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5 Best Onaholes (Tight & Realistic Japanese Sex Toys)

Even if you are familiar with most sex toys that are available on the market, you may not have heard of an onahole. However, these items are actually quite prevalent within the sex toy industry and manifest themselves throughout various intimate products for men. Below, we will discuss the ins and outs (pun intended!) of these simulated orifices, as well as discover the best onaholes that are available to consumers.

What Is An Onahole?

In the most simple terms, onaholes are male sex toys that resemble a realistic vaginal orifice that is used to simulate vaginal sex. Onaholes originated from Japan but have since evolved into subcategories of more commonly known sex toys, such as fleshlights or pocket pussies.

That said, an onahole is considered a sex toy on its own. While the concept is similar to a masturbation sleeve, an onahole is far from just a simple tube. Instead, an onahole is created to feel like the real thing and can come in a variety of designs that will increase pleasure and add versatility to masturbation.

In general, onaholes can come with one hole or two holes and can be fashioned into various shapes. For example, onaholes can look like realistic body parts, such as vulvas, bums, and hips, or they can be designed to look like fantasy objects, such as those seen in Hentai porn.

How To Use An Onahole?

Because onaholes are masturbation toys designed to relieve sexual tension and to provide men with pleasure, using an onahole would be similar to playing with a similar sex toy.

However, sometimes using a new sex toy can be nerve-racking, especially if you are lacking sexual experience. We recommend taking some time to relax and arranging privacy, especially if you have a family or a partner at home. And while it's always nice to share an intimate toy with a lover, sometimes you just need some discretionary time to yourself!

Listed below are some great tips on how to enjoy your onahole, in order to have the best and sexiest experience. And once you have prepared yourself and your toy, simply penetrate the orifice with your penis and gradually build up to a desired speed and motion.

Benefits of Using An Onahole

magic eyes onahole

One of the best aspects of an intimate toy is the erotic sensations that it can provide. Onaholes are fantastic as a masturbatory aid, especially when one is aroused.

One of the most obvious benefits of using an onahole is that it can provide physical pleasure for the male sex. However, onaholes provide other advantages as well.

Stamina training

If you would like more sexual experience or would like to feel like you are penetrating a realistic vagina as though it is the real thing, choosing an onahole to practice on can be one of the best ways to become a better lover in bed.

A male sex toy, such as an onahole, can simulate a realistic experience, mimicking the sensation of intercourse. However, men that are new to vaginal (or anal) penetration may find that they don't last as long as they would like (if so you consider a delay spray).

If you are one who is prone to premature ejaculation or if you would like stamina training, male sex toys such as onaholes offer the opportunity to enjoy a realistic feeling of sexual intercourse.

Combat loneliness

Whether you are single or have a partner who is far away, this toy can provide you with physical relief as you indulge in self-pleasure. While it goes without saying that a toy is no replacement for a warm, human body, sometimes you need to make do and enjoy what you can, at the moment.

In addition, one of the best ways to combat loneliness is by practicing self-love. Onaholes allow you to treat yourself and your body to blissful sensations whenever the mood strikes!

Indulging fantasies

Even if you have a loving partner and enjoy regular bouts of physical intimacy, an onahole can be one of the best ways to indulge your fantasies. For example, the Zhang Xiao Yu onahole, inspired after China's top nude model, can allow you to imagine that you are penetrating this famous beauty.

Like most sex toys, onaholes can provide an outlet for kinky desires or as a way to involve your erotic imagination during play.

Comparing Sex Toys:

There can be some confusion between onaholes and other similarly designed sex toys for those who are unfamiliar. However, not all masturbatory aids are made equally.

Below is a comparison of various toys used by men to relieve sexual tension and to enjoy fun forms of physical pleasure.


Onaholes are a specific style of toy, which originated from Japan in the 19 century. While their structure resembles other masturbation sleeves, onaholes offer a particular Japanese twist that makes them a unique toy on their own.

As mentioned, an onahole can resemble the female shape and genitalia, and because of their intricate designs, it can be challenging to find a cheap onahole. That said, this high-quality toy is versatile in that it can come with two holes or one, the former being more like a masturbation sleeve.


Fleshlights are similar in that the entry point of penetration resembles a realistic-looking vulva (or anus) at one end, while the remainder of the item looks like a flashlight. However, unlike an onahole, a fleshlight is used by manually gripping one while penetrating the entry point.

Also, while the tip of the toy offers a stimulating visual, the handle offers a more industrial design.

Fleshlights also range in price and some are quite expensive. Read our article explaining how good fleshlights are, and if they are worth it.

Pocket pussies

If onaholes and fleshlights had a baby, they would probably resemble a pocket pussy. Otherwise referred to as strokers, pocket pussies are a hand-held masturbation device for men that are similar to a fleshlight but without the hard case.

Instead, many pocket pussies are flesh-colored throughout the entire length of the toy. Unlike some onaholes, most pocket pussies are not designed to resemble a real woman but are elevated to a basic masturbation sleeve.

