Thickest dildos

Thickest Dildos Ever: 5 Best Thick & Girthy Dildos

If you are familiar with most sex toys, you are always aware of the joys associated with dildos. Dildos come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and you can use these toys for both vaginal and anal penetration. But if you are someone who loves the feeling of being filled up and stretched out, or if you love a girthy cock, we invite you to explore the best thick dildos.

There are many variations of the thick, girthy dildos. You can experience a large realistic dildo that appears more lifelike, or you can find a large dildo that will help you to fulfill your favorite fantasies.

Regardless of your gender or sexual orientation, using a thick, girthy dildo inside your body can give you the ultimate pleasure. Discover this giant world of long, thick dildos that can provide you with everything you want to experience in a sex toy.

What is Considered a Thick Dildo?

Best Thick DIldos

When searching for a penetrative sex toy, you will find that most regular dildos have a girth of approximately one to two inches maximum. As far as the insertable length of most dildos, standard sex toys usually measure less than eight inches. In regards to the length of this sex toy, most women can only achieve eight inches in length of penetration.

However, with big dildos, the girth and the insertable length are much higher in inches. In fact, the girth of a big dildo usually begins at two inches while the insertable length measures from approximately 9 inches and goes up from there.

If you want to challenge your body and insert a long and girthy dildo, it's recommended to try a toy that offers a higher measurement of inches for both the width and the length of your toy. You'll find that many animal inspired dildos will measure high in width and length, which will be perfect if you've got a beastly fetish also.

Benefits of Thick Dildos

Many women (as well as some men - see the best male dildos) enjoyed the sensation of being stretched out and filled up by their sex toy. For some users, choosing a thick dildo can help to stimulate the g-spot and adds additional, arousing sensations as the dildo presses against the sensitive nerves inside the vaginal or anal cavity.

Alternatives to Fisting

For those unfamiliar with the term, fisting refers to the sex act where a person inserts their entire hand into a vaginal. While this sounds extreme, those who love the sensation of being filled and stretched greatly enjoy the act of fisting. However, this act is not without its challenges.

A big, thick dildo can offer the same form of pleasure as fisting but with a smoother, lean design than a fist, making penetration easier. Also, with hands, it is important to be careful with nails, which can scratch the inside of the vaginal cavity and ensure that the hand is clean and germ-free. And while your sex toys should always be clean before using, you can slip a condom over a dildo to ensure maximum safety and hygiene.

What are Size Queens?

A size queen is a term that originated in the LGBTQ+ community, and its original term referred to a man who loves large size penises. However, the definition of size queen has since expanded to include women who enjoy being penetrated by big penises or a woman who loves to play with a large dildo. In fact, she (or he) may go to great lengths to try and fit the biggest dildo to challenge her body!

As with all humans, size queens can defer in their preferences. Some queens might only choose an extra-large dildo to play with or may choose her dildo based on a specific insertable length or girth in inches. Others may prefer more versatility in their favorite toy or large dildos.

That said, typically, a size queen will want to choose the biggest, thickest dildo to have the most realistic experience. And while they may need to use a smaller one to start with, they love the idea of giant dildo stretching and filling them up.

How to Choose the Best Thick Dildo

Wide Girth Dildo

Now more than ever, the variety of dildos available for purchase, particularly online, is huge! If you love the idea of inserting a big dildo into your vaginal or anal cavity, choosing the best large dildo for your body can be tough. However, below are some guidelines to follow when selecting the best and most lifelike toys you can find.

Such important factors can include deciding on the right material, the number of inches, whether your toy has a wide or suction cup base, choice of color, and how realistic you may want your dildo to look. And if you have a vagina, you will want to choose a large, realistic-looking cock that will hit your g-spot.


For those who crave large dildos, size definitely matters. And before you purchase your new product, you should note its measurements in inches and diameter. When deciding on your favorite type of long and wide dildo, choose one that will provide you with the experience of girth while stretching and filling you up as you use it.


