondered if these toys can actually provide as much pleasure as they are advertised, so in this guide, we are going to discuss the best double ended dildos. We'll explore what makes them so great, how they work, and recommend some of the top models.

What is a Double-Ended Dildo?

A double-ended dildo is a sex toy that offers a bulbous head at each end that is perfect for double penetration. These sex toys allow both partners to enjoy sexual pleasure at the same time, as opposed to one person using a singular dildo manually on their lover.

Otherwise referred to as a double dong, double-sided dildos are ideal for vaginal or anal penetration.

If you are going to use your double dildo anally, it's best to use a sex toy designed for anal pleasure, as opposed to a toy that is considered more of a vaginal dildo.

Below we will explore the world of double-headed dildos. From the best double sex toys and exciting features to look for to materials that are best for your body so that you can enjoy your double-ended dildo to the fullest (and deepest!)

Why Choose Double-Headed Dildos as a Sex Toy?

It's no secret that a dildo can offer the same delicious feeling of penetration, similar to a real penis. And a dildo can be chosen to represent a penis that is the same size as something more familiar, or you can choose a dildo with a unique shape in order to bring pleasure to yourself and your partner.

A double dildo can be a bit intimidating for those who are unfamiliar with this design. But with so many double dildos available on the market, you are bound to find the best version of this sex toy that is right for you.

Most commonly, a double-ended dildo is often used in lesbian sex so that both you and your female lover can enjoy vaginal pleasure at the same time.

But these sex toys can be extremely versatile as they can be used for anal play (between any gender), double penetration (anus and vagina), and even clitoral stimulation if you select a vibrating double dildo.

How Do Double-Ended Dildos Work?

How double ended dildos work

In general, dildos are pretty self-explanatory in terms of sex toys. Dildos can be used for both vaginal and anal penetration, but you may be more confused about how to use a double-ended dildo, especially if you are new to this specific sex toy.

In many cases, especially with lesbian sex, using a double dildo will require a fair amount of vaginal thrusting between the two lovers in order to create a sexy rhythm of penetration.

The act of simultaneous thrusting may seem like a lot of exercise but double dildo sex provides double the pleasure and double the fun!

Intense Pleasure

Using a double-ended sex toy as a vaginal dildo will provide thrilling sensations associated with vaginal penetration but with the added bonus of watching your partner receive pleasure at the same time.

To use your double dildo to sync up vaginal thrusting with your partner, you will want to choose a u-shaped dildo.

Both you and your partner would then insert the double-ended sex toy into your vaginas and assume a position where you can thrust your pelvis against one another to maintain good momentum.

And depending on how deep you like your penetration, you can also touch or hold your lover while you are thrusting against one another, allowing the skin contact to deepen the intimacy of penetration.

Deep Penetration

When using a u shape double ended dildo, partners can enjoy the delicious pleasure of deep, double penetration that can include G-spot stimulation and deep anal penetration.

What makes a double ended dildo so unique and enjoyable is that one partner can set the rhythm and tone of the thrusting and the other partner can take in as much of the double-ended dildo as they want.

In particular, more experienced users can adjust their positioning of their double dildo so that they can receive and provide a mutually-satisfying penetrative experience.

Anal Penetration

Double ended dildos are also great for anal sex but depending on your experience with anal penetration, you may want to consider the size, insertable length and circumference of the shaft. Some beginners may prefer a small shaft for their double dildo or a dildo without the long length.

You can use different shapes and designs of double ended dildos for anal sex but the easiest double ended dildo to use would be a dildo that is inserted into the vagina while the other end is used to penetrate the partner anally. This is also referred to as pegging (see the best pegging dildos here).

However, men can use double ended dildos on each other by choosing a double dildo that is u-shaped so that the ends can be inserted into the anus while the partners buck and thrust against one another. Also check out our guide on the best dildos for men.

Different Types of Double-Ended Dildos

double ended dildo

Like many sex toys, double-ended dildos come in a variety of shapes and designs.

Depending on your sexual preferences, favorite positions, and how you like to give and receive penetrative pleasure, a good double-ended dildo is the one that feels best for you and your partner.

Women who enjoy having sex with other women may prefer a double-ended dildo that also 'doubles' as a strap-on without requiring a harness. The shape of these double dildos allows for one partner to do more of the thrusting with the same dildo while still receiving a more passive form of penetration at the same time.

This style of a double-ended dildo is suitable for both vaginal and anal insertion (such as 'pegging'), and there is less movement from the person who is being penetrated with the longer end. But if you enjoy sex where one partner 'tops' the other (as opposed to a more mutual momentum), this design may be perfect for you and your lover.

Another style of a dildo is a long, double-ended dildo with a straight shape. Commonly, these are designed to look more like a realistic double dildo. A long, straight double-headed dildo is a great choice to use for anal sex, as the firmer shape is easier to insert into the anus than is more flexible in form.

That said, a long and straight dildo can also work for vaginal play. However, sexual positions may be somewhat limited, depending on the rigidity of your sex toy.