Tips For Using An Onahole

how to use an onahole

While using a male masturbator like an onahole might seem pretty straightforward, there are great tips that one can follow to ensure the best, realistic feeling during self-pleasure and hot, onahole play.

First, regardless if it is high-quality or cheap onahole, make sure that you choose a toy that offers a realistic sensation, and that is something that is visually pleasing to you. As mentioned above, onaholes come in a variety of designs, so there is definitely at least one model that will tickle your fancy!

Warm-up your onahole

Everything feels better with a bit of heat and friction! While it's not absolutely necessary, warming up the onahole sleeve before penetration will offer the best and most realistic sensation.  

If you are looking for a convenient and efficient way to prepare for this step, you can simply submerge the inner sleeve in warm water. This is great for when you don't want to spend a lot of time preparing your toy.

If you want a more luxurious experience, you can also purchase a USB, Onahole Warmer. That said, not every user prefers a warm entry point; some men prefer to use the sleeve as cold. 

Lube it before you love it

As is the case for more sex toys, using lube will provide you with the best onahole experience. While it goes without saying, incorporating a lubricant will offer smooth, silky sensations as you penetrate your toy.

Because the sleeves inside onaholes can be constructed from various materials, you will want to choose a lube that is compatible with your onahole sex toy. But in general, the best lube to use for your onahole toy is one that is water-based.

When it comes to lube for most onaholes, it's also best to use one thinner in viscosity as a thicker lube could take away from the textures inside the onahole sleeve. That said, lubricating your onahole will provide a more realistic and pleasurable feeling.

Grab on tight and enjoy!

Some of the best and most realistic onaholes are designed to look and feel like an actual woman. Some more realistic onaholes come with a torso shape, which allows you to grab onto the hips as you thrust, while some are crafted to resemble a set of breasts or even an anus for the tightest onahole experience.

To receive the most amount of pleasure, you can tilt the item or use different positions to see what feels best. Whatever the shape or design of your onahole, make sure that you explore the textured crevice by adjusting or repositioning the toy.

Choosing The Best Onahole

As there are many variations of the onahole, it can be tough to decide on the best onahole for you. Below are some considerations when choosing your first (or next!) onahole.


One cool aspect of onaholes and what makes them a unique Japanese sex toy is that they can be designed after famous Asian porn stars or nude models. So if you are someone who is aroused by the thought of penetrating a favorite muse, there are various products such as the Zhang Xiao Yu onahole, which is fashioned after China's top nude model.

You can also choose a realistic onahole that resembles a woman's torse or bum, with access to the realistic-looking vaginal (or sometimes) anal cavity. While not all onaholes are realistic, you can definitely decide on one that looks and feels like the real thing.


For some men, choosing a toy that resembles a tight or 'virginal' vaginal cavity can provide the most realistic onahole experience. For example, the Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Onahole, created by the Magic Eyes brand, is exceptionally tight, as it is designed to offer the realistic sensation of taking a woman's virginity. In fact, Magic Eyes created branding on the box of the Sujiman Kupa Lolinco to look like a new bride who is engaging in sexual relations for the first time with her new husband.

Other Sujiman Kupa onaholes are as tight as the Sujiman Kupa Lolinco, albeit with different branding. In addition, you can also purchase a Sujiman Kupa onahole in different designs, such as the Sujiman Kupa CoCoLo. The CocoLo Onahole was created to appear as a realistic young woman who possesses two holes; a vaginal and anal cavity that offers a tight, vacuum suction.


Similar to its appearance, an onahole can also come in a variety of materials. Of course, a less expensive onahole may offer a different feel and texture than an onahole that is more expensive. However, you don't need to break the bank to enjoy an amazing onahole experience.

The best cheap onahole will still contain silicone for the molds, which is great. We love silicone as it is a durable, non-porous, body-safe material. That said, a cheap onahole may also contain soft plastics such as polyvinyl chloride or TPE (thermoplastic elastomers), which is a cheaper version than silicone.

Whenever possible, we encourage purchasing an onahole made from nonporous material like silicone. But if that is not accessible, then a high-quality (although porous) material such as Cyberskin or Superskin is also a great option.


Onaholes come in different sizes, ranging from compact to full-size women's torso. There are benefits to each size, depending on what the user desires.

For example, a compact onahole (such as a Tenga Egg) is travel-friendly, easy to store, and very easy to use. In addition, because their design is simple and sometimes disposable, Tenga Cups and Eggs are some of the best cheap onaholes that you can purchase. While Tenga Eggs or Cups lack more intricate or anime designs, they offer convenience and affordability to the user.

Medium onaholes are still hand-held but are longer in length, which helps massage the shaft during penetration. Larger sizes are often referred to as 'two-handed,' as it requires a firmer grip with both hands while playing with the toy.

For the ultimate experience, you can also choose a scaled torso, where the design consists of a neck, breasts, hips, and both a vaginal and anal cavity. These onaholes will be the most expensive of the bunch, but they will also provide the user with a most realistic look and feel.

Onahole Hygiene and Care

To avoid the growth of bacteria and maintain your toy's quality, it's important to clean and sanitize your onahole after every use properly. However, your cleaning method will differ slightly, depending on both the materials used in your onahole and the design.