Regarding the size of your big dildo, length is just as important as girth. If you are looking for a huge cock long in size, make sure your dildo measures at least 9 inches. As mentioned earlier, most regular dildos only measure up to 8 inches or less, so when choosing a big cock, the length will offer a great look and a better overall experience for queens.

On average, the length of most big dildos will range between 10 inches to 12 inches, but a huge dildo, like the King Cock can measure as long as 16 inches! If you're a newbie to these intimate products, it might take some practice as you use one, but choosing the right insertable length for those who love deep penetration will ensure some of the greatest pleasures ever!


Thick dildos come in a wide variety of materials, some being more high-quality than others. We believe that the perfect dildo is made from body-safe material, but there are many options for Size Queens to explore when seeking the perfect toy.

When researching your favorite material for your dildo, you can also start with a more soft and flexible material, making insertion more comfortable. Soft items are not necessarily great for all types of penetration, such as anal. However, a soft, pliable material that still possesses enough firmness will be easier to use, especially for those with less experience with a large dildo.


Jelly material is commonly found in many lower-end sex toys, especially for cocks. This material is constructed from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and rubber substances, making jelly-based intimate products less expensive and easy to find, both in retail stores and online. However, jelly material is not recommended to use with sex toys.

The problem with jelly products is porous, making it easy to trap bacteria, especially when moist. Jelly-based products also have been known to cause allergic reactions, which could taint your pleasure-based play.


High-quality silicone material is much preferred, especially with intimate products such as dildos. Unlike jelly, Silicone is not a porous substance, creating a barrier against harmful bacteria. The best part of silicone is that it can be sterilized, typically by submerging in boiling water. Due to the quality, Silicone dildos are more expensive, providing a cleaner, safer, and more luxurious feel.


Choosing a dildo made of glass is another excellent choice of material. First, a glass dildo is beautiful to look at and is considered another body-safe substance. For those who have less experience with thick dildos, a glass dildo may offer more comfort upon penetration.

Glass dildos can also be sterilized, which is important for both vaginal and anal penetration, especially if you prefer not to use a condom on your dildo. Besides providing a beautiful transparent design and color, you will love the soft, smooth surface as you insert it during play.

Choosing the Thickness

Another important point when deciding on types of big dildos is choosing the thickness. A super thick dildo is perfect for those who love to be stretched out. While some women may have trouble with length (as hitting the cervix is not a pleasant experience!), a dildo with much girth is much easier for most vaginal cavities to handle.

When we're talking about the size of a big dildo, the girth or diameter of the toy should measure at least 3 inches, but the thick dildos are usually much higher in inches.

The girth of big dildos usually measures around 2 to 3 inches, but the size can go up to around 6 inches. For example, Bam by Doc Johnson (molded after the porn star Bam) has a girth of 3 inches in diameter and is considered to be a big dildo that is perfect for stretching. The Doc Johnson product also comes in white, black, or brown, so you're able to choose your favorite color.

But some of the toys designed for stretching will have a girth of up to 12 inches. The thickest dildo ever, for example, The Rabbit by Mr. Hanky (in the large size), will have a girth of 1o inches. And by comparison, the King Cock will have a diameter of 3 inches with an insertable length of just over 10 inches.

Regardless of your favorite size of the dildo, ensure that when you use one, you are taking your time, inserting it inch by inch so you can fully enjoy the stretching experience. It is also possible that you will not be able to fit the entire insertable length into your body, and that's okay! Part of why people love a big dildo is the challenge of trying to fit and stretch one inside.

Wide base

Using a dildo with a wide base can improve safety and add to your product's versatility. While not entirely necessary, a wide base is great for strap-on harness compatibility when using the toy vaginally.

But for anal penetration, a wide base is essential. A proper base will keep the toy contained in the anal cavity so you don't lose it up inside of you, which could be harmful to your anal cavity, as well as the most embarrassing situation ever!

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A suction cup base is also great for hand-free play. If you prefer to play by yourself but prefer not to use your hands, you can mount the suction cup base to a surface and enjoy the toy in your favorite position. A suction cup base is also compatible with most strap-on harnesses so that your lover can penetrate every inch of the dildo inside of you.