The u-shape double-ended dildo is a popular choice primarily due to its flexible design. This double-sided dildo shape offers two bulbous ends with a longer insertable length.

There are a variety of fun sexual positions when using a double-sided dildo with a rounded shape. You can use this toy for solo play and even double penetration between your vagina and anus.

The elasticity of this type of dildo also allows for more intimate partner play and different positions such as doggy style and face-to-face penetration

Materials For The Best Double-Ended Dildos

When choosing the best double dildo, it's important to explore various materials and to understand the benefits and critiques of each. Double-ended dildos are constructed from a variety of substances, so the best double dildo will be the one that feels best for you.

Medical Grade Silicone

If you are looking to purchase a realistic double dildo, dildos made from medical-grade silicone will offer a lifelike feel, as well as provide a body-safe experience.

Silicone is super smooth, soft, and easy to clean; just use warm soap and water or a sex toy cleaner. When using your silicone dildo, one thing to remember is always to pair it with a water-based lubricant.

Unlike other materials, a silicone dildo will not pair well with a silicone-based lube, as it will degrade the integrity of the toy.

Silicone dildos can also be more expensive in comparison to other intimate toys. But particularly for those who may have chemical sensitivities, the best double dildo is one that feels comfortable and safe.

Crystal Jellies

Dildos made from jelly are sometimes a source of contention. There are claims that jelly dildos are not always the safest materials for sex toys, primarily because jelly toys are porous and can sometimes lead to infections if they are not cleaned thoroughly.

That said, jelly dildos tend to be more readily available and less expensive due to the accessibility of materials and manufacturing.

If you decide to purchase a jelly double dildo, it may be best to consider it to be more of an experimental and disposable item instead of a dildo that you plan to keep for long-term use.

For example, the Doc Johnson Classic makes a famous line of double dong crystal jellies that offer a smooth surface and a big shaft that provides flexibility for enjoyable forms of double penetration.

While jelly dildos may not be the most upscale of sex toys, many users love the way these dildos feel inside of them and how easy they are to insert.

Glass Dildo

Double-ended dildos that are made of glass are first and foremost beautiful toys to own, and glass dildos can even appear as works of art.

A glass double dildo is excellent for double penetration, especially if you enjoy temperature play. That is because the tempered glass can be heated or cooled to your preferred sensation. A double-ended glass toy can appear smooth along the insertable length or include ridges and bumps for a more textured feel.

One critique of a glass double dildo is that while they can come in a variety of exciting shapes and curves, glass toys are not flexible. Choosing a glass dildo will then hinder the amount of and the type of positions that you can achieve.

However, some bonus points to consider are that glass toys are easy to clean and sterilize; simply immerse in boiling water to disinfect your dildo. Also, many intimate glass products are quite inexpensive and easy to find, which makes them a popular choice for many consumers.

Features to Consider When Buying a Double-Ended Dildo

flexible double dildo

When searching for the best double-ended dildo, there are some points you will want to explore in order to find a good dildo that is perfect for you and your partner.

Insertable Length

With penetrative sex toys, the insertable length refers to the size of the dildo that can be inserted into the vagina or into the anus. Depending on how deep you prefer penetration, you may choose a toy with a longer or shorter shaft.

When considering the measurements of your toy, keep in mind that the insertable length differs from the total length. The total length of a dildo refers to the complete length of the item instead of the insertable length that you would be using inside the body.

Raised Veins

When deciding on a toy, some people love the design of raised veins that add more texture along the shaft. For toys with a more fantastical design, veins can also appear in the form of bumps, ridges, and crevices that will heighten sensation during penetration.

Realistic Double Dildos

For those who love toys that are designed to look like a real penis, such as the Lifelike Lover series by Lovehoney, there are models available that offer a more realistic look and feel. A realistic double-headed dildo may include features such as a pronounced bulbous head and a shaft that may be appear textured.

However, realistic toys can also come with a flat surface if you or your partner prefer a smoother insertion without extra textures during penetration.

U Shaped Design

A u-shaped double-sided dildo is preferred for simultaneous double penetration, especially dildos that offer a flexible, waterproof model. As mentioned above, a u-shaped dual dildo is perfect for an array of sexual positions and can provide you and your partner with various forms of intimate connections with its double-sided tip.

One consideration when using a u shaped double-sided dildo is that you will want to ensure that the material is body-safe and thoroughly washed and dried before use. Many u-shape dildos are made from cheap, porous materials that can sometimes trap bacteria and cause infections.

If your toy is made from a more porous material, you can protect yourself from harmful bacteria by cleaning your toy, and you can also use a condom on either end for extra security.


A vibrating double dildo is an item that includes a vibrating unit inside the toy. Choosing a vibrating double dildo is a fun way to add an exciting layer of sensations during penetration that can stimulate both the vagina and the anus, depending on your preference.

You can select a vibrating dildo that is rechargeable or one that comes with a remote. However, just be careful when using your vibrating toy near water, as many vibrating products are not water-resistant.