Closed hole onaholes are harder to clean than open-holed toys. This is because fluids can become trapped at the toy base, although closed onaholes tend to offer more suction when used to stroke the penis. That said, it is still possible (and necessary!) to thoroughly wash and clean your onahole.

How To Clean Your Onahole

Cleaning materials should include a mild, antibacterial soap, warm water, and a microfiber cloth. You can also choose an optional powder to remove extra moisture. Antibacterial sprays for toys can also be used instead of soap.

To begin, rinse out your onahole with warm water-just be mindful of the temperature, as scathing hot water could damage the material. Then, depending on the size of your onahole, you can rinse it out in the sink or take it into the shower.

Next, apply the soap (or antibacterial spray) inside the onahole and begin to wash it out with your hands. You will want to be sure that you wash out all of the textured ribs and crevices formed inside the sleeve.

The next step is drying your onahole, which is a crucial step in the process. If you do not properly dry your intimate product, mold will grow inside, making the onahole unusable. This is where your microfiber cloth comes in handy.

Once you have washed out your onahole, you can blot and rub both the inside and outside the product, ensuring that the cloth soaks up all of the water and moisture. It is also recommended that you wrap your fingers around the cloth or even use a Q-Tip to get inside all of the nooks and crannies found within the sleeve.

Since drying the onahole is such a crucial step, you can even take it a step further by leaving the microfiber cloth inside to soak up any remaining water, or you can use a fan to dry out the inside. Whatever method you choose, just make sure that there is no water left inside the onahole before using it.

Finally, as an additional action, you can choose to powder your onahole to keep it feeling smooth and soft. While this isn't a necessary step, powdering your onahole will help maintain the integrity of the material and surface. However, you will want to be careful not to get any powder inside the vaginal or anal cavities, as it could cause a reaction on your genitals.

Recommendations of the Best Onaholes

1. Utensil Race Proof 005 Zhang Xiao Yu's Realistic Pussy Masturbator

Zhang Xiao Yu's Realistic Pussy Masturbator

Experience the beauty and tightness of Zhang Xiao, China's top nude model, with the Zhang Xiao onahole, which is available from Lovehoney. This realistic masturbator offers a canal diameter of 0.5 inches with an internal length of 5.5 inches.

Made from soft plastic with the vaginal lips molded from Zhang Xiao herself, this onahole is constructed from double-layer technology and offers three types of internal stimulation. This product isn't cheap, but it is well worth the investment if you consider its quality and life-like appearance.

Otome no Chiniku - Sujiman Kupa Evolution

The Magic Eyes brand has created the Otome no Chiniku, one of the best-selling products in the Sujiman Kupa series. This onahole has been created for those who want to indulge in a 'Lolita' fantasy.

The inner sleeve is extra tight to suggest that you are the first to penetrate this character and the closed-hole version offers lots of exciting suction and textures. The item is constructed from TPE and contains one vaginal cavity. The Otome no Chinika is a fun and affordable option for those who are new to using onaholes.

3. Bakunyu Maid Momoka San Real Hip 

Bakunyu Maid Momoka San Real Hip

This new Japanese onahole from Love Factor is a great example of a hip onahole that also possesses two orifices; a vaginal and an anal cavity. The branding is that of a maid to evoke an exciting power exchange. The onahole itself consists of an arched bum and hips, and it can be taken from behind.

Similar to the Otome no Chinika, this product is also made from TPE. The Bakunyu Maid is larger in size, with an overall length of 9.92 inches and a width of 9.57 inches. If you enjoy penetrating various holes, you will love pleasuring yourself with the Bakunyu while holding on to her hips for a more realistic experience.

4. Big Bounds Pornista

Big Bounds Pornista

The Big Bounds Pornista onahole is a small, hand-held masturbatory device made from TPE. It offers a closed-hole and is rather simple in design. Unlike other models, the penetrative hole does not offer a standard, realistic-looking vaginal cavity.

However, due to the pliability of the material and the size of the product, this onahole does provide plenty of squeeze and suction when used to stroke the penis. In addition, the dual-layer material design offers versatility with its sensations, while the internal sleeve provides nubs and textures for additional arousal.

5. La Bocca Della Verita

La Bocca Della Verita

Magic Eyes has done it again with an exciting with its mouth-style onahole product. Translated, 'La Bocca Della Verita means 'the mouth of truth,' inspiring oral pleasure with its simulated blow-job design.

Measuring a tunnel length of 5.1 inches, this onahole provides a more realistic experience with its set of rubber teeth and tongue, with a textured internal sleeve that provides suction and various sensations. Made from TPE, this onahole should be paired with a water-based lube (as all onaholes should!) for maximum enjoyment and pleasure.


In reviewing the best onaholes on the market, we found that the Bakunyu Maid Momoka San Real Hip onahole offers the best quality and value. The best onaholes evoke a sense of fantasy, paired with anime characteristics, and with the Bakunyu Maid, you will enjoy a luscious shape, two separate holes, and a design that will keep you coming back for more!