For safety, your choice of dildo will start with the material. It's recommended to use a dildo made from a body-safe material, such as silicone or glass. However, there are other ways to incorporate safety into your intimate play.

While it's fun to stretch and fill yourself, you should select a product with a reasonable diameter and insertable length to start, particularly if you are new to the challenge of taking on a massive toy, like the King Cock.

Remember that using such an item will take practice, so never force anything inside of yourself.

Tips for Using Really Thick Dildos

Using a Thick Dildo

Even for those who like challenging themselves with large toys, some measures can be taken to ensure a pleasurable time. While it can be fun to explore long and thick intimate products, it's important to be safe when introducing your vaginal or anal cavity to a large dildo.

Using lube for masturbation will make penetration much easier, although not all lubes are created equally. For non-silicone items, water-based lube is a great option. However, silicone lube is generally more slippery and will last longer. If you have a large dildo made from glass, for example, it's better to choose a silicone lube whenever available.

However, the most important trick to using a large dildo is to relax! At least with the vaginal cavity and g-spot penetration, this area can be stretched and filled, which debunks the myth that the vagina is too small. To overcome tightness and discomfort, you will need to release any tension and relax your muscles to train yourself to accommodate thick and girthy items!

Lastly, using a dildo with a suction cup end will offer hands-free fun as you slowly ease yourself into the item. Just like a manual dildo, a suction cup base will give you the freedom to take in as much as your cavity desires while still being able to push the limits of fullness gently.

The 5 Best Thick Dildos

1. King Cock Ultra Realistic Suction Cup Dildo with Balls 8 Inch

King Cock Ultra Dildo

The King dildo series is definitely one of our favorites! With an insertable length of just over 10 inches, this product is perfect for g-spot stimulation, and the suction cup base is great for hands-free enjoyment.

It's made from flexible, PVC material with realistic balls that can be used as a handle, and with a circumference of 6.5 inches, it's thick enough to please anyone up for the challenge. The King is available in a black, brown, or white color.

Super Destiny Super Soft Dildo

Thick and girthy, this product by Tantus will fulfill your fantasies! We love this item as it is constructed from premium silicone as can be properly sanitized. The curve will offer both g and p-spot stimulation, with a wide base that is harness compatible.

Unfortunately, the Super Destiny does not come with a suction cup end, but it can be paired with a strap-on or used manually. Measuring at a 2-inch diameter with a length of 5.45 inches, the Super Destiny is slightly smaller than some bigger products, but it will aim to please again and again!

Cock Locker Inflatable Monster Realistic Dildo

It was a must to include a massive inflatable dildo within our review. Unlike a traditional dildo, this item can be inserted at a smaller size. It can then be pumped up to its maximum potential; a jaw-dropping 12 inches circumference and 11.25-inch insertable length!

While this product is unique and will surely please those who love to be filled to the max, it does contain latex, which can cause allergies in some people. That said, rubber fetishists will adore this dildo, both for the size but also because of its interesting construction.

How many pumps can you handle?



Cocks by Mr. Hanky are known for their realistic look and feel but even more so for their size reach! If the name didn't grab your attention already, its measurements will.

The Goliath comes in four sizes, with the 4XL as the original size. It measures at a maximum of 12.75 inches in circumference with a total length of 14.25 inches.

While it does not come with a suction cup end, the lifelike appearance will draw your attention, as will the 100% platinum cure silicone material, for a soft yet firm sensation.

Doc Johnson American Bombshell B-7 Torpedo Large Dildo

What it may lack in length, it makes up for in girth! The Doc Johnson Bombshell offers a circumference of 6.75 inches with a bulbous head at the top to offer delicious g or p-spot sensations. The smooth PVC material and lack of texture would make this item amazing for anal penetration.

However, because it doesn't offer a flared base, one would need to be extra careful if penetrating the anus. The 7-inch length may not be enough for some, but this product is great for anyone wanting to explore a wide, girthy product.


In reviewing the best thick dildos, our favorite is the King Cock Ultra. The material is both soft yet firm, and the suction cup base is definitely preferred. Fill, stretch and feel the ultimate pleasure with this popular product!