Another novel item is the suction cup dildo; a silicone base that supports double ended dildos. The suction cup model is varied in that it can support a dildo, so that it is standing upright or you can use the suction cup on it's own, to attach two dildos together, creating the ultimate double ended toy.

Using Your Double-Ended Dildos

In order to enjoy your toy to the fullest, below are a few tips to ensure a pleasurable experience.

When penetrating the vagina with the toy, you can either assume a more dominant approach with one end is inside you, requiring more thrusting motions into your partner. Or you and your lover can also enjoy sex that is more synchronized with each other's movements.

Depending on your style of thrusting and positioning, you may want select a u shape dildo or a doubled ended dildo with a longer insertable length on end, to maximize the pleasure with the person you are penetrating.

Anal Play

There is a lot of anal enjoyment that be experienced with a double ended toy. You can use the double dildo to 'peg' your male partner, if you own a vagina. You can also use a double ended toy to simultaneously move 'ass to ass;' with your partner, by facing away from one another to buck against the anal dildo.

Solo Double Penetration

For solo fun, a u-shaped toy will work best for doubled ended fun. You can experience double penetration by inserting one end of the toy into your vagina and the other end into your anus. However, with all anal play, it's important to remember to use a copious amount of lube. And never use the anal tip into the vagina, as the ends will need to be kept separated.

Clitoral Stimulation

A vibrating double is perfect for stimulating the clitoris (as are vibrating clit pumps). But vibrating dildos are also wonderful for G-spot and P-spot stimulation, for those who enjoy internal sensations.

We advise that if you choose a double ended dildo that vibrates, it's best to keep it away from water, as many vibrating models are generally compatible with water or liquids.

Recommendations of the Best Double-Ended Dildos

While you search for the best double-ended dildo, we have provided seven of our top picks for you to explore.

1. Lifelike Lover Luxe Posable Realistic Silicone Strapless Strap-On

Lifelike Lover Luxe Posable Realistic

If you want an erotic strap-on experience without the hassle of a harness, the Lifelike Lover is an excellent double-dildo choice. Enjoy penetrating your lover with this 9-inch double-ended dildo with 6 inches of insertable pleasure.

We love that this toy is made from silicone, with veins to add sensual textures. 

Lovehoney Sensual Glass Double-Ended G-Spot Dildo

This double-ended glass dildo from Lovehoney is curved to better stimulate the P-spot or G-Spot, with a total length of 10 inches. The ends feature a pronounced head on either end of the double-ended dildo so that it can be savored simultaneously.

The Sensual Glass Double Ended Dildo may not be best for beginners as the structure is quite rigid. But the price point and smooth design may entice newbies to experiment!

Doc Johnson Classic Veined Double Header Dildo

The Doc Johnson line has created a series of double-ended dildos, typically constructed out of jelly material. But the Doc Johnson Classic is a PVC double-ended dildo that is both latex and phthalate-free. The whopping 18-inch double-ended dildo is flexible enough for double penetration but will also return to its original form due to its patented Sil-A-Gel Core.

Pair this toy with water-based lube for hours of enjoyment between you and your lover.

Double O Heaven 10 Function Vibrating Silicone Double Penetration Dildo

Double your pleasure and double your fun with this vibrating silicone double dildo. Turn up with the heat with a choice of three different speeds and seven different patterns that are controlled by a single-use remote.

Made from body-safe silicone, this model is best for solo users who are new (but curious) to discover double penetration on their own.

BASICS Mini Double Penetration Dildo

If you are new to the idea of double penetration or are curious to explore a different style of dildo, the Basics Mini is a great place to start. The price point is perfect for beginners, and the flexible but firm structure will heighten various forms of intimacy with its pronounced head and textured shaft.

However, we suggest pairing this product with a condom, as the Basics Mini is made from plastic and may contain phthalates.

Ice Gem Realistic Double-Ended Dildo

If you enjoy length and girth with your sex toys, the Ice Gem Double Ended Dildo will hit all of the right spots between you and partner.

Measuring a circumference of 5 inches with an insertable length of 16 inches, this flexible, phthalate and latex-free double dildo will provide pleasure for both anal and vaginal play. Plus, the beautiful transparent design gives this toy a sexy and upscale look.

While on the topic of 'ice', why not consider making your own ice dildo at home. It's cheap and easy!

Anal Special Double Penetration Strap-On Cock Ring

If anal sex is your preference, the Anal Special Double Penetration is the perfect choice for lovers looking to explore anal training and penetration. This toy is best used manually by a partner, with one end inserted into the vagina and the other end, into the anus.

The Anal Special is suitable for those who want to try anal play that still provides a lot of control by the user. However, similar to the Basics, it's best to pair this dildo with a condom, as the rubber material may cause an allergic reaction.


In reviewing the options for the best double ended dildos, our pick of the best double ended dildo goes to Lifelike Lover Silicone Strapless Strap-On We love that this versatile product is made from body-safe silicone and can work as both a dildo for vaginal play or even for pegging. Get yourself a Lifelike Lover and double your pleasure!